Peel yourself off the roof

It was bound to happen. The Oilers were going to get a game where all the bounces were going to go their way. Last night was that game against the Las Vegas Golden Knights when they ran up the scoreboard putting up eight goals. I’ll admit that I didn’t jump out of my seat after the…


Trading Good Process for Shooting Talent

With the Oilers making an actual trade there will be lots of focus on the players as they leave and enter Edmonton. Surely there will be many different perspectives on both Jussi Jokinen and Mike Cammalleri as well as why they were traded for each other. To me, it comes down to the Oilers desperately…


WWYDW: Where does Mike Cammalleri fit?

Before last night’s game, Peter Chiarelli pulled the trigger on a trade, sending Jussi Jokinen to the Los Angeles Kings for Mike Cammalleri. Jokinen boasted strong underlying numbers and played a good defensive game, but simply wasn’t scoring and the Oilers needed a boost offensively. In comes Cammalleri who’s much more of a natural goal…


Breaking Down the Cammalleri for Jokinen Trade

An actual hockey trade. In November. They don’t happen very often. This wasn’t a major move, and neither player will be looked upon to be a difference maker for his new team, yet any trade in the NHL is a welcome topic of conversation. Let’s look at the trade.