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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Is Jujhar Injured?

You want an injury update, and I’ve got it for you. Excited?

It’s been another week of hockey, and there have been another week of injuries. So enough of the small talk, let’s get at it.

Andrej Sekera

Yes, he’s still injured. BUT as Jason Gregor reported yesterday, he’s skating well and is close to returning. Reggie has been working on some more situational plays in practice and not just the basics of skating up and down ice and in between pylons. He’s still not taking any body contact in practice, but I imagine that will change very soon. Gregor thinks we may even see Sekera back in the lineup before the end of the month. This would essentially be a Christmas miracle based on all of our original thoughts of him coming back in January.

Anton Slepyshev

Sleps has been out of the lineup since last week with a re-injured groin injury. This injury has been bitter-sweet as we now get to see Jesse PoolParty play at the NHL level. At the same time though, we’re still short one Anton Slepyshev. I’m curious what will happen when Anton returns, especially with Cammalleri on the roster now. Will Puljujarvi get sent back down? Time will tell. There is no timeline for Slepyshev’s return right now and it’s tough to tell with groin injuries. We could see him back next week, OR it could linger for a while and we might see him back in two months!

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The most important thing right now, is that we have the footage of the moment right after Slepyshev got his groin injury, and it’s hilarious.

Jujhar Khaira

No Jujhar is not injured. But did anybody see him limp off the ice last night? He took an odd hit and limped off in the first period of the game but continued to play on. THEN at the end of the third period they showed him limping off again! There has been no report of an injury at all, but I’d like to keep an eye on this in case something pops up in the next couple days. It would be a shame if he got injured because he was playing really solid during his call-up.

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Chris Gordeyko

Yes that’s correct I am putting myself in my own injury report because I am the boss and I can do what I want. Actually, The Capilano Rehab Centre is probably the boss now that I think about it. I have a feeling they don’t treat skin infections but if they did, I would totally go to them because they do great work over there. If you need some good therapy call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website!

Anyways, yes you read correctly, I have a gross infection on my ankle. I don’t even have a badass story for it either and I’m ashamed of it. Instead I just had all the gross sweat from my hockey skates seep into an open wound I had and it took control of my body. Yes there’s swelling.. no pus though thank god. There’s a bit of pain, but i’ll make it through okay. I’ve got some great meds in me right now so all will be taken care of soon. Please send your prayers to me, and hopefully I’ll be living like a normal human being within two weeks.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Yes, I read Gregor’s report yesterday on Reggie and its very encouraging. If nothing else change, I think he plays with Russell on what would be the third pairing. He won’t have his normal 100% game for a while (potentially until next season) and I think its a good way to ease him back. We know that Russell is better with Sekera as his anchor (even if it means playing his off side which he’s done he last few game with Auvitu in any event).

    It was a terrible decision by the organization to let/force Slepy to play that one game back. Groins are easily re-injured and I had a terrible feeling as soon as I heard Todd say “he’s going to give is a shot” – it was obvious he wasn’t 100% and now he’s on IR.

    Here is hoping that Jujhar is not actually hurt – it didn’t look great at the end of the game. It would be great to have Pak out of the lineup for Cammy as opposed to Khaira. There was no practice today so no media avail which is why there was no update on a potential injury.