GDB Wrap Up 4.0: Senators stomp the Oilers 6-1, bandwagon empties

Edmonton sucked in almost every way and got the result they deserved. Final Score: 6-1 Senators

After what felt like an eternity since the Oilers last played, they finally returned to the ice with the bright lights of Hockey Night in Canada shining down on them. Would they snap their losing streak on national TV or would they lay a turd on the ice like it was some Eakins-era throwback? At first, I was just excited to get going after waiting nearly a week since the last cow fart game against Winnipeg, but that excitement evaporated once they started playing. Without Leon Draisaitl in the lineup, the Oilers were not only going to have to find a way to play significantly better than they had, but to also find someone that would step up and fill the hole on Connor’s wing. Yamamoto did his part but the rest was too much to ask.

Right from the start of the game, the Oilers were sloppy in almost every aspect. For a team that basically had a week to get ready for tonight’s match, they couldn’t have looked any more lacklustre. They were struggling to make six-foot passes and the Senators were able to take advantage of those mistakes to the tune of six goals. Frankly, the Oilers made it easy for them to do as they wished. In all honesty, this game was pretty much over right from the opening faceoff, as the Oilers really couldn’t get much of anything happening at either end of the ice. For a team that had a bunch of days off to go get ready for an opponent that played last night, and then get pumped like that, is embarrassing. But hey, look at the bright side… at least it was only the whole country that saw it.

In the next six games, Edmonton faces Carolina, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Washington. This losing streak could go on a while if they don’t pull their heads out of their asses.

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Let’s wrap it up.


  • The game is over now.
  • I was looking forward to seeing how Kailer Yamamoto would play knowing that he would be in a top-six role and I thought he performed well. I wanted to see if he seized the opportunity to play more minutes and whether or not he would step up his play. I thought he was one of the best Oilers forwards tonight and he was rewarded with his first NHL point with an assist on Larsson’s goal.
  • Adam Larsson, offensive juggernaut, scored his first goal of the season on a third-period blast from the point that beat Condon low on the glove side.
  • Shout out to Milan Lucic for dropping the mitts with Mark Borowiecki early to try and give the boys an emotional boost. It didn’t work, but I appreciate the effort. I know hockey fights have been a hot topic over the past few days, but I’m still a fan of the scraps as long as they come as a result of a play and not some staged crap off the draw. Check out the fight on Lucic’s player page over at HockeyFights.com. Unfortunately, that fight was one of the few things Looch did well tonight.
  • Oilers won 51% of the draws tonight which is their best total since opening night. Nugent-Hopkins was the best at 83%.
  • Outshot the Senators 36-31, which is great, but a lot of those shots came from the perimeter.
Edmonton Oilers sign Jesse Puljujarvi to two-year contract


  • Brutal news about Leon Draisaitl today. Knowing that his eyeball is swollen AND he may have a possible concussion is reason enough to be concerned.
  • Edmonton got caught on the wrong side of the puck as Mike Hoffman charged to the front of the net and deflected Tom Pyatt’s pass perfectly past Talbot. Not a great shift for Auvitu on the goal as it was him that allowed Hoffman the inside lane. Hoffman scored again in the second period on a hell of a wrist shot that beat Talbot over the shoulder.
  • Brassard finished off a really nice passing play by the Senators on the power play and it put the Oilers down by two goals early in the night. As far as starts go, this one was horrible.
  • I’ve said it a few times already this season but the Oilers need to figure out how to stay out of the box. They can’t keep giving their opponents 50,000 chances on the power play and expect to win hockey games. To make matters worse, they allowed the Sens to score three goals with the man advantage. Combine that with a 0/3 night on the power play themselves and that’s a bad special teams night all around.
  • Cam Talbot really needed a bounce-back game (even though he kept getting left out to dry on Monday) and he didn’t get it tonight. He just wasn’t sharp in the net and it hurt the team early. I don’t want to blame the night on Talbot, the whole team played like shit again, but he has to make more saves — full stop. He finished the night, allowing four goals on 23 shots and that’s not good enough.
  • Why can’t they complete a pass? What is going on here? They keep hitting each other in the skates or missing sticks altogether. Brutal.
  • Another quiet night from Connor and it’s unusual to see him struggle for three games in a row. I could just be paranoid, but I hope he’s okay. Tough night in the faceoff circle with an 18%.
  • The NHL site has the Oilers listed with 19 giveaways but I don’t think I buy that.
The Oilers should try to pry Mikhail Sergachev out of Tampa Bay



06:09 Ottawa Mike Hoffman (2) ASST: Tom Pyatt (2), Dion Phaneuf (2) 1-0
09:31 Ottawa PPG – Derick Brassard (3) ASST: Mark Stone (2), Thomas Chabot (2) 2-0


03:36 Ottawa Mike Hoffman (3) ASST: Kyle Turris (5), Alexandre Burrows (1) 3-0


01:04 Ottawa Zack Smith (1) ASST: Kyle Turris (6), Mark Stone (3) 4-0
03:43 Ottawa PPG – Chris Wideman (3) ASST: Mike Hoffman (1), Zack Smith (3) 5-0
08:34 Ottawa PPG – Kyle Turris (1) ASST: Mike Condon (1) 6-0
11:03 Edmonton Adam Larsson (1) ASST: Connor McDavid (2), Kailer Yamamoto (1) 6-1


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 10/14/2017, 10:52pm MST

  • Atomic Clown

    Mclellan needs to lose his s**t in the locker room. Honestly with the offensive firepower you guys have (i know Draisaitl) is out, but Edmonton needs to be scoring like 3 goals a game on average. Talbot has been not his usual self, but thats nowhere near as alarming as McDavid not being… McDavid

    • LordVallko

      Todd is terrible head coach, may be a fantastic assistant coach, but head, no way. He sucks at line matching, he sucks at challenges, his win loss is better away than at home. That alone proves other coaches are better especially when home ice advantage becomes a disadvantage, think about it. And who loses a 3 goal lead in the last 3 minutes of a major playoff game, geez. Todd and Company, that’s who. Every year of Todd is a wasted year of McDollars. This team will never win a Stanley cup with Todd as the coach, again I am giving 3 to 1 odds and hearing crickets. So disappointed in this organization yet again.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Stretches like this is where the wanna-be fans show their true colours… and where true Oiler fans say ‘lemme tell you about a little stretch of time called the ‘decade of darkness…’.

    Three games is nothing. Cam, Connor and the boys will get it figured out.

  • X Man

    I’m sorry, but I gotta say that I find those ORANGE! jerseys to be terribly revolting… If they didn’t a enjoy a slight bit of success with that awful color last season I would blame the ORANGE! for this ones inept start… How can a player sneak past a defender while adorned in ‘high viz’?… Anyhow, it’s not the ORANGE!, but the team…

    The Oilers may not win the Stanley Cup, but we can rest assured that they most certainly will be in contention for Sportsnet’s ‘Worst Jerseys in NHL History’ segment in 2037…

  • RJ

    Career year last year for Talbot.

    Talbot has already been pulled twice in four games. Did he get pulled twice all of last season.

    Just playing poorly or is this regression? It better be just poor play because there is no other option. (Sorry, Brossoit doesn’t cut it).

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Our fans need to chill out. We’ve played 12 periods of hockey and we’re 4% into the season.

    A 2 game winning streak makes us a .500 team again.

        • LordVallko

          Todd is terrible head coach, may be a fantastic assistant coach, but head, no way. He sucks at line matching, he sucks at challenges, his win loss is better away than at home. That alone proves other coaches are better especially when home ice advantage becomes a disadvantage, think about it. And who loses a 3 goal lead in the last 3 minutes of a major playoff game, geez. Todd and Company, that’s who. Every year of Todd is a wasted year of McDollars. This team will never win a Stanley cup with Todd as the coach, again I am giving 3 to 1 odds and hearing crickets. So disappointed in this organization yet again.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            We were 25-12-4 at home and 22-14-5 on the road last year. Making things up isn’t a good way to support your argument.

            We all know what happened with the 3 goal lead in the playoffs. I dont see how Kesler opening Talbots 5-hole is on Mclellan.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        A loss is a loss no matter how they played. Doesn’t meant they can’t turn it around in a hurry. 3 games don’t define a team. Ovechkin isn’t gonna score 123 goals.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    We can recover from this start, but it has to begin with next game. Two wins and we’re right back in it, but two more losses and it’ll start to look really ugly.

  • Tonto

    What a buzz kill. Besides the first game against CGY McDavid is nowhere to be found. This team isn’t getting worse every game. It’s not that they’re loosing games but the way they loose the games which frustrates me. I am an Oilers fan but I can’t stand poor work ethic. Unbelievable!

    • TrueBlue

      Love the Oilers, have been loyal my whole life. Last 10 years have sucked. Last year reminded me how awesome hockey season is when you finally have a good team. Now I am wondering if this team can even make the playoffs. As it stands now. I would have to say no. Too many key injuries early in the season, not enough depth or planning to replace production on the wings or on D. Talbot is underperforming. McDavid does not look like McDvid. Here we go again. OMG. PS loved the Bobby Ryan interview in after show.

  • hagar

    The team was an Era of darkness team tonight. As messed up as this team looks right now, watching a 150 pound yamamoto be the only single player on the ice trying, makes me feel sick to my stomach. We have watched new comers to the team over and over play like they think they need to, while surrounded by players that don’t give a sh.t. That kid is playing his heart out, and I feel bad that he is putting this effort in, while nobody else is. Too many players over the years have come in hot with something to prove, only to be dragged down eventually by their team mates’ lack luster efforts. Almost an assimilation type thing.
    I hope that kid gets that stupid viking helmet thing they give out, because he was the only player that even should have laced up tonight. Pathetic.

      • hagar

        He goes full steam into corners with not il-regard for his own safety, he goes in like a honey badger to pester people into submission. I hope he doesn’t get sucked into this garbage, I would rather see him traded to have the amazing career he has coming, than to get wrapped up in this tire fire of pick and choose when you want to show up and play. The oilers could beat the best teams in the league when they finished last place, when the entire team actually tried all at once. The change we are looking for isn’t in player skill, we have had oodles of it… we need to have a team that can actually freakin PLAY every single game like they want to win.
        Everyone knows what Hall can do, everyone knows what Eberle can do, we are getting a hint again of what Yak can do, we know what Shultz can do, we know what Dubnyk can do.. too early to pull the pin of course, but this stinks. It’s waaaaay to close to what us pounded the F..ck out fans have already had railed up our hoops over the years..

  • 1ncinawhile

    GM did nothing good this off season – and it’s showing. Eberle trade is looking dumber day by day. Oil have a tough schedule ahead… they needed game 2 and 3… it’s downhill from here (schedule) for the next little while…. Oh well… go Esks!

    • Oilerz4life

      No, Chiarelli rounded out the D nicely when he had Gretzky’s brother scout the pro league in France. Don’t worry though, when Auvitu gets sent down Kevin Lowe will see that his kid gets the call up to solidify this hot pile of steaming turd Chiarelli served up this summer on defense.


    No wonder Lowetide.ca is so popular, It’s where people actually talk about hockey, and have intelligent conversations! ON is full of Trolls and senseless,boring babble, 90% not even related to Oilers or hockey! Rather read instructions to Ikea furniture in Portuguese than try and filter through this garbage! Disappointing, at least the articles are worth reading. And yes, i will skip the comment sections in the future 😉

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    “I’ve said it a few times already this season but the Oilers need to figure out how to stay out of the box.”

    EVERYONE is trying to figure out how to do this. Sweet goodness what a penalty mess for us too.

    But in general, I’m sad to see another Alberta victim of Ottawa Sludge Hockey. And although the teams your facing are tough, I think it’s the perfect test for the character of this team.

    But the defence is a concern, and I’m not trolling!!! But it is.

    I sincerely believe that if Edmonton stays healthy (fingers crossed for Drai) they can win.

    Just a little bumpy on the wagon to start the season.

    “Don’t anyone go freakin’ out on me..” -Space Ghost

    • tileguy

      I don’t like to blame it on the ref (exceppt in the playoffs) but that call on Kassian that led to the second goal was truly awful, methinks it might of been a different game without that call.

  • Heschultzhescores

    How about a new philosophy…earn your damn millions. Can’t stand watching guys float for millions. Nuge looks like he came out of a salon after the game during his interview. Soft and getting softer, that’s our team.

    • hagar

      Every player in the nhl knows how this team works. Get a job with the oilers and make money. You can ruin an entire team for ten years and get promoted to avoid being fired. Have a good few games and get signed to a new contract that is double your value.

  • Heschultzhescores

    I’d rather watch a team of guys who give their best every night than this boat load of money stealers. Seriously, maybe we need to get away from the “superstar” players and get back to a hard working team like the Devils used to win with. 20 goal scorers that give it all every night.

    • hagar

      How weird is it that Nuge starts playing well enough to have articles written about him and what we can sign him with term for.. don’t worry about the fact he has been a 3 million dollars player for his first four years making 6 mill… let’s talk about signing the guy after he is playing like a four million dollar player for one game. The sentiment in this team is the disease that is rotting us from the inside out year after year.
      You need to play like you care every game, full stop.

  • Connor McFly

    I have been an Oilers fan since the skinny kid from Brantford arrived. I still feel the GM and coaches spent far to much time in training camp and the pre- season auditioning never-will bes and never wuzes. The team was ill-prepared and a real mess. Now any semblence of order or confidence is shot. I hope someone fries for this.

  • Chainsawz

    At four games, there’s no reason to panic but we can safely say 2 things:

    Given the cap space the Oilers have, the Strome-Eberle trade and wasting a roster spot on Jokinen were both terrible moves.