The Roundup

Oilers and Leafs start strong; The Flames land Jagr; Exploring the best Flames team in 10 years; Old problems remain for Jets; A few youngsters make the Canucks; Loads of pre season predictions, fatherhood and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by the DailyFaceOff.

In the Roundup, we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Predicting the Leafs 2017-18 season (Ryan Fancey)

Leafs: Vegas wants to trade, I want to speculate (Jon Steitzer)

The Leafs have remodeled their D, what can be expected? (Ryan Hobart)

Joffrey Lupul fails 2nd physical, headed to LTIR (Cat Silverman)

Analyzing the Leafs big win over the Jets (Scott Maxwell)


The farm team is loaded and it’s going to cause some problems (Jeremy Davis)

Virtanen and Boeser both make Canucks final roster (Cat Silverman)

Canucks acquire former first rounder Derek Pouliot from Pens (Ryan Biech)


Paul Maurice’s lineups are not optimal (WPGChief)

Old problems sink the Jets as they try to start new (J.D. Burke)

Time for the Jets to do right by Nic Petan (Rob Mahon)


Flames are entering their most exciting season in a decade (Christian Roatis)

The Jagr effect: More than just on the ice (Ari Yanover)

Flames officially sign Jagr (Ryan Pike)

Flames fall flat in opener to Oilers (Ryan Pike)


Can we talk about Connor’s goal versus the Flames? (Baggedmilk)

Chiarelli is going to be patient on defence (Baggedmilk)

Puljujarvi assigned to Bakersfield (Baggedmilk)

By the numbers: Exactly how good are the Oilers? (Christian Pagnani)

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More from around the Network:

Which NHL teams make the playoffs? (Jason Gregor)

Pacific Division preview: The Battle of Alberta is back (Cam Lewis)

Metropolitan Division preview (Cam Lewis)

Central Division preview (Cam Lewis)

Fatherhood is a blessing (Jason Gregor)

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  • madjam

    Should league go back to draft according to standings only and abolish the lottery ? 1995 in order to prevent tanking lottery was invoked to discourage it , but really just made 4 teams tank instead of 1 or 2 . Then we went up to 5 , I believe , and had 5 teams perhaps tanking . Forward to last couple of years and as many as 14 contemplating tanking and finishing in a lottery position instead of just 1 or 2 . Phil. and Jersey pulling way up , and poorer clubs that need revival by passed under present lottery system . New lottery makes things far worse than before 1995 and on ever did . I don’t like to see tanking at any time , but the alternative is now even worse .

      • gr8haluschak

        I love idiot comments like this, the original poster put a valid comment regarding the flaws of a system that did not have to be changed and infact the team that did not tank won the lottery whicsh is the risk of a random system so go continue to cry about whatever garbage team you cheer not getting Mcdavid and Oilers fans will enjoy more years of him

        • 5FDP

          Chill out. Saying that the Oil tanked could be considered a compliment. They were simply taking advantage of the rules in place at the time. To believe that the team that they put on the ice was actually an honest attempt to be competitive is even more insulting on how incompetant management must have been.

  • Alberta Ice

    Canada’s best chance at a Stanley Cup 2018 will be the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. In fact, it would seal the deal if they met in the Stanley Cup Final.

  • 5FDP

    “Let’s hear how they could have improved that 2014-2015 season ? hell how could have they improved the teams from about 2009 – 10 onward.”

    Wow. Tough question. I guess there was absolutely nothing more the Oilers / Trinity of Suck could have done to improve the team. After all, they shouldn’t be the ones to blame for Ben Eager and Nikita Nikitin’s inability to carry the Oil to the promise land.

    Sarcasm aside, it would take me all day to list the numerous (and well documented) mistakes made by the management of the time. I can’t believe you would ask such a stupid question.