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Draisaitl to miss game against Senators due to an eye injury

According to the Edmonton Oilers, Leon Draisaitl will be kept out of tomorrow night’s game against the Senators due to an eye injury and alleged concussion

When news came out on Monday that Draisaitl had an eye injury, all I could think about was when or where it happened? Unless I’m mistaken, Drai finished Monday’s game against the Jets and there wasn’t any indication that he had an eye problem. Regardless of what happened to cause the eye injury, losing Leon Draisaitl for any length of time would be a massive blow for the Oilers. It goes without saying that Draisaitl is a key piece to the Oilers offence and having him out can only hurt the team’s chances of winning. I just hope this doesn’t turn into some kind of Brian Berard kind of scenario, but it’s a little bit early to be that pessimistic.

On the bright side (I could be reaching here), having Draisaitl miss a game (or two at most RIGHT?!) will give a guy like Yamamoto a chance to show why he earned a roster spot out of training camp. Having him play in the top six will give him a chance to show what he can do in an offensive role rather than trying to bang and crash on the fourth line. That said, losing Draisaitl leaves a massive gap in the Oilers top six and it will be interesting to see how the team responds to his absence. The Oilers have undoubtedly struggled in their past two outing and being without one of the team’s stars is a blow that they certainly didn’t need at this point (or ever).

In the end, all we can hope is that this eye injury/concussion is not a long term thing and that the number of games he misses stays at one. We wait.


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NHL Career 194 51 89 140 -12 44 16 38 0 0 8 3 366 13.9

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Verified Twitter Account, 10/13/17, 12:08 pm MST

  • OldOilFan

    Yam’s chance to shine…is now? The kid’s got serious talent and he’s used to producing, so the next few games will be “telling” for him. I hope we see him at 1RW (since no one else has grabbed that spot)

  • TruthHurts98

    I’m getting more concerned with this season, the defense is downgraded with Sekera out and no viable replacement. The RW depth is really lacking and Talbot hasn’t looked like his former self. Thankfully they don’t play much in October so maybe that buys time with injuries. Time for Connor to do everything.

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    This is bad luck. And it’s a scary injury, too.

    I really hope he’s okay. Not just as a key to your success, but just as a dude, you know?

    Anyway, even if he is gone, you do have a couple of guys mentioned in the article-like Yam-who could possibles step up. I know points are valuable at any time of the year, but giving responsibility to someone like Yam now is better than when there’s 15 games left.

    All is not lost!!

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      What the heck 2.0, i’m not used to pleasant, thoughtful, insightful, tell-it-like-it is Flames fans over here. I had to check to make sure i was on ON.com lol. But yeah, it’d be something if Yammer can step up and find any kind of rhythm. Being stuck on the 4th line (sometimes) isn’t all that productive.

      • BringtheFire 2.0

        Well, I like hockey, not just the Flames and I want to see Edmonton do well, but moreso I’ve decided not to be a or engage a troll, and fight them by leaving decent posts.

        It got bad here this summer and I want to make it better with honesty. I like the writers and site.

        • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

          You get a beer from me too buddy. After all the **** I’ve had to endure from trolling Flames fans about how their team is vastly superior and how about last season was a fluke, it’s good to see some positive vibes coming from fan down south (or out west in my case, since I live in Ontario).

  • T Ambrosini

    Good time for the other boys to step it up…. The first line has produced the majority of scoring so far. Others need to get involved. I expect to see the team come out with more focus and put better pressure on the Sens defense.

    We all expected the defense to be a bit wobbly with Sekera out for a large chunk of the season. I think our D has the ability to tighten it up a bit. Fewer brain cramps and stupid penalties, and we’ll be okay.

    Talbot will find his groove… Not worried about him at this point. My crystal ball is in the shop for repairs, but I will still predict a solid performance from his tomorrow.

    Yam… I hope the kid lights it up but won’t be surprised if he is on his way back to Seattle soon. If/when he goes, he’ll no doubt benefit from a taste of the level of competition in the NHL and work his butt off to get back here, sooner rather than later.

  • OriginalPouzar

    I remain more concerned about the egregious structuring of the defence pairs that Coach has undertaken since last game.

    While Nurse deserves a push up the lineup on merit, Russel on the right side anchoring a pair with developing d-man is an awful, awful idea. There is no ability to transition the puck puck out via pass on that 2nd pairing – why can’t coach see this? Its doomed to fail.

    Scratching Benning in favor of Gryba as opposed to putting Benning back to the position where he had success (3RD) is also an awful awful decision.

    • Dreadguy

      I’ll go with TM’s assessment over yours. Unless of course you are secretly Mike Babcock or Scotty Bowman… Benning was not just bad, but – awful awful – and TM has responded with his currently limited options. Benning deserves to be the 8th guy for at least one game and that is the driving force behind D shuffling for the next game.

    • OldBalls99

      Agreed, I would like to see Nurse with Larsson, Klef with Russell, Auvitu with Benning. Seems much more balanced. A pairing with wild card Nurse and Russell on right side makes me nervouse unless Nurse drastically simplifies his game in the short term. Just move it to the forwards big guy. You can race up ice after you move it.

  • Spydyr

    Sure Yamamoto earned a look in the pre-season. The thing is he was playing against minor league players and NHL vets playing at 70%. Putting him on the first line against the other teams best checkers and best defensive pairing will not end well for the kid. I’m picking the end of the first as the over-under as to when he is removed from the first line.

  • Laxbruh15

    Just imagine how good mcdavid will look with dahlin as his number one defensemen. Man in five to ten years the oilers are really going to make that next step.

  • Alberta Ice

    That’s a huge absence. Trust Drai’s eye will heal quickly. This will be Kailer’s chance to get some big time big league experience and answer the question of 9 NHL games or not.

  • madjam

    Sounds like the song” fill me eyes with that double vision ” . Probably a scratched cornea that takes a while to repair . Each layer takes about 24 hours to regenerate . Doubt concussion part from hit . Hope it heals quickly with no complications .

  • I am Batman

    I started following hockey while living in Dallas (we don’t have hockey in Gotham). A key player, named Niewendyke went down with a knee injury.
    Someone had to step up.
    Mike Modano appeared. To stay.

    Who is our mike modano?

    • Dreadguy

      So much wrong with your post. It’s a nice story though I guess…
      1) Modano pre-dated Nieuwendyk on the Stars (C’mon man, at least spell Nieuwendyk right, the guy was awesome).
      2) Modano never “stepped up” for JN. The most pts JN got for the stars in a season was 50-60ish. Modano had 5+ 80pts for Dallas (and I believe at least 1 for Minnesota Stars before that).
      3) You were sort of right about one thing, JN was very, very good, (think BOA in the 1980s, I was there) but by time he played for Dallas, his back was already wrecked (never played more than about 60 games a season for Dal).
      4) It’s hard to lie since the internet took off in about ’95

  • OldOilFan

    Yam at 1RW:
    he’s a bonafide talent AND he MIGHT mesh with McD – it remains to be seen, but no one so far has clicked excepted Drai. All Yam needs to do is be fast, elusive and try to bury any pass that McD sends his way. He’s got the tools to put the puck in the net. He’s 19 yrs old. It can happen.