Craig Button shreds Peter Chiarelli

Over on TSN 1260, Craig Button appeared on Dean Millard’s show and did not mince words when it came to what’s wrong with the Oilers. Unlike other media members that are blaming the players, Button shot at the guy that built the team. Big props to Rob Soria over at the Hockey Writers for being…


GDB 22.0: Nowhere to go but up, right? (5pm MST, Sportsnet)

The Oilers got pounded last night in St. Louis for arguably their most painful loss of the season. Thankfully, the team is in Detroit tonight so they have an opportunity to quickly wipe the slate clean and make everyone forget about what just happened. But in the same vein, they also have an opportunity to…


Game Day Quick Hits: Oilers at Red Wings

After getting pumped by the St. Louis Blues for eight goals, the Edmonton Oilers will need to rebound quickly if they have any hope of scoring two points in their Little Caesars Arena debut.


WWYDW: Drastic Measures?

What a mess. After an 8-3 spanking at the hands of the St. Louis Blues last night, the Oilers own a 7-12-2 record. They’re closer to being dead last in the league than they are to the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. They have only four wins in regulation and we’re through one…