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Zack Kassian’s on ice trash talk is savage

If you’re a fan of on ice shenanigans and trash talking, then you’ll enjoy the tasty little nugget about Zack Kassian that dropped on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast this week. I will say, though, if you’re easily triggered by grown ass men being mean to each other then you probably should be here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Last weekend, when the Oilers played against the New York Rangers and there was a play where Kassian got slew footed by Jimmy Vesey. As Kass was going down, his skate came up and hit Vesey in the mouth, knocking out a couple of his teeth and forcing him to wear a full cage for the rest of the game.

While we all knew that part of the story, what we didn’t know was what Kassian allegedly said to Vesey after it happened. Apparently, ol’ Kass leaned over Vesey and told he hopes he bleeds out after seeing that he was missing a few teeth and had blood coming from his mouth.

Check out the clip below:

Zack Kassian is an absolute savage. Absolute savage. Spittin’ Chiclets 53 is in the books, link in bio.

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Personally, I find this kind of stuff to be hilarious. I assume that Zack Kassian doesn’t actually want Jimmy Vesey to bleed out and die. He was just trying to get under his skin and get him rattled. Frankly, I remember saying worse than this when I was in Bantam. I also remember people saying much worse to me in return. That said, I could also understand how chirping a guy when he’s bleeding from his face is would set some people off.

What do you think about on ice trash talking? Are you into it? Hate it? Should everybody just get along and have a good time? What say you, Nation?

  • Ty Guy

    still think about Kass when he missed his hit on Gagner and proceeded to knock half his teeth out with an errant but strategically placed stick (IMO)….man i hated him after that. To make my hatred even worse, the next game vs. the Nucks with Gags in a full itech he mocked him in front of the oiler bench…crickets from the oil. he has grown on me a bit since he got here, definintely one of those guys you prefer on your team than against you ala Avery, Burrows, Kessler….etc. In this case, Vesey got what he deserved for the slew foot.

    • TruthHurts98

      Tkachuk is a pu… whoops, can’t say that. Kitty then. Biggest dbag in the NHL in my opinion. At least Kassian will fight anybody. And how is that slew foot not a penalty. NHL officiating is bloody awful and just when it can’t get much worse or inconsistent it does. Now penalty shots are being awarded if a player is slashed on the hands but still gets a good shot off. Since when? The league mandated calls are so confusing no wonder the NHL isn’t gaining as much traction as other sports. It’s a shame.

    • Carl the tooth

      Tkachuk he fights go look .mcnabb?cramborrossa ?are all soiler fans in there own little bubbles .just make up nonsense. Trying to Compare Kassian to a Generational Phenom line Tkachuk (the Top possession player in the world to a second class goin lololol tooo funny !! Jealous or what? Enjoy the golf soup as Tkachuk is catching wittle lower case connor in points on a secondline .stats don’t lie .read up.watch and learn.

  • Chris Mooney

    I don’t mind the chirping one bit. There’s an inherent respect there, as evidenced by the content in the piece. Please say anything about my race, or religion, or my Mom, or anything else. The only bar to meet is that you’re funny. Make me laugh, because I don’t take judging others too seriously, and you win! If there are any limits, it doesn’t work…

  • Jaxon

    Looking at the video, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kassian blacked out for a second and maybe got a concussion, which is probably why he was so pissed. Look at his eyes, the way he holds his head up, the way he went all stiff and the way he blinks. Just a theory, but I think he may have started to black out.