Real Life Podcast Episode 49: Yukon Jack

This week things took an unexpected turn as Yukon Jack of 100.3 the Bear in Edmonton fame swung by the studio to do a two part podcast with local scamp Wanye von Gretz, DDS. The duo started out talking about the deal for the 13th website in the Nation Network – allwrestling.com. Long time Wrestling fanatic, even longer time general fanatic, Yukon has joined the Nation Network to be the Commissioner of Allwrestling.com and is bringing out his own wrestling podcast EVERYTHING IS WRESTLING!

Yukon and Wanye discuss how this all came to be and Yukon made a very persuasive argument about why wrestling is so important and how so much of what goes on around us is just like wrestling on some level. Wanye almost got caught in his tractor beam of logic before shrieking NO ONLY CONNOR ONLY OILERS!! He then smashed the two-way mirror in the studio and climbed out to safety – which was totally unnecessary as the unlocked door was right beside where he was sitting but that’s Wanye for you.

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