Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Flu season

It’s flu season here in Canada and right on time! If you care to take a look at my past injury reports over the years around this date, I’m sure I’ve discussed the flu bug that’s going through the team a few times. As expected, the flu has struck the Oilers and this time it hit the best player in the world and our favourite child, Connor McDavid. 

Connor McDavid

This is terrible but amazing at the same time. Connor McDavid has been suffering from the flu over the past couple weeks. It has been apparent on the ice that he hasn’t looked like himself, however, he still is easily the best player on the ice every shift, and this is the part I want to focus on. Connor McDavid lost up to TEN pounds with his illness and STILL was the best player in the league. I can’t wrap my head around how unreal this is.

Many players would have called it a night and took some time off. Not only did Connor not take any time off (besides practices), he also put up several multi-point games throughout this sick period. Crazy right? There hasn’t really been any reports of other players affected by this flu, but I’m curious if there’s a small bug going around the room and other guys are playing through it.

Andrej Sekera

Reggie continues practicing with the team but there has been no immediate timeline for his return. I feel like it’s pretty safe to assume he will be back before Christmas, but whether it happens in November or not is still up in the air. It’s fair to say he’ll see a couple AHL games in Bakersfield on a conditioning stint when he is ready. This will probably be best for him but until then, we’ll all nervously hope and pray the Oilers will hang on tight until his long awaited return.

Anton Slepyshev

Slepyshev remains sidelined with his lingering groin injury he suffered at the beginning of November. He has been skating with the team and unofficial rumblings on Twitter claim he’s nearing a return. This would be great and all… but every day is a struggle with groin injuries and frankly things can change quickly. I do hope he returns soon but I think it’s tough to tell right now when that may be.

Chris Gordeyko

I know you people are in dire need of an update of my gross ankle infection I revealed last week, so here you go. The ankle is doing well, it’s still swollen and bumpy. Thankfully the skin redness and flesh wound is clearing up. It’s starting to look like my normal, pale skin colour again so that has to be good news! I’m still doped up on antibiotics for another week so this whole things should be passed us in no time.

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