GDB 28.0 Wrap Up: Oilers snooze through two periods, lose 4-2 to Philly

At least the last 10 minutes were alright? *sigh* Final Score: 4-2 Flyers

Does anyone else feel like it’s been forever since the Oilers last played? I know it’s only been a few days but it still seems like an eternity since our boys in orange put up a touchdown against the Flames. Coming into tonight’s game, I have to admit that I was happy to see the Flyers end their losing streak against the Flames because the Oilers have a knack for being slump busters. I guess I was just hoping that Philly might have gotten all their nervous rage out against the Flames and come crashing back down to earth tonight. Dare to dream right?

With the way this game started, the Oilers didn’t look like they had much interest in getting anything done against the team that just broke a 10 game losing streak. The Flyers are bad and the fact that the Oilers had such a lacklustre game against them was disappointing, to say the least. As the game went on, the boys certainly got better but they kept allowing the same mistakes that have killed them all year. Even after they took a one-goal lead, the Oilers looked like they were building on a shaky foundation and it almost seemed like a matter of time before the walls caved in. At the end of the day, the Oilers weren’t nearly good enough against a team that was beatable. At least they showed up for the last 10 minutes or so.

The wrap.


  • Leon Draisaitl scored a huge shorthanded goal in the second period to give the Oilers a goal they desperately needed. Up until that point, the team looked like they were coming out of a coma and it was Connor and Leon that got the boys on the board and into the game. Draisaitl converted a perfect 2-on-1 pass and cashed in with the captain to open the scoring. Fun fact: Draisaitl has more shorthanded points than power play points.
  • The Oilers were down by two goals and it was the Ryan Nugent-Hopkins line that got greasy down low and knocked home an ugly one. Cammalleri and RNH both took a hack at the puck in the slot with the latter putting it home for his 11th goal of the season.
  • Connor McDavid has had some kind of flu twice in the past month and yet somehow he still has 33 points on the season. Imagine if he had been healthy? The Captain is heating up.
  • The fourth line was really solid again tonight. They had their cycle game going, were banging and crashing, and were easily one of the best lines again.
  • The Oilers were great in the faceoff circle, going 61% on the night. A strong effort from all of their centremen.


  • The Oilers only had seven shots after 20 minutes. That’s not anywhere even close to near good enough against the Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Jordan Weal scored a power play goal midway through the second period (on their fourth chance of the night already) off of a really nice passing play by the Flyers. They threw the puck around with precision and Weal was there to cash it in from the doorstep.
  • Surprise, surprise the Oilers gave up the puck at the Flyers blue line and they took it back the other way to score a goal and give themselves a 2-1 lead. To make matters worse, Brossoit should have had the Weise shot from the high slot, but the whole sequence was a comedy of errors. The turnover started the play and the lack of a save finished it.
  • Kris Russell tried to throw the puck across the ice at the Flyers’ blue line (SURPRISE!) and Philly was, once again, able to turn it down and beat Brossoit at the other end of the ice. After the giveaway, Raffl was sent in alone and he made no mistake to give the Flyers a 3-1 lead.
  • After having a tough third period against the Flames, Laurent Brossoit needed a bounce back night and he got some of it against the Flyers. He was square to the shooters, did a pretty good job of controlling his rebounds, and looked a lot quieter in the net than we’ve seen over his past couple starts. Unfortunately, he let in another gross goal that ended up being costly as the Oilers ended up needing that one back. Brossoit finished the night with 29 saves and a .906 save%. I won’t blame this game on Brossoit — the team in front of him was awful for most of the night — but he has to make some saves. I wonder how long Chiarelli is going to wait before making a move?
  • Another night, another round of blown special teams. The Oilers allowed one power play goal on four Philadelphia chances and got absolutely zip done with their power play. At some point they will try something new, right?
  • Speaking of the penalty kill, what is with the weird ‘T’ or ‘L’ formation that the Oilers are running? What have they got against the box? Diamond? Anybody?
  • By the way, what is a penalty anymore? Both teams got weirds calls against/in their favour tonight. The inconsistency in refereeing is remarkably consistent.
  • I really didn’t want to eat beets tonight. Not against the Flyers. Not against the team that literally just ended a 10 game losing streak. Gord dammit. #BeatCast on my Twitter.



No Scoring


03:41 Edmonton SHG – Leon Draisaitl (8) ASST: Connor McDavid (22) 0-1
08:53 Philadelphia PPG – Jordan Weal (3) ASST: Sean Couturier (14), Claude Giroux (18) 1-1
14:45 Philadelphia Dale Weise (3) ASST: Claude Giroux (19), Wayne Simmonds (8) 2-1


04:06 Philadelphia Michael Raffl (4) ASST: Jakub Voracek (27) 3-1
13:20 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (11) ASST: Michael Cammalleri (8), Patrick Maroon (8) 3-2
19:21 Philadelphia EN – Wayne Simmonds (9) ASST: Valtteri Filppula (7), Ivan Provorov (10) 4-2


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On this week’s Real Life Podcast, the boys get into an array of topics including Nation Vodka, trading for Karlsson, and what it would be like to have the nicest house on the west coast.

Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 12/06/2017, 10:15pm MST

  • Big Nuggets

    That’s disappinting. I thought the Talbot injurt was going to be the catalyst that finally pulls this team together. For some reason they can only manage to pull together for one game before folding again. Its weird because I think we have good players. If I was Chia I would trade Maroon now. Send the message that management has given up on this season, take the pressure off and see what happens.

  • Oilman99

    Draisaitle contract looks like a 5mil overpay for a guy who just had his career year. No more excuses for McDavids play,he just had a four day break. Refuses to go after loose pucks,or go into the corners. Looks totally disinterested in trying to actually win a face off. This team has lost its balls somewhere since last spring.

  • 2nd period, was there a Missed too many men penalty on the Flyers? I couldn’t see any replays, looked like 7 guys out there.

    Otherwise my thoughts on the game as follows
    -Reffing was sketchy at best
    -Gryba was a liability out there tonight
    -5 hole goal was terrible

    -McDavid looked amazing especially in the 3rd when he had a chance, cycled back through the neutral and had another chance back to back. Looked like he was running practice drills

  • D

    The Oilers should wear their blue jerseys when playing the Flyers. All that orange on the ice clashed and hurt my eyes. The play of the Oilers also hurt my eyes.

  • McRaj

    Can we finally begin to accept that the playoffs are not happening? Or will we all think this is a playoff team if they win on Saturday? One goal on Gryba and another on Russ. LB loves letting in one softie a game at least. Leon can’t produce without another top player on his line.

  • McRaj

    When will T mac stop d*ck riding letestu and lucic so much. Smart teams load their first PP unit. Should be nuge drai mcdavid puju and nurse. Then with 6 attackers the D man chosen is Klef And 2 of the 5 forwards lucic and letestu. Coaching staff is getting on my nerves.

    • Stallions #35

      Semi agree…Letestu was effective last year on the PP and over his career, didn’t Lucic get a high percentage of his points on the PP? I think its the PP system. JW has to change it up before we call for his head.

  • Roberto

    Another game lost on special teams. The coaching staff isn’t working out. I don’t know if they should wait until the off season to move on and fall for dahlin, and let them go now and salvage some respectability out of this season. The Oil have needed an N HL backup for years now. Still nothing by PC. This truly is death by 1000 self inflicted cuts

  • Roberto

    This is so oilers. They’re really looking like a MICKEY mouse organization. Put MacT behind the bench, make a couple trades. And see what happens. It can’t be any worse…. further, it would not surprise me if mac t was the interm coach again, and I honestly think that’s better than the current staff

  • Roberto

    It’s gross what’s happened to this team. Trades made or not made are really stinging the Oil right now. Signings are really gonna sting in 2 years when Lucic slows down even more and Russell is older….. 10 million combined cap hit. At least JP looks good. Gord, if the oilers miss the playoffs, please give us Dahlin.

    • McRaj

      This post right here is why people hate oilers and oiler fans. How many more first overalls do we need? We are becoming the biggest embarrassment in NHL history.

      • Roberto

        Haha, hey now! I agree about the biggest embarrassment. I feel like I personally deserve to see Dahlin get drafted by the Oilers, as I have cheered for this team my entire life and they’ve never actually been good since I’ve been alive (aside from a few months in 2006), and a few months last year. Does the Oiler organization deserve it? Absolutely not. I would love to see the looks on Flames/Leafs/Habs/Canucks fans faces if Oilers drafted 1st again. Sickening really that it’s even a possibility, but that’s all we have to cheer for in Edmonton. The organization needs a cleanse, which isn’t happening. The coaching staff should go this season, but that’s putting a temporary band aide on a wound that requires much more.

  • Winterkush

    like I said before most of the trades and signings have been for other teams garbage.
    Montreal didn’t want Kass and Davidson.
    The Ducks didn’t want Maroon
    Why did a winning LA team trade Cammallari?
    Look at David Deshadain he’s on a winning team this year.
    NYI didn’t want Strome
    No one wanted to sign Russel
    Boston nor LA where going to clear cap space for Lucic.
    LB played around 10 games last year. He has a tough role. Playing in the minors almost every night to benchwarmer.
    Chia is garbage
    Woodcroft is garbage
    Todd is garbage.

  • GK1980

    Look like the oilers will be sellers at the deadline. Lose some cash at deadline and hopefully chia can make some right decisions between now and next season.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I don’t know,.. aside from a few areas like goal & defense, I think skill & chemistry wise the Oilers are pretty good?
      I really can’t see any huge upgrade via trade, at most of the positions except those mentioned above…
      That said, I believe the real cancer on the team is the “coaching staff” they are the ones with the systems & motivational skills that should be utilized to bring out the strengths of this team. Admit it, we have all seen the strengths on this team. Often times against other very strong teams…
      “Coaching Staff needs an enigma” & hire a great team Psychologist… Problem Solved without ripping apart the core of a good, but under-performing team.

  • percy

    To bad we couldn’t pay some of our top end players on production. We would have a lot more cap space. Do not see Dir, Luc or even Mcdavid being worth their salaries. If we paid these guys on production we would have another 5mil in cap space.

    • geoilersgist

      McDavid is worth his contract 10/10. He is now and will always be worth it. He just went through two sicknesses, lost ~10lbs and is still over 1/ppg. Nobody should ever complain about McDavid or his salary.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I have always believed that NHL players should be payed a base salary in 3 different tiers per position…
      And production pay would be the point of difference in their wage.
      Of course it would take more than two sentences to come up with a conceptual contract reflecting this, but you get the idea…

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Man you people are unbearable sometimes. Yes, team is struggling and special teams need a massive overhaul. But are you seriously bailing on the Hall/Larsson deal again? Just because this team is struggling? Like seriously, how many times last year did you all cry out “we shouldn’t have traded Hall”? 1 maybe 2 times last season? I’m sorry, but I’ll take Larssons ruggedness in the defensive zone over Hall’s “turn the puck over at the blue-line” any day. Strome trade is indefensible though. Chia dropped the ball big time. Also what conference does this team play in? West right? THEN STOP SAYING THEYRE TOO SLOW! THEYRE BUILT TO COMOETE IN THE WEST! If it wasn’t for the stupid schedule, we’d be playing more Western teams. Which is where this team excelled last season, WITH THR SAME AMOUNT OF TOUGH GUYS ON IT!

    Grow up will you. Changes need to happen, but they aren’t the changes ya’ll are asking for!

    • McRaj

      6-5 vs the west. Would be 89 points pro rated if all 82 games were vs the west. Oilers play 50 vs the west, if we prorate this they would have 55 points vs the west meaning they need 40 vs east to make playoffs. 5-10-2 vs east which prorates to 23 points on season vs east. Last year the team was 33-11-6 vs the west, good for 72 points and got 31 points from the east with a 14-15-3 record. So while you are correct they are built to play the west, their record is worse vs west and east this year. Just not as good a team.

    • GK1980

      It’s not the trade itself people are upset with I think. They filled a big hole while creating another big hole. The tram moved sideways, the trade did not improve the oilers.

  • NeverWas

    spoilers demise are there fanbase and media. who would want to play in those conditions? this is also what happens when you bring your rookies up in a losing environment. Oilers need another full teardown…. playoffs in maybe 2020?

  • J.R.

    I don’t even really watch the game anymore. I’ll put it on and then do other things. Look up occasionally if something sounds exciting…which is almost never.

    This season is a horrible nightmare of a tire fire.

    Start with getting rid of anyone coaching special teams.

    My feelings won’t be hurt if the entire coaching staff and GM is shown the door.


  • CMG30

    Key injuries to defense and goaltending. GM was unwilling to find depth over the summer and now the season is toast. Not like everyone didn’t know Sekera was out for an extended amount of time this year. Other injuries happen but they need to be expected. Chirelli has caught the ‘smartest guy in the room’ disease. Time to cut him loose.

  • ubermiguel

    For anyone saying coaching is the problem, here’s the top 10 all-time NHL coaches by winning percentage (min 200 games):

    Tom Johnson, .738
    Dan Bylsma, .668
    Bruce Boudreau, .663
    Scotty Bowman, .657
    Claude Ruel, .648
    Todd McLellan, .637
    Toe Blake, .634
    Mike Babcock, .627
    Floyd Smith, .626
    Joel Quenneville, .614
    Fred Shero, .612

    So if you have an idea for a better coach than McLellan I’m listening, but I don’t think Toe Blake or Scotty Bowman are available.

        • Klef abs

          With that loaded team he had in San Jose it’s boggling he didn’t win more. The year he was fired they were within a game of winning a cup with a different coach. Only a fluke from Pitt prevented them winning it all. Todd is terribly over rated.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Yes, but 78% of those mentioned have won a cup….
      Guess who is in the 22% on that list?
      He does not really show a lot of finish.
      Great team in San Jose, but really underachieved in relation to the talent he had…
      He’s great on a coaching staff, no doubt. But he requires other coaching pieces to augment, for success…
      just my 2 cents.

  • madjam

    Third year into Chia’s direction Oilers seemed poised to make advances with their young star studded players like Sather had done with the young dynasty Oilers . Instead , on third year , he has messed team around so badly they are once again a cellar club in regression throughout basically . Watching a team collapse so badly not a pleasant sight or feel for the fans . Put it together by Chia and what do you get -bibbedy bobbety boo . How Chia could be wrong on so many decisions seems unfathomable , yet he still is at the controls of team destiny despite many poor/questionable decisions .

  • MrBung

    This team is it’s record if there was any doubt left.

    I don’t know what Chia’s “plan” is but things are not going well. And the future doesn’t look good.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    Soft, lazy passing all game. Turnovers at the blueline. Why do they play games like this where they’re “herding” their passes instead of snapping their passes, and get their asses up the ice? It’s like they are trying Too hard instead of just playing.

  • THIS. IS. CRAP. This club should come out every game, every period, every shift with such urgency and desperation…they do not. I found myself yelling at my Television, “Move!” “Get going!” “Wake Up!” This was the 10th game or more that I have done this…

  • gordo

    leon is a great hockey player worth 6 a year, not 8.5; i don’t thing there is enough talent on this team, i don’t think the coach is getting through to the players and i don’t think connor is 100% healthy

  • MrBung

    It is so depressing that after all these years, draft picks, … this team is back to where it was and has stalled out. Things look pretty bleak and can’t be pinned on no Sekera.