GDB 19.0 Wrap Up: Winning streaks at home are overrated apparently, Oilers fall 4-1

At least the first period was fun. Final Score: 4-1 Blues

Coming into tonight’s game, I was really curious to see how the Oilers were going to respond after shelling the Golden Knights for eight goals. Obviously, the Blues are a better hockey team than Vegas but I couldn’t help but hope that last game’s dominance had opened up some kind of offensive floodgates. The Oilers got the start they wanted and, outside of Sobotka’s first period turd goal, and did a really nice job of trading punches with a very good Western Conference team. Not only that, but this game was greasy from the get-go and both sides played a very physical brand of hockey. There were a lot of scrums, face washing and mixing it up, which, as we all know, is a fairly new option around these parts. Unfortunately, that first period was where the fun ended.

As the game moved through the second period and into the third, the rough stuff continued with each side getting their share of shots in, but that’s where the similarities ended. The Blues put a lot of pressure on the Oilers in the defensive zone and it caused a steady stream of turnovers that St. Louis was able to turn into scoring chances. To make matters worse, the Oilers couldn’t find a way to stop the bleeding which was frustrating considering how evenly the game started. The most frustrating part is that the Blues hadn’t been playing well and rather than kick them while they were down, the Oilers fumbled and fell all over themselves. Then again, maybe winning streaks at home are just overrated?

Let’s wrap it up.

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  • After the Blues opened the scoring with that garbage luck goal, Ryan Strome tied things up only moments later on the power play. Not only did he tie the game up, he did it with a hell of a wrist shot that Jake Allen had absolutely no chance on. With that goal, Ryan Strome finds himself on a three-game point streak — bet you didn’t see that coming.
  • I can’t blame Cam Talbot for this one. He was one of the few players that actually showed up to play for 60 minutes and even though he allowed four goals I defy you find anyone that would hang all four on him. The team in front of him didn’t offer much help. Dadbot finished the night with 35 saves and a .897 save%.
  • The Year of Nuge rolls on. My boy added another assist to his total and was one of the better Oiler forwards tonight.
  • I thought Mike Cammalleri played well in his first game with the Oilers, considering he hasn’t had much of a chance to practice or anything like that. This morning, I wondered if he would even play because of the short turn around but props to him for holding his own in a new system with new teammates. New guy played 15:30 in his Oilers debut.
  • Shout out to Zack Kassian for trying to get the boys going by dropping the mitts early in the first period. The fight ended prematurely but is always worth checking out a second time. As always, you can find the scrap on Kassian’s fight page over at HockeyFights.com.
  • The Oilers were effective in the faceoff circle, winning 53% of the faceoffs on the night.
  • The power play went 1/3 on the night which is an encouraging sign. I mean, they would have needed to have all three goals to get to within one goal of tying the game, but you know what I mean.
It looks like the NHL will return to the Olympics in 2022 and 2026


  • Vladimir Sobotka opened the scoring with a shorthanded goal that was basically a lucky gift after the puck bounced out in front of the net when Talbot was behind the net. It was one of those lucky goals that always seem to go against the Oilers, but never for them.
  • Alex Steen gave the Blues their second lead of the night with a second period power play goal. Steen was parked in front of Talbot and was able to get the puck past him, effectively punishing the Oilers for the weak call on Kassian that gave St. Louis the power play.
  • Brayden Schenn scored a pair of third goals but by then it almost didn’t matter. The Blues had completely taken over the game and the Oilers couldn’t really get much of anything going.
  • Edmonton’s breakout was a mess in the second period. I don’t know how many times the Oilers needed multiple tries to get the puck out of the zone but it was far too many for my liking. I know St. Louis did a good job of putting pressure on the outlets, limiting the options for a clean breakout, but the Oilers needed to have a better plan than just blindly throwing the puck to where they think it should go.
  • Actually, the Oilers were a mess as a whole for the last 40 minutes. They just didn’t look like the same team as the one that seemed evenly matched in the first period. I can’t overstate how annoying that is.
  • Zack Kassian is getting so many scoring chances but he just can’t bury one. He got another (partial) breakaway tonight and, once again, came up short. I don’t know what kind of curse is on his sticks this year but we need to find some kind of sacrifice to help the dude out.
  • How many odd-man rushes did the Blues get tonight? 2000? More? Probably more.
  • I really didn’t want to eat beets tonight and I’m annoyed that the Oilers are making me do this again. As always, get the updates on my Twitter.
  • The NHL site has the giveaways as 15 for Edmonton and five for the Blues. Those numbers seem right but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a little bit light for Edmonton.
  • Did the Oilers allow a power play goal for the Blues? Yes, the Oilers allowed a power play goal for the Blues.
  • Do I feel like a broken record for having to complain about the refs in every single Wrap Up? Yes. Will I keep doing it until they improve? Yes. I mean, what is a penalty anymore? Because I really don’t know what counts for two minutes on a night-to-night basis.
Kailer Yamamoto, Phillip Broberg among new faces at Edmonton Oilers phase two



15:14 STL SHG – Vladimir Sobotka (4) ASST: Alex Pietrangelo (10), Paul Stastny (11) 1-0
15:43 EDM PPG – Ryan Strome (3) ASST: Matt Benning (2), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (7) 1-1


07:20 STL PPG – Alexander Steen (3) ASST: Brayden Schenn (18), Alex Pietrangelo (11) 2-1


05:44 STL Brayden Schenn (6) ASST: Scottie Upshall (6) 3-1
07:28 STL Brayden Schenn (7) ASST: Jaden Schwartz (15), Colton Parayko (6) 4-1


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 11/16/2017, 9:30pm MST

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    “With that goal, Ryan Strome finds himself on a three-game point streak — bet you didn’t see that coming.”

    Called it!!! (well, not exactly, but I called Strome being okay!!)

    Anyway, screw the bum special teams, the bum special team coaches, the goalies masking average play, the inconsistent and inexplicable shifts between; “We are executing perfectly” and “we are playing like we are wearing snow shoes and an anvil” which occur from game to game, shift to shift, scree the bum head coaches but HOW BOUT DEM CORSI

    Alberta. Hockey. Blows.

  • Slipknot 8

    The Oilers are a bad team….Chiarelli gave up to much skill for such little return. over half the forwards are arguable AHL level players.
    Then there’s players like Letestu and Russel…Awful this year.
    The team almost needs to be gutted…… Honestly if it wasn’t for McDavid and RNH putting up points and driving there lines this team would be in hands down the worst in the NHL.
    I had a hunch last season the Oilers over achieved by a bit. Chiarelli really messed this team up long term.

    • Gravis82

      I agree with you, and I have agreed with you for a long time before I even knew you felt this way. The amount of talent he has shipped out is unbelievable. Heck, even Yakupov is on a 40pt pace and +1.

  • Mcjesus97

    Slipknot8 Although I agree with with you on some things. Peter Chiarelli didn’t mess this up long term. By the end of the season 11 players need new contracts that includes the back up goalie
    Nurse Benning
    Pak drake
    Slepyshev Camalleri
    Letestu Maroon
    Auvitu and Strome.
    And Connors contract kicks in. Obviously some of those players will be back but it sure is gonna be a tough task for Chiarelli to improve this bottom 6 and back up goalie. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    • Reinman

      I agree with Slipknot. Chia has screwed this team long term. Based on he assets he had when he came in to town, he has completely squandered them, and left us in cap hell with a merely average team. The Lucic is the biggest mistake he made. You can’t have a guy with such a large contract, over so many years, already playing the way he is and declining. Russel as well, 4 million over 4 years, for a 5-6th defensmen? Chai seems to think everyone is Jagr, and can play well into their 40’s. This simply is not the case. Usually 30 is the point where the decline starts. Most players are lucky to still be effective at 35. Reinhart, Lucic, Eberle, Russel, over pay Draisaitl, let Pitlick walk, did not aquire Hamonic(this should have been the return for Eberle).

      I do not have a problem with the Hall trade, but some patience would have been good to see who we could have locked in long term as a scoring winger. Wingers more than any elite players are the ones who shake loose from rosters. Was Lucic really the best guy we could get for 6 million a year? What if we had packaged up that 1st and second round pick, plus a prospect to someone who was looking to dump contract. Instead we go for Reinhart, who was already been referred to as a bust in New York, and our scouting staff had not even seen him play since Junior? Who would have liked to be in the discussion for Marleau, or Duchene. We could have got someone with speed, size and skill for 6 million a year. Plus the other assets we had at the time. The only good moves Chia made were the Talbot, Maroon and Kassian deals, but then, I consider these minor ones. I mean I love Kassian, but he is a support player. He is a 10 goal scorer at best. The problem with the Oilers and their fans ( to some extent) is we think our players are getting better all the time. The truth is the best indicator of what someone is going to do in the future is what he has done in the past. Eberle scored 76 points in his second year. RNH rolled at nearly a point a game for 40+ games that one year when he played with Ebs, and Poo.

      Anyway, we are screwed…. Maybe we will do better with the next generational talent.

      • Reinman

        I would trade the Oilers for the Leafs in a heartbeat. They have done good work over there aquiring the right type of players to play in todays NHL. and they are only going to get better. Leafs will win the cup in the next couple of years.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          Players are OK, great in fact…
          COACHING STAFF HAS TO GO!!!!!! Now, before it’s too late…
          I have never in my life seen a coach constantly switch lines up all the time.
          How in the heck are they expected to play with each other & develop a skilled chemistry when they are being switched up constantly. You can see the players frustration when they aren’t knowing what role they have this shift. Sutter is available? Tippitt maybe? What’s Ted Nolan doing now???

  • Carl the tooth

    Hey I am Batman ?
    How was the game ?
    Did you want to come over and call down some of ours players again tonight ? I see your allstar team Lost again easily ! I see you agree .enjoy the Golf soup !!

  • shamenramen

    You always rave about Mcdavid whenever he does anything. Fact is the Schenn/Taresenko line dominated him head to head all night and you can’t even acknowledge that. That’s why they lost.

  • True story: In the second, Connor rushed the puck into the St. Louis zone. Sets up Maroon. Maroon shoots! SAVE! And then Maroon…stands there. He watches the puck go to the corner. Maybe he sighs to himself and kicks a dirt clod. “Shucks!” he says, as his shoulders droop.


    And I love the B19 R19. (Heh. Twitterspeak.) But this team just. Isn’t. Hustling. When I was suggesting it was time for McLellan to go? They. Weren’t. Hustling. Then it got better for a spell. Road trip looked okay. Came home and whupped a 4th-string goalie. Okay, here we go, boys! The fire is lit!

    The fire was not lit. Nothing about this team is. And it’s getting depressing.

    • fasteddy

      I thought the exact same thing on the Maroon play….seen that from him before too. He’s doing a self pout about not scoring while the other guys are getting the puck.

      • camdog

        That self pout is what I remember from the playoffs last year, especially after he took a bad penalty. Problem is there are a few other veterans that do it as well. He’s not going to get the big pay he was looking for going into this season. The sooner he realizes this and gets back to his game the better.

        • Exactly. I’m hoping that guys like Jesse (his hustle after he broke his stick the other night was incredible, and EXACTLY the sort of play this team made last year) will push Maroon, Kassian, et al. to get moving and producing again.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Sutter, Tippitt, Ruff,… anyone,… I like Ted Nolan…
      How about Marc Crawford? Anyone but McLellan, anyone……
      See how the Sharks took off after they severed the cord?

  • OnDaWagon

    So most complainers blame Pete for bringing Lucic to Edmonton. Here’s a quote from TheRoenickLife podcast, “The way I see it is when the Great One calls you and tells you to go to Edmonton, you go to Edmonton, you don’t go anywhere else.”
    Do you really have to blame the refs for every Oiler loss? Jezz man, grow up.

    Where does that generational ghost disappear too when the going gets rough? Anaheim really exposed him for what he is, during the playoffs last year. Brutal.

  • camdog

    I can’t believe some bloggers had St.Louis missing the playoffs this season, they have some really good players that are going to excel with a new coach. Hitch is good and teaching players to play the right way, but he takes it too far.

  • madjam

    Why did the season get away from us ? Obviously many changes need to be made beyond just natural progression or lack thereof . It is concerning seeing our higher priced players not seemingly good enough to make us/carry us to being a playoff team . Lucic was basically chosen for McDavid , yet he does not appear good enough to play with him .

  • WillyWonka

    it is the defense,
    today’s hockey requires fast mobile defenders who can skate the puck join the rush and provide a dangerous shot from the point. it’s all about the defense.

  • ScottV

    I really there are legit concerns with McL. He continues to get a free pass from the press, most fans and seemingly from PC. If I were PC, I would be pissed at the way he utilizes the players that are acquired to play to a certain vision and McL can’t or won’t deliver the right environment for them. Geez PC – put your foot down and get a handle on your guy, before he totally loses the room. He’s making you look worse – not better.
    Unless I miss my guess – the way the Blues play is the way PC wants the Oilers to play.
    Well – we’re a long way from that and will never get there with the strategy and tactics that McL employs. Play fast – shoot the puck – yeah right.
    The comment about Hitch above – is probably correct. However – this group needs a big dose of Hitch or Tippet or Sutter, for a year or two. To get to know how to play properly as a foundation. Then – hand it off to a Yeo like guy to take a few of the shackles off, in order to find the perfect balance. McL is trying to stick handle the balance without the foundation and I really dont like his idea of what the balance is.
    Hate the blender thing – its brutal. Things like wasting time with Yamamoto when he takes up space in top 6 and you need guys like Puljujarvi to get going. Can you imagine Yamamoto in last nights game. C’mon. I guess Puljujarvi really improved in his 6 games of boot hockey in the AHL. Nice player manglement.

    • madjam

      Chia pulled the rug from under Todd with many off season moves that made our club weaker not stronger as evidenced by our current record . Todd was good enough last year , but now you blame him for our record ? Doubt any other coach would have made much , if any difference this year , considering what Chia has left coaching staff left what to deal with . The foundation is there but the players are not adapt or good enough overall at implementing on a continuous basis . I blame Chia and players more so than any perceived flaw/flaws in Todd . A coach can only do so much depending on what the GM gives them to work with . You don’t have the tools to work with (players, etc.) not much any coach can do to rectify it .

      • Glencontrolurstik

        not Chia’s fault at all, in fact he’s done great with the budget he’s got…
        Look what Vancouver & Vegas are doing with the talent they have been given…
        There is a ton of explosive talent on the Oilers today…

        • ScottV

          Agreed – even when winning last year, I was concerned about lack of process and foundation. PC and McL are not on the same page. I like PCs vision but McL either cant or wont deliver on it.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            100% that’s the situation in a nutshell…..
            Someone do a story on this very topic…
            We minuscule fans have planted the seed…
            I’m on the record to say that I want Ted Nolan…

    • Glencontrolurstik

      500% agree,… When he had San Jose, same thing,… good, not great…
      Fantastic talent on the team, just very poorly utilized…
      This is not a freaking “experiment”… all this should have been accomplished in off & pre-season.
      You can see it on the Players now, it’s not just frustration, it’s a look of, I’m really not sure what my role is?
      I said all along about your point about Yamamoto,… This team has a great foundation, give the players their roles & let them perfect them… Their were signs of this last season & we could all see it carry through to this, but someone wants to change it all up… I’m a Ted Nolan fan, check his record….. Cuz, right now McLellan & his Croonies have lost the room….

  • ScottV

    Lol. I don’t know about Iron Mike, but a strong personality with a systems approach is probably what was and is needed.
    Honestly – I think McL is a light weight in upper echelon of coaches.
    The more the young talent with big egos (and yes McD / Drai etc have and will have big egos) – the more you need a heavy weight as a Coach. Think Babcock.
    Babcock gives McD s#it for that [email protected] pass to Drai last night and he listens. McL soft shoes the [email protected] pass to Drai and McL gets attitude. Why? He’s a light weight.
    More importantly – Babcock establishes long term structure and discipline from the get go, builds the foundation and expands upon it.
    McL squanders his first two years with no discernable growth in foundation and he flounders in a mess.

    • AJ88

      I just wonder if McL builds his systems on the way he thinks hockey should be played or builds his systems based on his player’s attributes. I don’t like to see a team of players that have been drafted for their offensive abilities that have to adapt to a defence first system. It is interesting to see the players that McL had problems with in SJ were offensive players, Marleau and Thornton

  • hagar

    The oilers foundation hasn’t changed, that’s why we are still in the same mess as always. The players have changed many times, but the culture is breed in the organization as a whole, the players coming and going simply affect short term attitudes and results off and on.
    The oilers are riding obvious problems into the ground this year, the same as they have in all the other failure years. The organization is built from the top, and the same questionable moves that have always been here are still here just like the brass.

  • Up North

    I don’t blame Chia or the players the more I think about this game TMac and his group didn’t give the players a chance to win this evening. How do you put your number one line head to head with one the most productive lines in the league in your own barn?

  • BasementDweller

    Remember last year when the Oilers got blown out by Buffalo, had some tough conversations, cancelled a mandated day off and pulled their $#!% together?

    Where’s that this year? This team started the first 10 games 3-6-1 and what have we seen? A couple “hard” practices around Thanksgiving. Time to stop coddling these millionaires and crack the whip, all carrot and no stick for this team this year.