GDB Wrap Up 20.0: More #GeneralDisappointment, Oilers lose 6-3 in Dallas

General disappointment indeed. Final Score: 6-3 Stars

After Thursday night’s disaster against the St. Louis Blues, Edmonton needed to respond with a much better effort. I mean, the bar to clear was pretty low as far as playing better than they did against the Blues but it was something that needed to happen. Even though the Stars are also having a weird up and down year, they’re still a very good hockey team with plenty of offensive threats and the fact that this game happened during daylight hours also played into their favour.

Much like Thursday night, the Oilers got the quick start they want but were once again unable to score. That inability to cash in on their early chances proved costly as the Stars opened the scoring with two bad goals that added a dose of ‘here we go again’ to what looked like another blown afternoon game. Fortunately, Connor McDavid tried to change their fate as he threw the team on his back and single-handedly dragged the Oilers back into the hockey game. Unfortunately, his work was completely negated by yet another late-period goal that wound up being the winner, horrible mistakes, and a complete disregard to playing defence.

I don’t know why the Oilers can’t lock it down at the end of periods but it’s a serious problem that needs to be fixed, like, yesterday. The black cloud that’s hanging over this team right now is real and it is all powerful. Time is running out here, boys.

We wrap.


  • We have the rest of the afternoon to drink this one away.
  • Drake Caggiula opened the scoring for the Oilers with a short handed goal that got them back into a game that was starting to look bleak after two bad goals by the Stars. Caggiula added a second goal (his 3rd) only 42 seconds into the second period and gave his team their first lead of the afternoon. I think it goes without saying that this was easily Caggiula’s best game of the season as he looked good playing on Connor’s wing.
  • The Oilers needed to get a big game from Connor McDavid and he delivered it. After the Oilers fell behind by two goals you could almost sense that Connor was getting pissed off and he used that hateful rage for good. Not only did he go full-McDavid assist on the assist for Caggiula’s short handed goal, he added one of his own that tied the game at two apiece. The captain was great today and was, as you’d hope, the Oilers best player. McDavid finished the day with three points and a hell of a showing.
  • The Oilers fared reasonably well on special teams tonight as they killed five of six penalties they faced and were also able to get something done on the power play. Unfortunately, their play at 5-on-5 was the complete opposite and they couldn’t get a save when they needed one.
  • Milan Lucic tried to get himself and the boys fired up early with a pretty good tilt against Greg Pateryn. Looch got a few good shots in, including a right hand that you’re going to want to see again. As always, you can have another look Lucic’s fight page over at HockeyFights.com.
  • Kari Lehtonen was cool.


  • Antoine Roussel opened the scoring from behind the blue line. Let that sink in for a minute. I don’t know what it is about Talbot and allowing goals from behind the net but it’s kinda his thing. The Oilers had been playing well up until that point and it was a horrible goal that Talbot needs to be better on.
  • Alex Radulov put the Stars up by two after he ripped a wrister past Talbot on the short side that he probably should have had.
  • Devin Shore tied the game up at three off of a lucky goal that bounced in off Oscar Klefbom. Bad luck be thy name.
  • Radek Faksa gave the Stars back the lead late in the second period as the Oilers cough up yet another goal in the final moments of a period. Those late ones have been the Oilers kryptonite and it is a tragic trend that cannot end soon enough.
  • Jason Spezza added another kick to the balls late in the third period as Ben Bishop was able to fire a pass down the ice to a wide open Spezza and he walked in alone on Talbot and won the showdown.
  • The NHL site only has the Oilers down for six giveaways but I call bullshit on that one. They couldn’t break the put out of their own zone all afternoon so the idea of only having six giveaways is laughable.
  • After allowing two tough goals to start the game, Cam Talbot was rattled and couldn’t shut the door when the Oilers needed him to. Another forgettable game for Talbot and he needs to get himself out of this funk right quick. He finished the day with 15 saves and a .714 save%. Actually, I’m not sure why Todd McLellan didn’t pull him like Hitchcock did with Lehtonen.
  • I’m not a big +/- minus guy but Maroon and Russell shared the crown today with a dash three rating beside their name. Considering five of six goals came at even strength then you’re looking at a tough night.
  • Tough game for Darnell Nurse tonight as he was giving the puck away like he was handling a grenade. He made some poor puck choices in his own end and it gave the Stars some excellent looks at the net.
  • Klefbom’s year of sadness continues. He’s next in line for whenever the witch doctor is done with Kassian.
  • Zack Kassian may have to look for a witch doctor or something to lift this curse that is hanging over his head. Kass had yet another breakaway that he couldn’t cash in on and I don’t know what else he has to do to crack the goose egg in his goals column.
  • The Oilers took way too many penalties today (six). Yes, they were able to kill most of them off but it’s tough to win hockey games when you’re down a man for 12 minutes.
  • Refs sucked again. What else is new? It’s shocking how inconsistent they are. Unbelievable.
  • I forgot about that dude in the tan jacket that is incessantly banging on the glass behind the net. I hate that guy and I assume that everyone in his life or within close proximity to him feels the same way.
  • Pat Maroon and Jamie Oleksiak got into a rare intermission scrap after the first period and it did not go well for Patty. Oleksiak fed him a steady diet of right hands and Maroon nearly hit his head on the ice as he went down. Could have been bad news.
  • Of course I have to eat beets again. OF COURSE I DO.



06:36 Dallas Antoine Roussel (2) ASST: Jamie Benn (10), John Klingberg (15) 0-1
08:57 Dallas Alexander Radulov (7) ASST: Antoine Roussel (3), Esa Lindell (4) 0-2
16:54 Edmonton SHG – Drake Caggiula (2) ASST: Connor McDavid (14) 1-2
17:46 Edmonton PPG – Connor McDavid (10) ASST: Milan Lucic (9), Oscar Klefbom (5) 2-2


00:42 Edmonton Drake Caggiula (3) ASST: Darnell Nurse (5), Connor McDavid (15) 3-2
07:57 Dallas Devin Shore (1) ASST: Tyler Seguin (10) 3-3
18:40 Dallas Radek Faksa (5) ASST: Tyler Pitlick (3), Jamie Oleksiak (1) 3-4


13:30 Dallas Jamie Benn (11) ASST: Antoine Roussel (4), Alexander Radulov (12) 3-5


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 11/18/2017, 2:20pm MST

  • Gary

    A few years ago we were a loaded team, what the F happened. Lucic is so slow and Draisaitil looks slow and old already. Next year the cap is gonna really put the screws to us.
    Remind me again, how more for Lucic at 6 mill?

    • KMA

      The signing of Lucic was a mistake when it took place. Pete’s poor judgement and lack of foresight will only be compounded year after year. Haunting isn’t it. This is the type of move that gets GMs fired for incompetence.

      • DN

        At the time posters on this site were very pleased with the signing. He was to add toughness to the roster. I said that Lucic was too slow to play with McDavid and I recall Gregor saying he was fast enough. In hindsight it was a poor signing . He was paid for his past and not the future.

        • flamesburn89

          Yes. There was hand wringing and mass approval on here in the comments for the Lucic signing. Comments were generally like “finally the Oilers will get some toughness” and “Love it, great signing” and “we are so much better and meaner with him”. Truly amazing what rose coloured glasses can do for some people.

      • Flint

        5 more years. Lucic is signed until 2022/23. Man, when you write that out it sounds like forever – 2023! And Hockey fan… can I make a request, if you’re gonna troll, why not try doing it without sounding like a 7 yr old?

  • madjam

    Have to recognize biggest disappointment for club is the subpar goaltending of Talbot this season . Last season he was .917 save % and this season a paltry .903 . That generally means your goalie is going to cost you in any close games , which this season we have seen all to many times already . If Talbot were as good as last year our record would be up or over the .500 mark . Must be discouraging for the players having goalie problems , especially in close games

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      One of the better goalies in the league and you are blaming losses on him alone? How about the lack of scoring. Or the lack of support given in the D zone. Or the lack of PK or PP. Or the lack of general scoring from someone other than two players. I suppose the coach is the next guy to go, but he points out the play that results in the losses. Must be his fault that the players can’t execute the exact same systems as last year.

  • Hockeyfan

    I just wanted to pop on in and say hello CO, i mean ON. ? powdered milk, is your nose removed from mclottoball’s derriere now? Have you accepted the fact your team of nothings and mclottoball is it, is all, is everything you can expect? maybe 1 more WELFARE PICK FOR THE WELFARE TEAM OF ALL WELFARE TEAMS????? What a joke, what a farce of a pro franchise, begging around for buttman gifts going on 13 years now. quite disgusting. But wait, more CO delusionment to follow, right???? Bhahahahahahahahahas!!!! GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!

    • jdp

      I’m an oiler fan but this guy is right. Seriously? How many lottery picks does this team need? That Lucic signing will hurt this team for a long time. That was brutal. Who is could you of signed for 6 million a year?

        • nijames

          I am cringing at how slow he is in the second year of that monster contract. The game has passed him by, Chia just made a colossal mistake signing him to that contract, he’s not a good enough skater to play in the AHL now never mind the NHL

  • jdp

    What’s completely BS is what done these so called reporters saying that” your best players have to win you games” in reference to Talbot playing outstanding and is winning. That is such crock of BS. I don’t if they are just ignorant or what. I’ve heard that a couple times on 1260 by I believe lowetide and Gregor. Those games were played in the majority in our end. We had nothing but Talbot and that’s why we have won those few games. This team is bad DEFENSIVELY. HAVING ONLY ONE DEFENDER WHO CAN SKATE AND CAN PASS THE PUCK WONT DO.

  • Johnny Zylon

    Oilers are 5 pts out of a playoff berth but then again they are 5 pts out from being last in the NHL too. I hear lots of stories about tension in the dressing room. Anybody know if there is truth to that?

  • Total Points

    It doesn’t look like the players get along, not much celebration after a goal. Is there descention among the players???

    Certainly looks like it from where I sit

  • 40 Year Re-build

    Last year where McDavid is “cheap.” You don’t have to be an NHL GM to know that Chia did nothing to take advantage of this window. We have a right to be pissed.

    • Reinman

      The whole thing is, we should not have been trying to win so quickly. Patience would have been more prudent. Hall for Larsson was a good trade. There was 0 need to trade our draft picks for Reinhart. I mean he was not ready, and we traded top assets for a LD when we actually needed a RD. Furthermore, we needed someone that was ready, not a project. Hamonic should have been the return of that deal, or don’t do it.

      Also, in the McDavid era, draft picks are nearly the most important thing. Being able to cycle in quality(cheap) talent to fill in the roster is imperative, and Chiarelli traded away 2 high quality picks for magic beans.

      Then the Lucic deal, the second thing that will kill us long term is signing Scott Gomez contracts. This signing wreaked from the day it was announced. I don’t mind the Oilers getting bigger, but we need skilled size, not linebackers. It is funny watching Lucic trying to do cutbacks along the boards. The defender usually looks like Bugs Bunny, already standing where Lucic is going. A totally unnecessary signing. We should have already been thinking forward to big deals for Drai and Mcdavid and trying to amass cap space, to assure we could hold onto some of our other key Assets. (Nurse, Nuge, Ebs)

  • Reinman

    Best part is, next year we will be hard up against the cap and will have to trade away some of our depth. lol At least we got Lucic and Russel locked in. Maybe we can package up our draft picks for the next few years, along with Nurse, and pick up Jeff Carter and lock him in to an 8 year $48 million contract. He has good size and plays a heavy game. Then lock Iginla in for the right side. Lucic-Carter-Iginla looks like a great line…. 10 years ago.

  • Connor McFly

    Time to start an earlier-than-usual housecleaning. Starting with Lowe, McT, Scott the retread, Chiarelli and the coaching staff. These incompetent boobs are going to cost the owner millions in lost revenue. I know I would be choked if it was my team. How long before McD requests a trade out of this toilet organization.