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Report: Oilers willing to move Jokinen and Slepyshev

It looks like we’re getting back to #TradeTheMall territory as rumours are circulating that the Oilers are open to moving Jussi Jokinen and Anton Slepyshev.

Over at Sportsnet, Mark Spector posted an article this afternoon that talks about the Oilers being open to shipping out newly recruited Jussi Jokinen as well as Anton Slepyshev in an attempt to add a piece. It’s a little bit surprising, a lot of sad, but all around Oilers, ya know? But if one bottom six rumour wasn’t enough to induce a head scratch, Chris Johnston just posted a similar story where his sources say that the Oilers actually sent out a note to gauge interest in Jussi Jokinen. So what the hell is going on here? I know both articles from the same place, but could there really be smoke here? Let’s take a look.

Let’s start with Slepyshev

After missing all of training camp and the pre-season, I’m not sure why it’s a big surprise that Slepyshev is having a slow start to the year. What’s confusing is the fact that his name is coming up in trade rumours. Frankly, Slepyshev was getting all kinds of love this summer and it would be odd that the Oilers would just abandon ship on him already. That is unless Chiarelli needs to give up something of value in order to consummate a deal (likely given that it’s Peter Chiarelli). I’m not saying that Anton Slepyshev is untradeable, but I would think it’s a little early to be giving up on him now, yeah? Anybody? Just me?

What about Jokinen

This one is hilarious to me. The Oilers signed Jussi Jokinen to a one-year deal on July 7th of this year and we’re only 10 games into the regular season. And he’s already in trade rumours? Talk about immediate buyer’s remorse. If this rumour is true, and Peter Chiarelli has already put out feelers for anyone wanting to take Jokinen, then he should have his credit card taken away immediately. When you combine this with the alleged whoopsie daisy that is the Ryan Strome trade then you have two of the only roster moves made this summer turning into disasters.

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Mar 14, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers left winger Anton Slepyshev (42) takes a shot against Dallas Stars goalie Antti Niemi (not pictured) during the second period at Rogers Place. The Oilers won the game 7-1. Mandatory Credit: Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Frankly, I don’t know what to make of these rumours at all. I mean, trading guys from the bottom six would certainly be a “shake up” of sorts but would it really matter all that much with what’s happening on the ice? I mean, let’s be honest here. What kind of return could the Oilers really get with Slepyshev and 36-year-old Jussi Jokinen as the bargaining chips? We’ve seen what Chia gets in a one-for-one trade, so it goes without saying that these two fellas aren’t going to land you Matt Duchene, ya dig? If anything, moving a guy like Jokinen would just look sad considering he’s been around for about 10 minutes.

All in all, it’s been a weird few Internet days for the Edmonton Oilers. Nick Kypreos kicked a hornet’s nest over the weekend and said that the Oilers already regret the Eberle/Strome trade, Twitter is mad at Connor for dressing like Trump on Halloween, and now peeps are talking about bottom six guys getting the boot before their even cooled off. Needless to say, the storylines surrounding the Oilers have done a complete 180 over the past month and it’s been a rollercoaster ride to see them go from Cup favourites back to #HereComeTheOilers territory.

What do you guys think about the Jokinen/Slepyshev rumours? Would you move either of them? Let me know in the comments.

  • oilredemption

    Honestly they need to relax a little bit with these deals regarding the new players. It takes time to get a custom to a new team (ie: sekera). Strome will be fine as a 30-40 pt player. Jokinen was meant to be a depth mentor, in and out of the lineup sort. Take the odd center. Again he will be fine as what he is. Slepy really doesn’t make sense to trade. The best I have seen from mcdavid was when he was on his wing and vice versa (I kno2 it was a short sample but still). He’s a speed element we need to keep imo. He’s been very consistent since coming into the lineup. One player I strongly recommend the oilers target is andrighetto from Colorado. He can wheel! And I don’t think he would be too expensive.

  • ScottV

    The forward group just seems disjointed to me. Partly because of McL and the way he handles that group. Haven’t liked it from day one and I understand that it was the same thing in SJ, before Thornton ended up running him out of town. McL thinks it makes sense to constantly put a blender to the lines, to I guess – search for elusive offensive chemistry and to keep his forwards on their toes. I think it just pisses them off and takes away from groups of 3 guys gaining valuable familiarity with each other, putting their heads together to figure out how to be truly effective as a group, both ways. Sure – the blender every once in a while, but it’s a disaster when its the norm.

    The other part that’s disjointed is appropriate style of players for the key guys that you have, and the imbalance created by McD and Drai playing together. That leaves Nuge with Lucic – which makes no sense. Nuge is mostly a rush oriented centreman and Lucic is a cycler – net front tank. The cavalry and a tank don’t work that well together. Drai would be Lucic’s best bet as a c, as long as Drai (and I think he would), adjusts his game somewhat to accommodate Lucic’s strengths. Overly – risking having the tank run north and south – all over the place, will never get it done and lets face it, we’re stuck with the tank and have to make better use of it.

    There are a number of other examples, but I just think the forward group is being mismanaged and yes – it probably needs a different couple of pieces in – for a couple or three disjointed pieces out. If moving Jokinen and Slepyshev out – helps in that regard, it would be a step forward.

  • FriedSkank

    Slepy can play – shoot, skate, pass, hit (like Pitlick….) He had a good playoffs but was playing with Draisaitl.
    Give him ice time and line-mates to prove it again. Playing 9 min game on the 4th line won’t do it. Also, know team will give us fair trade value.

    • 24% body fat

      I agree, he is a big body right handed shot. but instead they put caggulia on the pp. Is this not exactly what they are looking for opposite nuge or connor. What is it they see in Caggulia. I see a player putting in an effort but is still to raw for the role he is given. The NHL is not a developmental league.

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    There’s a lot of talk about giving players time, here. How much more is available to them? If this season goes off the rails how does Chia behave at the deadline?

    Actually, that is an interesting question, if a tad early: what do you guys think should happen if this season becomes a loss early on?

    It’s Question Period on Oilersnation…

  • GK1980

    Apart from sleppy nobody wants jokinen or Strome. They aren’t very good. Once again Oilers trading from a position of weakness. Haven’t they learned the last 10 years this is a poor strategy. Now I am nervous about this year.

    • ComeAtMeDog

      Yeah nuge will get sold for a struggling rw who scored 20 goals once and hasn’t had good years in a while . Another lost trade . Barzal with his 3rd goal tonight . How’s griffin doing ? Pfft

    • Bert Raccoon

      What makes me nervous is that Chia hasn’t been here for all those DOD years and is still learning lessons about poor trades… but we’re in the gutter for now, not the sewer.

  • madjam

    Sure it makes sense to trade them for any upgrade including Strome . We are dead last in goals for by a lot , as if you need to be reminded . Current club not capable of giving much help offensively and this problem will remain until some new personnel is bought in . The verdict is already in , and Chia looking to trade – which he should be doing if he hopes to save season .

  • gordo

    other than the top 2 forwards every other player is not worth all that much in the market. apparently we miss sekera big time because only eberle, poulliot, and pitlick are gone from last years roster. and other than pitlick they were pretty much run out of town. if puljajarvi aint ready for the show, and it appears he’s not, the mathematical odds of making the playoffs go down every week

  • Chainsawz

    Maybe I was given the wrong batch of Koolaid or the DOD has permanently jaded me, but the Strome and Jokinen acquisitions seemed like disasters right from get go.

  • Squishin

    Flames fan here. I understand that BringtheFire 2.0 has been doing what he can to comfort you in your time of woe. I just want to say from my perspective: the Oilers have a great coach. This team can be incredibly tough to play against, partially because of the lineup (and the star), but mostly because of the aggressive, efficient system in place. Todd McLellan is a good coach. The Oilers tend to dominate possession-wise, shots-wise, etc. I am certain the goals will follow suit at some point. Firing the coach would not be wise, I think he is one of the best things about the team.

    • BringtheFire 2.0

      See, I think Todd is fine too. And Strome was never going to be more than a 30 point dude and that’s fine if Drai manages to drive his own line and some small miracle happens with the D.

      Things can change very quickly in hockey. Yesterday it was Gully’s head. A good game and we’re quiet about it today.

      Just…it’s Rogers. It’s Rogers that wrote this cup narrative and the players had to take it on their shoulders and they didn’t have a choice. Shame.

      It’s a mental game in Edmonton right now, and I’ve said it before, you have the right Captain to lead you out of this mess.

  • Holly Wood

    What do you think you are getting in return for two guys that aren’t able to slot into the bottom 6?. Sometimes you have to fish or cut bait, this is one of thos times

  • Intercourse the Penguins

    It is much too early to panic for Flames or Oilers. Any trade from a position of weakness is likely to backfire. Ride the horse that you brought to the race.

  • Vanoil

    I don’t think anyone in OIL country was enamoured with either Jokinen or Strome. Eberle for Hamonic was the only deal that made any sense vis-a-vis the Islanders, but their ask was apparently also a pick. Another uneven trade, where the OIL gained room to sign Draisaitl and McD. Could have, should have, but didn’t, bring in a value centre or right wing which they desperately needed at depth. Cagguila and Slepyshev are decent depth wingers who can play up in the line up, but won’t so long as McL doesn’t have faith in them — Cagguila hasn’t proven he has the wherewithall to play 82 plus in a season, while Sleps simply doesn’t speak English well enough, and McL’s bias against those he can’t communicate effectively with is well documented. That leaves Yamo punching above his weight class, as there simply is no other choice — Puljujarvi (who is in the right weight class) doesn’t have the head or savvy to play in the top six (yet, we hope), which leaves us where we were on July 01st — either we are short a top 9 center, or, have to play short a (or a short) top 9 right winger … You would think ChiaPete would have learned after Reinhart not to trade for a top Islander pick; but taking a flier on another team’s buyout … that’s as bad as assuming Puljujarvi would be ready to go this season.

  • Rihaan

    Maroon         McD         yamamoto

    Lucic           draisaitl    slepyshev

    Jokinen       Hopkins    Caggiula/letestu

    Caggiula/khaira     letestu/khaira       kassian

  • OriginalPouzar

    I seriously don’t understand why such a big deal is being made of this news – I mean we are talking about a former 3rd round pick who hasn’t yet established himself as an every day NHL player (even though some fans think he should be 1RW or at least in the top 6) and a reclamation project they signed as a “good bet” that, 10 games in to the season is looking like its not going to work as we is struggling to stay in the lineup let alone move past the 4th line.

    No, niether of these players will return much in a trade (can’t image Jussi having any trade value) but, really, this is a non-story. We’re talking about bottom of the lineup/press-box players.

    Its not like the info is that Nuge or Drai are “on the market”.

    Looking forward to tomorrow night against PIT – should be another great game.

  • I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve never thought Slepy was all that great. Reminds me a bit of Yak, actually. Lots of potential that he never seems to fully unlock. But you know the one name nobody is mentioning, the one that slipped through our fingers?


  • hockeyartist

    It drives me crazy when writers and so called experts call(ed) the Oilers “cup favorites”. They had ONE good year out of 12. Unfortunately this went to their heads and they strolled into camp confident and relaxed. Now apperently they’re trying to trade one guy whos ready for retirement and another who has barely started his. I’m assuming becasue they have run out of assets to trade. Top assets Eberle and Hall for a 3rd line plug and a one dimensional defenceman. A net minus of about 100 points of offense.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      I don’t get the reasoning for trading away guys that aren’t killing the team, but would also bring in no improvements if traded. Jokinen should never been considered as anything other than depth. That’s the reason you only pay $1m for him. Strome was a cap-dump trade to allow for Russell to be overpaid. He’s scoring at the expected rate for him. Callgiula was a FA signing that would probably never be anything other than depth. Slepy is a prospect with 59 NHL games.

      You are not going to get much for any of these guys, especially while they are struggling. If you want to improve the team now, you have to look at the players that have value, high-level prospects or picks. Trading this year’s first rounder would show confidence in the team. Failure to improve the team over the summer is on Chi. Failure to achieve decent results this season so far is on the players.

  • madjam

    In retrospect , it was ill advised to rely on internal growth while also tearing down some of the offence on team from last year . That sort of template destroyed Colorado to this day from their 112 point season . Due to this effect (internal growth of fringe players and youth )even Connor and Leon will be unlikely to do as well as last season . This will probably influence the goaltending NBR. ‘s just like it did to Colorado with less offence to cover it’s flaws . Chia looks like he made a bad mistake/miscalculation trying to rely so heavily on internal growth while still gutting team with downgrades like Jokinen and Strome . Juggling of lines not going to have much of an effect on bottom line .

  • 24% body fat

    Chias record so far

    Trades won- 2 lost – every other one
    Free agents overpaid, Lucic, Russel,
    Good draft picks relative to draft position, Yamo, Bear, Jones, rest yet to be seen
    Draft picks wasted relative to position, Benson, Neimelainen (who cares how its spelled will never be relevant to this team, see Reinhart 2.0) Cairns,

    Asset management has been horrible.

  • chickenStew

    What’s with this mindset that once you sign or trade for a player, they are locked in?
    Unless there is an iron clad NTC, a player is a movable asset no matter how long they have been with the team.

    These two have done nothing to help the team or their cause, so what is the sense in holding onto a whole lot of nothing?
    They were hired to produce. So produce or be played as pawns. That’s the reality.

    • camdog

      The third and fourth lines look like they were built to not allow goals and kill time, not to produce. Power play was expected to produce goals and it hasn’t. Major fail by GM.

  • Roberto

    I think Chia and TMAC should be dismissed. So many small mistakes by Chia seem to have added up to a problem…. This is Karma for hiring back a previously fired employee after the Oilers have one good season. They also slipped one by the fans by signing Lowe in the minors. When the Oil are losing, a lot of Chia’s moves seem pretty bad. Sather gave Mac T Talbot. Maroon was a huge win and Kassian was a good deal, but anyone could have made that deal. Larsson for Hall took guts, but whether Chia could have/should have gotten more is debatable. There’s also a salary cap problem looming on a team that can’t win any games….