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Game Day Notes: Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars

The major item today is a possible shakeup of the McDavid Line. Todd McLellan mentioned it as a possibility (via Reid Wilkins) and we’ll see. Jason Gregor wrote about exactly that yesterday. Edmonton has an early (EARLY) game today, perhaps the club will begin with the usual lines and then mix and match as the game goes on.

Connor McDavid’s linemates have been set pretty much since the beginning of the exhibition season. During the preseason schedule, 97 played mostly with Patrick Maroon (39:42), Ryan Strome (13:19), Leon Draisaitl (12:39) and Jesse Puljujarvi (9:31). Late in training camp Todd McLellan decided to run McDavid-Leon and that’s pretty much what we’ve seen since (save the Yamamoto experience).


  • Connor McDavid is tied for No. 10 in points this season. A better power play would have him higher.
  • He is No. 8 in even-strength points.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi has 10 shots in four games. He’s getting some good looks and could be part of the solution this year on RW. The progress on starboard has been galling but if Edmonton can solve that 2R situation this season it’s one less bell to answer next summer.
  • If you want to know who the coach trusts (and possibly who is injured) on the blue line check the even-strength time on ice per game. Among the unusual results: Kris Russell as the No. 5 option on the blue line. A little of that is pairing setup but Matt Benning is the de facto No. 2 RHD on this team. Russell is also No. 4 in PK TOI/game, although he’s clearly in the regular rotation.
  • Frank Seravalli has an article up on Peter Chiarelli’s comments yesterday.
  • This road trip has the potential to vault Edmonton back into contention or make Oilersnation absolutely miserable. Dallas, St. Louis, Detroit, Buffalo, Boston. Can they win three of those games?
  • SportsClubStats has Edmonton’s chances of making the playoffs at 11 percent.
  • Cam Talbot has straightened out his season. His October save percentage was just .904, November is .917 and on the road Talbot is .933 for the season.
  • The Oilers have to stay out of the penalty box. Their PK percentage is 73.4, good for No. 29 overall.
  • Edmonton’s PP percentage is now spiking. It is now 20.8, No. 11 in the NHL.
  • As difficult as this season has been, we’re 20 games in as of today. Plenty of track for the club and they are getting healthy.
  • Dallas is as miserable as Edmonton. This could be an ugly game if one team or another gets a big lead.


Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 11/18/2017, 12:00pm MST

  • TruthHurts98

    #GeneralDisappointment So are we as fans just supposed to accept this? Penguins switched coaches before Christmas and 2 cups later they are glad they made the move. So in their case it was the coaching staff. Have the McLellan coached Oilers ever won an afternoon game??? Dallas isn’t a very good team and losing to them would be painful.

  • Oiler Al

    Watched the Rangers-Bluejkt. game last nite. Columbus excutes play with quick and crisp passes. Spend very little time in their end. Not sure they are all fast skaters but they move the puck around. Jones and Wysnoski and Bobo on the back end helps.
    Dont see crisp passing with the Oilers….only turn overs,

  • tileguy

    “Jesse Puljujarvi has 10 shots in four games. He’s getting some good looks and could be part of the solution this year on RW”
    Could be part of the solution, I think he HAS to be the solution or the team is dead in the water this year. Typical Oilers, putting all our hopes and dreams on the back of a 19 yr old. I hope we don’t ruin him if things don’t go right, thank gawd we got Yamamoto out of here.

    • ScottV

      Agreed and he should have been part of the solution right from game 1. Who the _ cares that 150 lb 18 year old makes a bit of a splash throughout training camp. The things you see with Puljujarvi today, were completely invisible at camp? I doubt it. PC and or McL risk _ing with Puljujarvi’s spirit – sending him to play boot hockey in the AHL in favor of Yamamoto. You wonder where the overly comfortable – cocky, under estimation for the task at hand toward getting off to a good start – comes from with a stunt like this? Leadership or lack thereof from above the player group – that filters down.

  • Lee

    Saying the Oilers are a good team is like saying Arizona can still make the playoffs. Some times blind hope gets in the way of what’s real. The Oilers don’t seem to have any answers when it comes to a hard in your face checking team. The passion this team showed in the playoffs is just a memory. Soon the team will be paying 20 plus million for two players who look very average on the power play. The coach has to fix this, if he can’t then find someone who can.
    Also put a freeze on any trades until PC is fired and the team has a GM who doesn’t give high end tallent away for pennies on the $ in Edmonton and Boston.

  • OriginalPouzar

    I think this might be the game where Coach does split up McDavid and Drai but he really only mentioned it as a possibility in response to a direct question – The media asked if there was a possibility that he could switch up the lines and he said “Yes, that is a possibility”. He was then asked directly if there was a possibility that he would break up the due and he gave the exact same response.

    It was very non-committal and a “non-info” response – to my mind.

    • TruthHurts98

      We’re not winning any time soon with this coaching staff. It’s going to get even uglier in St. Louis. Tippett won’t be available for much longer.

  • OldOilFan

    Chia’s “Two Guns” formula (McD and LD) for the Oilers was a long term contractual bet. Short term, it’s looking like a formula for team destruction.

    Or is something rotten in Denmark? C’mon locals in Edmonton, you must be hearing whispers at least??