GDB 17.0 Wrap Up: Oilers end up with a point but fall in the shootout

Eating beets should never be decided by a shootout. Final Score: 2-1 Capitals in the shootout

Coming into the second half of a back-to-back weekend, the Oilers had to put yesterday’s loss aside and focus on doing whatever it took to beat the Capitals. Heading home from this road trip with six of eight points would have been a huge win for a team that’s battling to get back to a .500 record. That said, taking two points from the Capitals is no easy task at the best of times and when you add back-to-back nights and a backup goaltender then the cards were probably stacked against the visitors from the get-go. Despite playing on short rest, the Oilers did a good job of locking this game down and allowing themselves the time they needed to get their legs under them. The fact that they got a point should surprise no one, but they probably should have had another.

As the game went on, the Oilers settled into their game plan and did a good job of limiting the Capitals’ ability to generate much of anything the slot. With that said, it’s not like the Oilers were exactly shooting the lights out themselves early on. Actually, I wouldn’t have expected a game against the Capitals to turn into a defensive battle but that’s what this one turned into. Heading into the third period, neither team had scored and only 33 total shots had been generated before they traded goals on their way to bonus hockey. Considering how tightly this game played out, it wasn’t really surprising that it took until the shootout for this thing to be decided.

Unfortunately, the Oilers ended up on the wrong side of the skills contest and head home from their road trip with five of eight points in the bank.

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We wrap.


  • Jujhar Khaira hadn’t played since October 28th and he needed to get something done if he wanted to stay in the lineup. He did that tonight with a huge third period goal. Khaira got himself to the front of the net and banged home the loose puck and open the scoring.
  • Connor McDavid was really good tonight. Magic happened anytime he had the puck on his stick, and the fact that he didn’t get any points has more to do with Holtby and less to do with how Connor played.
  • For the second straight game, Jesse Puljujarvi looked good on the wing with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Once again, Pool Party was hard on the forecheck and threw absolutely everything he could on net, and that shooter’s mentality is something that has sorely lacked around here.
  • Actually, the Lucic-Nuge-Puljujarvi line deserved to have something go their way. They spent a lot of time in the Capitals zone and were equally effective in their own zone. Damned, Holtby ruins everything.
  • Laurent Brossoit performed very well in only his second start of the year. Hell, it’s been almost a month since Brossoit last saw any game action so he deserves some huge kudos for being up to the task of facing Ovi and crew and holding his own. Brossoit finished the night with 18 saves and a .947 save%.
  • Oilers did a great job in the faceoff circle again tonight. They finished the night at 53% on the dot.
  • Props all around to the defensive six for keeping the Capitals mostly to the outside and limiting their ability to produce offence. Yes, there were a few hiccups but for the most part, all six guys held down the fort and kept the lanes clear for Brossoit.
  • The Oilers did a really good job on the penalty kill and didn’t really give the Caps much of anything in terms of chances. I can’t comment on the power play, though, considering the Oilers didn’t get a chance.
  • Pat Maroon and Tom Wilson got into a pretty solid scrap right at the end of the first period, with both guys getting in some good shots. Maroon and Wilson had gone back and forth a couple of times in the period and it wasn’t overly surprising to see them drop the mitts. Get another look at the fight on Maroon’s fight page over at HockeyFights.com.


  • Dmitry Orlov walked past Jujhar Khaira at the blue line and buried the tying goal past Brossoit. Orlov ran a perfect give-and-go with Tom Wilson that caught pretty much everyone on that half of the ice off guard.
  • What is a penalty these days? It seems like the answer really depends on what day it is and what colour your jersey you’re wearing. How did the Oilers not get a single call go their way? i find it really hard to believe that the Capitals did absolutely nothing wrong in 60 minutes of play. Ridiculous. Anyone else?
  • Holtby steals a point. It happens.
  • Since I’m complaining, that ‘no goal’ call on Lucic’s second period goal was ridiculous. Holtby could not have gone down easier and the game should have been over in regulation.
  • The Oilers played a really good road game but couldn’t get anything past Holtby. Silver linings are great but they don’t pay the mortgage.
  • I really didn’t want to eat beets two days in a row. Damn you, Oilers. Damn you. As always, I’ll post updates on Twitter. Damn it.



No Scoring


No Scoring


01:32 Edmonton Jujhar Khaira (1) ASST: Iiro Pakarinen (1), Ryan Strome (4) 1-0
05:14 Washington Dmitry Orlov (1) ASST: Tom Wilson (3), Madison Bowey (5) 1-1


No Scoring


Washington Goal – T.J. Oshie
Edmonton Missed – Leon Draisaitl
Washington Missed – Evgeny Kuznetsov
Edmonton Missed – Connor McDavid
Washington Missed – Nicklas Backstrom
Edmonton Missed – Mark Letestu


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 11/12/2017, 7:15pm MST

  • giddy

    It’s bizarre how well goalies have played all year against the Oilers. This game could have been 4-1 if Holtby was playing average, instead of freakin’ unreal.

  • Mr.Snrub

    Mario Mark Letestu in another shootout? Coach Todd’s love affair with this guy is something else. At this point i wouldn’t be surprised to see Letestu strapping on the pads and get a start between the pipes during the next back to back affair.

    • OriginalPouzar

      I think you are failing to see reality here. For one, Letestu’s ice time, both at even strength and on the PK has been cut severely in the last few games. Secondly, Letestu is one of the top shootout performers in the league. He was 4 for 9 last year and well over 40% for his career. He is a no-brainer to be in the top 3.

  • PleaseWinOilers

    Whenever the Oilers score lately I find myself more surprised than excited. It’s truly amazing that this team is so offensively inept. The top line is all 0s lately, the second line is decent and the third/fourth lines…. Hahahahahahaha…. Well, at least the fourth scored today… Then promptly gave it back.

    Even McDavid doesn’t really look that dangerous… Nobody does. Oh, and that dive by Holtby was world class. What a clown.

  • ComeAtMeDog

    Oilers played great

    Khaira was good on his goal but he is slow and got burned on goal against . Sucks he could have been stoked with that .

    Jesse I am very impressed with . He’s here to stay .

    I think we are playing good . Too bad in OT we couldn’t score !! 6 of 8 points would have been very good

  • Derian Hatcher

    -Shout out to klef…slowly gazing confidence. We need his old self back.
    – so you’re a tough guy hey Wilson? Didn’t see u want anything to do with Milan (that being said, I’d love Wilson on the Oilers)
    -NHL riffing is a giant-Bettman-sized-ego embarrassment. Not just Oiler games – most every game I’ve watched. Pathetic
    – Oilers could have mailed this one in and come up with excuses- they didn’t and that was nice to see
    – now build on this for tuesday – don’t start all over again with bs play.
    – Gord Downie humbles me every time I see a story on hm. RIP Gord

    • HOCKEY83

      I’m absolutely loving the stick taps on the hand calls. That’s why There’s 40+ guys at a point or game or better right now. 10 guys at 1.2 points per game or better. Allowing the stars to play rather then watching the guys who can’t skate fast enough to catch em without using their stick as a weapon is far more exciting and a much better game. Every team is being called on it. I love it and if a teams players can’t play without using their stick as a weapon to stop a guy then maybe they don’t have what it takes to be on the ice. Good calls bad calls…finally the refs are doing their jobs and making the calls.

  • KMA

    The Good: The boys did well to earn 5 out of eight points on the road. The Bad: I’m sorry but you simply can’t miss the net in a shoot out. The Ugly: Lucic is a very expensive anchor who gets slower as the season progresses. Anyone else notice how Drai and McD are starting to become predictable.

    • GK1980

      Drai especially, same stop drag move at the offensive blue line every time! I saw him to the exact same thing twice in like 10 seconds. Needs to be more creative.

  • Hockeyfan

    The broadcasters are such coilbois, the team is still just a welfare club begging for welfare points and welfare picks. Still the disgrace of the NHL, still a laughing stock team that is a complete joke after paying drippy 8.5 for nothing, and mclottoball 12.5 for personal awards, which are proving not to help the team at all. Carry on as usual edmonton mcwelfares.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      You can wonder that all you want. But we’ll never know. Could be zero. Hindsight is always 20/20 here on oilersnation. Let it go and just cheer for the players the oilers do have or go cheer for debrincat if he’s the saviour you think he is

      • OilersGM

        It’s people like you who settle for mediocrity that’s why you get costumed to losing. I was pointing out the bad drafting this organization have made over and over again. Hindsight 20/20 but that’s how you judge a GM’s work for the product he puts on ice. What has Chia put on ice let’s see
        Lucic, Maroon, Talbot, Kassian, Larsson, Benning, and lost Hall, Eberle, Shultz, Yak who has 5 goals this year. Besides Talbot no one is a player you can’t really find. Teams build around core players that’s how they win not by trading them. I bet your one of those guys that believe everything he hears weather it’s tv or media and settles for it.

  • Hockeyfan

    Mclottoball gets over 25 min and does nada? Some generation, a generation of muffin mix, a team of muffins. Too funny after reading the coilfare on this welfare team all year.

    • Oilerz4life

      lol some funny trash talk actually laugh at some of the digs, better than that total [email protected] Bring the Fire 2.0 flamer. Don’t worry the Oilers will catch up to the lames, and flamernation will get trolled hard the next time the Oilers steam roll the lamers… in that old toilet bowl arena of yours.

      • BringtheFire 2.0


        Come on, man!!!! I’m, you know, just doin’ my thing, you know? Just enjoying watching my team slowly coalesce into a legitimate contender while I come on here and pretend to be nice as I watch your franchise circle round and round in the most prettiest, expensive toilet in Canada I’m just a nice guy doin’ nice things why you mad, bro?

        And hey, you got a loser point today!! That’s the same as playing, like, half a game!! Which is fitting, because you have half a team!!!

        (And you don’t think these dudes are actually, funny, do you? That…says a lot 🙂 )

    • Randaman

      Funny, if I went on FN and spouted the crap you spout, I would be turfed but our weak ass monitor (looking at you BM) seems to enjoy pointless posts that disrupt logical discussion. Ages of moderators on this site is apparently generation X or whatever you call it.

      • Not a First Tier Fan

        Being as light-skinned, hypocritical and pathetic as the Shames fans at FN isn’t the answer…

        Enjoying the fact that all this hot air comes at a time when their team is only a few points ahead of ours – as bad as the games have gone for the Oil – is the way to go…

        As soon as we play two more games against the Flames, that four point gap is gonna be gone. Remember what these losers are saying now, cause pretty soon all you’re gonna hear coming from the southern QEII is going to be crickets…

        • cgyearnall/edmfreeloaders

          Even if that were true….our team worked for everything….no #1 picks ever..#4 highest ever…..if we had half your picks ..given to suckiest team.10 years running…sorry..11……

        • BringtheFire 2.0

          What the hell are we on here for if we can’t poke at each other from time to time? I like to talk hockey but sometimes I just want to come on here and point out that our franchise is better than yours with swears.

          I’ma do both.

          And that point gap isn’t going away, because we’re scoring goals and have defensive depth. You are not scoring goals and have no defensive depth.

          So there.

          • Not a First Tier Fan

            I’d agree with you about the trash-talk… except that every time an Oilers fan starts up on Flames Nation everyone starts moaning about how they should be banned. If they don’t get banned by the moderator outright.

            Sooo… While I personally give you props for taking your lumps… Flames fans are pretty hypocritical.

            Keep dreaming about the point differential… the universe will correct itself.

  • Serious Gord

    5 of eight is the pace the oil will have to maintain to make the playoffs. It’s the first interval of games this Season where they have been on that pace.

    That noted they need to start scoring more – lots more. When will that happen?

  • Oiler Al

    It was a winable game, when you consider OV and Backstrom didnt have a shot on goal. But it was third game in four nites, and they got a point out of it, so thats something.Need more rumble around the blue paint to score some dirty goals.In hind sight ,for what its worth, this easily could have been a 2-0 game, for the Oil.

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      “you stop listening”…as you sign on to OUR website and make ridiculous comments endlessly.

      Nice try. Truth is your world revolves around trying to be better than Edmonton and without that your lives are empty. That much is clear – hahahahaha…….

      • cgyearnall/edmfreeloaders

        Don’t have to try……….we have a better nhl squad..cfl team ..lacrooss team…..and best outdoor show on earth……k days like rest of your offerings suck….like your sister

  • Heschultzhescores

    Same Move Letestu it’s almost comedy now that they go to the well on him still. I think Holtby was chewing on a piece of straw on that side of the net waiting for it…lol

  • Svart kaffe

    I enjoyed the game and I’ll admit that I’ve been too hard on LB. Good game from him. Pushing it to a shootout when you have seriously limited NHL experience and Holtby at the other end deserves some credit.

  • Anton CP

    The Oilers got 5 points in 4 game eastern trip, not really a terrible result and just have to hope that they could do better later on. They are finally starting to have a series of western opponents.

  • rivid

    Did holtby really steal a point? Sure you could argue that if the oilers were an offensive threat, but they average less than 2 goals. To me that has been the problem, no one can score a goal.

    • WillyWonka

      it seemed to me that Washington played a real crappy game defensively, running around in their own end and coughing up huge turnovers… Oilers missed a chance for easy points by not being able to bury the puck. On the other hand, 5 of 8 pts is trending in the direction you want this team to go. Oilers need some defensemen that can jump in the rush, add offensive threats, skate the puck, get shots on net. it is the defense that is limiting this team.

  • Slipknot 8

    Not that it matters with 10 seconds left but, McDavid getting a breakaway and beings slashed and hook without a call……Fine, but don’t turn around and give RNH a penalty for a whack on the pants….Its bush league reffing!

  • Hockeyfan

    a generational player who does not contribute with 27 minutes of ice time? How funny is this so called team with 2 players making serious 21 million in cabbage and they do nothing? great dynasty of top picks but doing nothing for a decade+. Stay welfareproud!!!!

    • LamesSuck

      Do nothing? Those two players are better than any of the players on the fLames roster. It is hilarious how jealous you are that we have them. You can watch them spank your team in a couple weeks…again…for the 7th time in a row…because the flames are an awful team.

    • hey idiot, what will your comment be when we finish higher than you guys in the playoffs ? Will you just not type ? Because the Oilers are only 4 pts behind you so I’d be quiet and start cheering on Canada’s Team

  • Keg on Legs

    You could audibly hear the Washington sticks smacking Oiler players when they had the puck on their stick, every other game we’ve played that’s a penalty, Trotz gets away with murder.