Real Life Podcast Episode 54 – Oilers rumours, fancy houses, and a new sponsor

On this week’s Real Life Podcast, the boys get into an array of topics including Nation Vodka, trading for Karlsson, and what it would be like to have the nicest house on the west coast.

Would you trade anyone not named Connor McDavid if it meant you could get Erik Karlsson back in return? That’s exactly what the boys wanted to talk about as speculation started about whether or not the former Norris winner was going to stick with the Senator when his current contract ends. Who would you move? Who is off limits? How many times can Baggedmilk say ‘take a shit’ in one podcast? Check out this week’s episode of the Real Life Podcast to find out the answers.

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  • lee

    Was listening to Sirius radio (NHL) and the folks in Ottawa are saying Karlson is a different player since his latest injury. He is slow and is a shell of what he was, they are worried that the team gives him a huge contract because he not the player he once was. Too many serious injuries have taken their toll on this player.