Oilers claim Brandon Davidson off waivers

Good morning everyone! I went to sleep with a smile on my face after a big Battle of Alberta win last night and woke up with an even bigger smile on my face. The Oilers have gone full circle and have officially claimed Brandon Davidson off of waivers from the Montreal Canadiens. 

Speculation has been brewing in the last couple days after the Habs placed a struggling Brandon Davidson on waivers. Davy has only racked up one point in 13 games this year with the Canadiens and eventually must have seen this coming. After being traded to the Habs at the 2017 trade deadline for David Desharnais, Brandon Davidson has only put up three points in 23 games this year with his new squad.

But you know what? I couldn’t be happier that things didn’t work out for them. Davidson didn’t put up a lot of points for the Oilers during his tenure here, but he made an excellent depth defenseman for us. Now with struggles of our own defensive depth and injury woes, I can see Davidson replacing someone like Gryba in the lineup. Would you agree? As per Jason Gregor, the acquisition of Davidson now puts the Oilers at 49 total contracts.

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On behalf of all Oiler fans, welcome back Davy!

Brandon Davidson Career Stats
2014-2015 EDM 12 1 1 -5 7 14.3
2015-2016 EDM 51 4 7 11 7 20 2 2 1 63 6.3
2016-2017 EDM 28 1 1 1 16 29
2016-2017 MTL 10 2 2 -3 4 13
2017-2018 MTL 13 1 1 -3 9 13
Career 114 5 11 16 -3 49 2 2 1 125 4
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Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 12/03/2017 10:13am MST

  • Dan 1919

    A solid mobile group once everyone is healthy with strong competition. Really about 4 guys could be #7 on any given night depending on who’s slumping:
    [L] Nurse – [R] Larson
    [L] Klefbom- [L] Sekera
    [L] Russell – [R] Benning
    [L] Davidson

    Still heavy on Left shooters however.

  • Dirtbag Daddy

    Has anybody looked at the defence depth in the system before making this transaction? The marijuana law is not legal until July 2018. I thought there was more of a need to find a right winger or right defence.

  • Sir Dudeinstein

    I don’t understand this move. Davidson does not add size, does not add experience, does not add much other than occupying a roster spot. He isn’t a strong puck mover which I cannot count how many times baggedmilk commenting on completing 2ft passes.
    Only plus side I can see is that oilers did not have to give up anything for him.