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Breaking Down the Cammalleri for Jokinen Trade

An actual hockey trade. In November. They don’t happen very often.

This wasn’t a major move, and neither player will be looked upon to be a difference maker for his new team, yet any trade in the NHL is a welcome topic of conversation.

Let’s look at the trade.

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The 34-year-old Jussi Jokinen had one point in 14 games. He never looked comfortable in Edmonton and he looked slower than I expected. Maybe he simply can’t keep up in today’s game, or his lack of confidence and comfort had him thinking more than reacting. I expected more than one point in 14 games from him, and I’m certain most of you did as well. I can’t recall one person ripping the Oilers for signing Jokinen. It seemed like a low risk signing at $1.1 million for one year.

He was coming off the second-lowest point total of his career, 28 points, last year so I wasn’t expecting 50 or 60 points, but I thought he could add more offence than he showed.

Mike Cammalleri signed a one-year deal, $1 million base salary, with the Kings, which includes a $200,000 bonus if he scores 20 goals and the team makes the playoffs. He got the bonus because he turned 35 in June. He had three goals and seven points with the Kings, and all seven points came in three games. He had 2-2-4 vs. Montreal on October 18th, an assist three nights later at Columbus and 1-1-2 on November 2nd vs. Toronto.

Cammalleri has been a better scorer in his career. In 855 games he’s scored 290 goals and 620 points. Jokinen has 186 goals and 547 points in 905 games.

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But, both of them are in the twilight of their careers.

Cammalleri is more offensive, while Jokinen is theoretically more versatile, can play wing and centre, and more reliable defensively. I say theoretically, because the footspeed he showed with the Oilers makes me question if he can effectively play centre now. We’ll see.

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The Kings wanted a more defensive player, while the Oilers wanted a shooter. I understand why both sides made the deal, but I’m not expecting Cammalleri to be a major impact player. If he can chip in a few goals then the deal will be worth it for Edmonton.

I reached out to a scout who has watched the majority of the Kings games this year and he said this about Cammalleri.

“He didn’t really fit with what they needed. His even strength minutes were getting reduced. Like Jokinen he looked slow at times, but when he is open he still has a lethal shot.”

I see this a low-risk move for Chiarelli. Jokinen wasn’t doing much and I don’t see him suddenly having a massive breakout with the Kings. If Cammalleri can add a few timely goals, and use his shot on the second unit powerplay then the deal makes sense.

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Part of me wonders if this deal signifies Anton Slepyshev might be out for more than a few weeks. Slepyshev is a top-nine winger and while he plays the right side, I could see Drake Caggiula sliding over to the right side, adding Cammalleri in the lineup and taking out Iiro Pakarinen. Pakarinen and Malone are the extra forwards on my team until Slepyshev returns.

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Oct 9, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers left wing Jussi Jokinen (36) during the first period against the Winnipeg Jets at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Cammalleri has averaged 2.76 shots/game over his career, while Jokinen fires 1.7 shots/game.

However, through 15 games this year Cammalleri has only 1.6 shots/game. And he had 2.3, 2.4 and 2.29 dating back the past three seasons. He doesn’t get in position to shoot as much as he used to and I wonder how much of that is due to footspeed.

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Jokinen on the other hand has been able to maintain his shot/game the past four seasons. He was at 1.57 this year, but 1.71, 1.88 and 1.65 the previous three seasons.

Cammalleri is not a checker and won’t kill penalties, but should help the powerplay. He had 104 powerplay goals in his career. Of his 620 career points, 244 have come on the man advantage. He should get a look immediately on the second unit.

Parting shots…

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Jujhar Khaira suddenly looks like the player we saw in preseason. He is using his size and speed to create chances and he now has three points in his last two games. “He is showing the coaching staff he wants to stay in the lineup. We have noticed. He’s had two really strong games,” said Todd McLellan. Finding consistency and then maintaining it is the biggest challenge for young players. Khaira has never been able to find his comfort zone in the NHL, but he was excellent in the preseason, and if he can continue to play like he has recently it will be a huge boost to the bottom six for the Oilers.

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  • 1ncinawhile

    Any upgrade, no matter how small is still worth it I guess… doesn’t really fix any of our problems, but through the season most likely will add to our goals for total, which perhaps will mean extra wins… can’t see how this is a bad trade – for Edmonton anyway.

  • ScottV

    I would like to see Puljujarvi and Khaira – more like fixtures in the line up.

    In and out of the line up / back and forth to Bakersfield – is messing with them too much.

    Give them some stability – let them gain some traction and I see a big upside for both these players.

    • tileguy

      Just to add to that thought, I would like to see Letestu sit a few games in a row to see what chemistry may develop. He has lost a step this year, looks ineffective on the pp and his shootout attempt was pathetic.

    • BringtheFire 2.0

      Give Cammy some PP time, sheltered minutes and something of a leadership role in the locker room and 15 is the minimum.

      He’s aging well and he’s a total pro.

  • Sammy p

    If we are taking on old Calgary rejects i’d Have preferred seeing Iggy in Oiler livery,failing that how about Haaken Loob or Lanny ?
    Want a player that will make an instant impact? Work out a deal for James Neal.

    • DaveChamp

      Why would a team that’s currently 2nd in their division trade their best player? And if they did decide to trade him, there’d be a bidding war. You think the Oilers just get to call McPhee up and call dibbs? He’d likely cost a first rounder and a high prospect – maybe more.

  • Spydyr

    Not much of a trade. You stake my over the hill under-performing player and we will take yours. They still need one more top six right winger. it is great to see Khaira playing with some fire. Let’s hope he realizes he has to play every game with that intensity if he wants to stay in the lineup. Like Wagon did.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Its fairly clear that Cammalleri should get PP time with his plus shot.

    I doubt they take Letestu off PP1 (we need the right shot on that side given where Connor sets up on the half boards) so much assumption is that Cammy will play PP2 – the unfortunate thing is that he likely takes the spot that Jesse just got this past game.

    • Dr

      What I don’t understand is, with Kelfbom’s left shot on the point, why do they keep putting McDavid on the right half boards? I know McDavid is a left shot, but should that really matter if he is facing the slot? He should be able to set up the point man from the right half boards, enabling Klefbom to use a one-timer. Maybe they expect Letestu to set up the one timer from Oscar? I don’t know. Camalleri will provide the Oilers with another shooter. They already have enough passers.

    • 5 points in his last 5 games?
      Nevertheless, you’re saying there’s a market for a 29 yr old making $6million for the next 5 years, who is slow, and can’t make or take a pass. What return do you expect? or are you just talking hopeless nonsense?

  • Muddy

    The second line of Lucic – Nuge – Puljujarvi looks dangerous and confident every shift. Nuge is driving that line every time he touches the puck and he is giving his wingers chances they soon will bury. The forth line was skating hard every shift they took last night, something I really hadn’t seen on a consistent level all year. The only question mark might be that third line and if Cammalleri can give it just a little spark while helping Strome continue to find his game I think we might just become a little dangerous. Right now I see the 1st line consistent, the second line surging in a big way, the forth line slapping us in the face to take notice.

    • chickenStew

      Imagine how good the second line would look with a LW who could keep up, read the play, and wouldn’t give up the puck by passing it to no one for no reason?

    • Glencontrolurstik

      We do have to remember that Vegas just gave us 4th & 5th string goalies eh???
      Let’s see how they do Thursday against a strong St. Louis team, Allen is having a great year.
      On a side note, What the heck is happening with the Canucks? Shows what a coach can do… Just sayin’

      • Muddy

        Yup good point but I don’t think anyone here is bragging about the win against Vegas, the points being made are that maybe this is preparing us to play great teams like St.Louis. Guess we’ll know tomorrow night.

  • Hemi

    This may been a minor trade but it is not just a get rid of one dud for another. Jokinen was a complete flop for the Oil without the arrow pointing northward. Cammalleri is far from Flash Gordon but he seems to have a better sense of getting goals/assists albit on a support level. Still better than Jokinen and when one looks at it that way, it is a win for the team.

  • Clayton

    So what happens with Cammy’s ‘make the playoffs bonus’. Does that still apply to LA making the playoffs because he signed the contract with them…or does it shift to the Oilers because his contract now belongs to the Oilers?

  • OilersChef

    Wheres that cgyearnall/edmfreeloaders goofball idiot to give us the mentally defective lamer viewpoint? Hes still choking on his bile over the vegas blowout.

  • Glencontrolurstik

    The only knock on this trade is that Cammalleri is injury prone… He missed huge chunks of season’s throughout his career. I certainly hope that the Oil medical staff checked everything out before this trade, as it does seem a little lop-sided too good to be true, as minor as everyone is saying…

  • TKB2677

    I see in another post Matt Henderson, MR. Advanced Stats or nothing spouting off more stats about how wonderful Jokinen’s advanced stats are. When the league starts handing out goals and assists in a game to players for possession numbers, let me know. Until that happens, I don’t care how much you have the puck, you have to either score or generate the odd goal once in a while. You can’t have zero’s across the board every game but hang your hat on how great your possession numbers are.