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Weekend Recap: A few oil drops absorbed this weekend

This season has been a lot of learning for the Oilers, every game they play the team and fans learn more about the team. While it was a long weekend it wasn’t for the Oilers as they played their first back to back games of the season. This provided us plenty of opportunities to soak up Oilers information and news. I jotted down a few things I picked up on and learned this weekend.

Morning games aren’t our thing

Last Sunday the Oilers were shut out by the Wings, Saturday the Rangers rallied via powerplay goals to come back and collect the W.

Buckle up because we have a whopping seven more morning or early afternoon morning games this season. Maybe the team will try espresso shots instead of Gatorade in their bottles?

Klefbom rebounding

Oct 19, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Edmonton Oilers defenseman Oscar Klefbom (77) controls the puck against the Chicago Blackhawks during the second period at United Center. Oilers won 2-1 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Klefbom had by far one of the worst games I’ve ever seen from an Oilers defenceman on Saturday. He looked more lost than a millennial without their avocado toast. I was really worried how he would react during the game the very next day honestly, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if he sat in the press box for this one.

He was in the lineup against Ovie and co and actually played like the stud that we need him to be. Hopefully, this is the start of a turn around for the Swede. He hasn’t looked like the Oscar that we’ve come to love since early in the preseason.

Maroon is engaged

The Big Rig was engaged on an off the ice, literally. He proposed to his girlfriend on Thursday, who as we all know said yes! Maybe having the big question on his mind and a ring in his pocket were plaguing hockey thinking because he was completely engaged Saturday and Sunday, he just needs a little puck luck.

In 20:74 of action on Saturday Maroon fired seven shots on net, but couldn’t buy a goal. He carried that fire into Sunday’s game; he had seven shots on goal and a spirited fight. It’s unreal that he couldn’t burry one in either of these games, his puck luck has to change soon.

What is McLellan thinking?!

There hasn’t been any line juggling. The Draisaitl and McDavid line has been flatter than Saskatchewan when it comes to five on five play, instead of trying something new McLellan has stood pat on his top line. It has been frustrating to watch him coach the team at times this season, at some points I think he needs to sniff some of those smelling salts and wake up.

It’s a pool party

The Oilers called up young winger Jesse Puljujarvi Friday morning, and I couldn’t have been any more pumped. The youngest player in the AHL this season didn’t disappoint, he fired home a beauty of a shot against the Rangers and followed it up with a priceless interview.

Through 15:37 of action on Saturday he did have two giveaways, but had two hits and five shots on net. On Sunday he quieted down, he played 51:41 minutes of action and attempted two shots, one of which was on net. He used his big body twice delivering hits and even blocked a shot.

There has been a lot of chatter about Puljujarvi being a bust, but it’s always important to point out that he’s just an infant by NHL standards. I say we enjoy the party right now and see how the kid does, personally, I hope he keeps giving interviews and being a stud in both ends of the ice.

It’s now or never for Jujhar

Jan 16, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers left winger Jujhar Khaira (54) celebrates his first NHL goal against the Arizona Coyotes during the second period at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Jujhar Khaira drives me absolutely nuts. I want this kid to do well, not only because he has the greatest facial hair on his rookie card, but because he can be such a dominant bottom six forward. He continually does this thing where he’s a big mean gritty guy, then ghosts on us and coasts his way through.

Tonight he finally drew back into the lineup and guess what, he did all the things that he needs to do. He got his feet moving and was very involved. He was rewarded wrapping around the net and following up. Hopefully next game he doesn’t ghost on us.


What are your thoughts on these topics? Did you learn different things from these back to back games? Let me know in the comments below!

  • SkiBikeHike

    Khaira ghosted five minutes after he scored his goal when he couldn’t be bothered to follow Orlov in from the point. It was a good play by Orlov, but watch the replay and look how lazy Khaira’s attempt to cover him is.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Honestly I can’t be disappointed with how Edmonton has been as of late. Save for th Detroit game, Edmonton hasn’t played like crap since th Chicago game. Sure, they’re PK and PP need TONS of work (not sure what can be done at this point honestly), but they impress 5 on 5. Face offs seems to be a vast improvement as well. Puljujarvi brough energy to he lineup and I like what I saw against the rangers. I like McLellan, but his bottom six comment irks me. He’s keeping it the same until he sees productinon? Maybe he’s hoping they figure it out, but that’s like asking me to fix a jet engine and keeping me around to fix it, even though I don’t know how to do it. Injuries definitely have hit us early and I honestly took it for granted last season. If I remember, last seasons only major injury was Nurse (at least until Sekera got hurt). Things are looking up, it’s just that the early hole we dug ourselves means we’re having to work twice as hard.

    I’m starting to ease out of the “playoffs are done” mentality, and more into “slowly but surely, we’re turning this around”. That being said, Edmonton got ROBBED of a W last night. They played well enough to win that game, but NHL doesn’t know their own rules anymore.