GDB 21.0 Wrap Up: The sadness is real, Oilers lose 8-3

The best part of this game was when it ended. Final Score: 8-3 Blues

When the Oilers played the Blues last week, they got absolutely pumped after a lacklustre and mistake-riddled effort. As far as being bad, they checked off almost every box in terms of what not to do and I honestly expected them to be much better this time around. What can I say — I’m a  dreamer, I guess. Frankly, this beet life I’m living right now has added all kinds of doubts in my mind and it’s making me hope for wins so much so that it’s probably blinding my common sense and judgement. I don’t care what the Oilers had to do to make it happen, but I/we needed to win this hockey game.

As for the game itself, I doubt it was on the menu to have the Blues take a two-goal lead before the game was even 10 minutes old, but that’s exactly what happened. I mean, I don’t think it takes a rocket surgeon to figure out that spotting a two-goal lead to one of the best teams in the NHL is a bad idea. Imagine what it takes to come back from that? More than what the Oilers had to offer, that’s for sure. I don’t know what else to say at this point. Who could have seen this coming? Even the harshest Oilers critic probably wouldn’t have pegged them for close to last in the NHL.

Right now, the Oilers remind me of myself when I was trying to drive a standard for the very first time. It’s not that the Oilers don’t know how to drive, but it’s sure as hell obvious that they don’t know what they’re doing.

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The wrap.

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  • The game is over.
  • Milan Lucic absolutely smashed home his fourth goal of the year after Connor walked into the Blues’ zone and set him up on a tee. The game was all but over at that point but I will never get tired of watching #97 play hockey.
  • Leon Draisaitl scored his first goal late in the third period when the last thing that really mattered was a goal.
  • Darnell Nurse scored his first goal of the year after a nice little play by Draisaitl and Nugent-Hopkins. It came at a ‘who cares’ moment but it is nice for Darryl to get on the board.
  • Connor McDavid missed yesterday’s practice with some kind of illness and I was happy to see that he was on the ice this morning. I mean, it goes without saying that the Oilers are a better team with Connor on the ice and that rings true even if he’s only playing at 85%. Just as a reminder, CONNOR IS NOT THE PROBLEM. I love him.
  • Two points for Nuge tonight. He looked much better with Draisaitl than they did against on Saturday against Dallas.
  • I’m giving props to Brossoit for coming in in an unwinnable situation. No matter how many goals the Blues were going to score, Brossoit was going to be the one that took it on the chin. Did he let in four? Yes. Did he have to pay for the team being embarrassing? Also yes.
  • Anyone else crack up laughing when Matt Benning dropped the mitts and started popping Tarasenko? As sad as it is to say, this was a highlight for me. If you want to see it again, you can always check out the scrap on Benning’s player page over at HockeyFights.com.
Today is the anniversary of Fernando Pisani's legendary game five goal


  • What didn’t go wrong tonight? Bad game. Bad effort. Bad vibes. Bad Oilers.
  • Vladimir Tarasenko opened the scoring just after the three minute mark of the first period. Klefbom got beat on the play and, just like that, the Blues were up a goal before the game had even really started. Tarasenko scored again in the third period but the game was long over by that point.
  • Dmitrij Jaskin added a second goal for the Blues only five minutes later on what was truly a horrible goal. It really wasn’t surprising that Todd McLellan pulled Talbot after that one because it was ugly.
  • Jaden Schwartz added the Blues’ third goal (first past Brossoit) that added another nail in the coffin that was the Oilers’ chances of winning.
  • By the time Brayden Schenn got the fourth St. Louis goal of the night, this thing looked like men against boys. Frankly, Chiarelli is lucky this team has no chance of being relegated.
  • Scottie Upshall scored the fifth Blues goal of the night. By this point, I had lost interest in what was going on and wasn’t really paying attention all that much.
  • Cam Talbot got pulled after allowing two goals on three shots. I don’t know what’s going on with his confidence right now but I just want to let him know that I’m here to talk. Even if you want to have a fun day out, we can do that too. Whatever you need, man, I’m here for you.
  • Klefbom, you’re killing me this season, buddy. You are a shadow of the man you were a year ago.
  • The giveaways at both blue lines are killing me right now. I don’t know why the default play is to try and throw the puck across the ice rather than get it deep, but it has to stop. So many of these giveaways could be prevented if they made the smart play.
  • Why do the Oilers have such a hard time breaking out of their zone right now? Why can’t they make the simple passes that it takes to move the puck ahead? What is it? Are they flying the zone too early? Are they missing the small details? What are they always stuck in the defensive end of the ice?
  • Let’s be honest. There weren’t many highlights to mention tonight and the fact that this isn’t the first time we’ve had a game like this is infuriating.
  • Outshot 40-29. Surprised? Of course not.
  • MORE BEETS FOR ME I GUESS! I hate you right now, Oilers. I really do. Join in on the #BeetCase and Oilers Q&A over on my Twitter.
Report: NHL player contracts will expire in October rather than June 30th



03:13 St. Louis Vladimir Tarasenko (11) ASST: Brayden Schenn (19) 0-1
07:35 St. Louis Dmitrij Jaskin (2) ASST: Oskar Sundqvist (3), Robert Bortuzzo (4) 0-2


03:52 St. Louis Jaden Schwartz (11) ASST: Vladimir Tarasenko (13), Brayden Schenn (20) 0-3
19:30 St. Louis Brayden Schenn (9) ASST: Jaden Schwartz (17) 0-4


06:09 Edmonton Milan Lucic (4) ASST: Connor McDavid (16), Drake Caggiula (2) 1-4
07:39 St. Louis Scottie Upshall (3) ASST: Chris Thorburn (2), Kyle Brodziak (5) 1-5
12:21 St. Louis Vladimir Tarasenko (12) ASST: Jaden Schwartz (18), Alex Pietrangelo (13) 1-6
14:37 St. Louis PPG – Brayden Schenn (10) ASST: Colton Parayko (7), Vladimir Tarasenko (14) 1-7
15:11 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (6) ASST: Kris Russell (6), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (8) 2-7
16:58 St. Louis Paul Stastny (5) ASST: Alexander Steen (7), Colton Parayko (8) 2-8
18:49 Edmonton Darnell Nurse (1) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (10), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (9) 3-8


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 11/21/2017, 8:30pm MST

  • Winterkush

    Chia said Russel was top in the league when it came to exit-zone passes.
    Do you think Russel will waive his NMC if Chia retains some salary. I can’t see why he wouldn’t.

  • cityofchampions

    I was retaining hope until now, but that was fugly. Don’t think they can get the ship righted in time for the playoffs anymore, which is a shame as this is the last of McDavid’s entry level contract. With Connor’s deserved $12M a year on the books next year we are now hamstrung with bad value contracts (Lucic, Russell, Drai) that will make getting the right pieces around Connor very difficult. Did our “Cup” window slam shut before we even got it fully open ?

  • Mr.Snrub

    So many holes on this team where do you even start?

    We need some goaltending though, that’s clear as day. Even a short-term stopgap if necessary to push Cam. The Oilers put a lot of time and development into Laurent Brossoit but it’s clear he’s in over his head and the coaches have zero confidence in him judging by his 2 starts a quarter into the season and tonight won’t help change their mindset.

  • Clayton

    Somebody needs to do something to spark this team. Captain?? Are you out there?? Yes, I know you are good at racking up points…but you were on the ice for three goals against too!
    I think next game Captain McD needs to make a statement. As soon as things start going south (because hey it’s the Oilers we know they will) Connor needs to toss the gloves with somebody, anybody. Show some passion, some level of care…a pulse? ANYTHING?? HELLO??

        • Rudy27

          I think the Oilers management made a mistake making McD captain at such a young age. He will be true captain material someday soon. But having him wear the “C” as a teenager just because he’s a generational player just didn’t make sense. Should have picked a senior player that would be finishing his career in Edmonton within 2 or 3 years.

    • Rihaan

      He has a got a flu bug and he was still setting up plays so nicely… can’t blame the captain for this. We have a good team here with only a couple of injuries but they are being misused

      • Clayton

        Not about blaming his on-ice play…its about questioning his leadership. Have we seen or heard anything from him besides points on the ice? The Oil needed a veteran to continue as captain with Connor having an ‘A’ and learn how to be a leader. But this is Oil Country. Always given, never earned.

        • Rihaan

          So him showing leadership will help us stop 8 goals?? I don’t think that’s possible. He can just try to influence the game and make everybody work harder… when he is back to 100% the nhl will be taking notice and it will spark the team

  • Rihaan

    Lucic Mcdavid Caggiula
    Maroon draisaitl puljujarvi
    Cammaleri Hopkins Strome
    Khaira letestu kassian

    Klefbom Larsson
    Nurse Benning
    Auvitu Russell

    We have solutions. 3 amazing centres who should be carrying their own lines. Offense is struggling divide them. Need speed, add one fast player with each of these centres. Klefbom and Benning just doesn’t make sense. 2 puck moving defenders playing together and then nurse and Larsson playing together… let klefbom go back and try to get his confidence back and nurse and Benning were good together last year so do it again. Kris Russell is trying to attack, how about he tries to be defensive and add Auvitu to his line until Sekera is back. Come on 8-3 and our offense is bad?? The solutions in offense are there and in defense, just the 3rd line is having some problems if we play like this. No Need for trades. Come on McL time for a shuffle

    • WillyWonka

      you’ve slotted two top-6 players into your top six. I think i see the problem.
      you have, as the first paring D, what should be a decent second paring. your 5/6 defenders should be your 7/8 guys.
      I am not saying this to troll or to pile on. This team needs a true #1 ELITE D that can add to the offense. someone like OEL or Gio.
      feeling your pain – hoping things get better soon. I’m thinking that if the oil lose to the Flames on the 2nd, we see the first jersey tossed in the new building.

  • McRaj

    How’s this for a major shake-up. Drai and Klefbom for Mackinnon and Barrie. Then trade Lucic and Russ away. Sign Tavares next season. There you go. I will probably get trashed cause Oiler fans always want Crosby but only want to give up Russell. But IDGAF, this team is flawed, and I’m sick of excuses and hope.

  • Crazy Pedestrian

    And when the game was done,
    They agreed this Oilers team has lost its waaay…
    {whip sound}
    The legend of the DOD…
    Returns to Rogers Plaaace…

  • Hockeyfan

    What’s that i hear? Beets being blended? Laughter throughout the hockey universe from all who took the chest humping for the nonsense it was? Man, it looks good on all ya’ll.

  • Danoilerfanincalgary

    Has Klefbom been drinking I mean really what is wrong with that guy? This team is ruining the game for Oiler fans right now how sad can it get? so depressing to watch the decade of doom rolling on into another decade.

  • Butters

    Well, we won’t be overpaying for a rental at the deadline. At least there’s that. And we won’t be giving Maroon 4X5, so there is also that. Positives.

  • FuNky ANGER

    As a Flames fan I may actually start cheering for the Oilers ……. come December. Cause I selfishly would like them to finish 9th or 10th in the west leaving PC around a 1-3% chance of winning the draft lottery.

    • Space Pants

      We don’t need lottery, that’s why we suck. Nobody that has earned it and fights Tooth (crap that guy is a dick) and Nail (oops another one) for it. We need the hungry starving guys that bust their ass.

        • ET

          You know it’s too funny and also sort of sad and pathetic. I spent 10 years travelling to Calgary monthly on business. While I met a lot of good folks every Calgary sports fan I met had an incredible inferiority complex when it came to Edmonton. I do understand why and also the jealousy that comes along with it though when you look at the success we have enjoyed over Calgary at pretty much any level of sport you want to look at. It’s just facts, it does not mean that Edmonton is a better city, has better people, etc. The sad part is that we are just talking sports folks. It’s not real life or even close to it so why do we feel the need to make it personal and trash each other as people on this site? I just lost my brother to cancer at age 63 and the 36 year old young man who moved into his room in the hospice lasted only a few weeks before he passed, he had a real young family and seemed like a nice guy. Ya I am a big sports fan but it’s sickening to see how serious some of you take it! Yes our Coach and GM are not very good and there is very obviously a big problem in the room whether they want to admit it or not. I too would like a new coach and GM but I would also like a new owner. At the end of the day however, sports just does not matter one freaking bit in the grand scheme of life and ethnical beauty and diversity of our planet. Go Oil!

  • jultz=2cups!??

    Just an fyi for all the Russell haters around here who hate his contract but love klefboms 4 mill contract. Russell was +1 tonight, Oscar dash 4. Season stats….. they both have 7 points, Russell is an even plus minus for the year while klefbom is -13. Who’s contract is better at this point in time?? Klefbom was standing around with his thumb up his ass tonight while rusty was crashing into the boards trying to make plays. That’s all I gotta say for tonight.

    • Clayton

      Still hate Russell’s contract, but if the rest of the guys on the ice played with 1/4 of the heart and commitment he brings each night the Oilers would not be in the cellar!

    • Slipknot 8

      Just an FYI, Klefbom plays against the other team’s best comp, meanwhile Russell plays against the team’s easiest…..also, Klefbom plays 20 min, Russell plays 14.
      You are right though about one thing, nobody starfishes better than Rusty

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Is that a fact slip knot? You say Russell only plays 14 minutes a night, yet the ACTUAL stats say he played 19 mins tonight. While you’re boy klefbom only played 17 mins. And took a beating against the “best competition” as you say. I’m just saying it’s time oilersnation gives some respect to rusty and maybe actually start watching hockey games so you guys can actually tell what a good dman looks like.