GDB 32.0 Wrap Up: Home Ice Disadvantage

We should know this by now. Facing a backup goalie + home game = bad time. Final Score: 4-0 Preds. 

Well I gotta say it was real nice to see the Oilers pickup where they left off after the road trip. They came out firing everything they had on the Predators backup goalie whom I call ‘not-Rinne’, finishing the first period having outshot Nashville 22-4. The Oilers pushing the pace in the first period was not something I expected tonight. It’s amazing that they came out with over 20 shots in the first period, but as they proved, it doesn’t matter how many shots you get on net, it’s about the amount of goals you score.

Tonight the Oilers ran into another lights out backup goaltender who was impossible to score on. Can someone tell me how this is possible? We have no problem chasing all-star goaltenders out of the net but as soon as we face a guy no one’s ever heard of before we can’t score if our playoff dreams depended on it. Is it just bad luck? Do we just suck at hockey? I don’t even know any more.

Besides a humiliating second period, the Oilers didn’t really play all that bad. Unfortunately, the second period still counts towards the final score of the game, and we can’t forget that. A couple unlucky bounces lead to a couple unlucky goals against and from there things just kept getting worse. Frustration became apparent with several scrums between whistles involving guys like Kassian and Maroon.

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The third period started the same way as the first period did, with the Oilers unloading on Nashville but THEY STILL COULDN’T SCORE! Maybe it’s a home-ice thing? The boys could be gripping their sticks a little too hard in front of their home city. Either way, we’re going to be spending the next 48 hours wondering how we lost this game until we play the Wild on Saturday. All I know right now is that I’m stuck wearing a dumb turkey hat all day tomorrow, Baggedmilk has to eat a sad can of beets tonight, and TheNationDan is not any closer to wearing pants for the first time in months. #SacrificeFor500

The wrap.


  • The Oilers had a good start to the game with a few good shifts from everyone. As per usual, Matt Benning was throwing his little body around with a giant open ice hit and got the crowd on their feet early. The boys continued to move their feet quickly and had some good rushes, eventually drawing a few penalties from their hard work.
  • I’ve been really liking Camalleri on the powerplay. Not much production so far but he takes so many shots that it’s refreshing to see. We need someone who always thinks to shoot first, pass later.
  • So many guys stood out to me in the first period showing off their skills. Connor was being Connor, Jujhar made a few hard-working plays in the neutral zone to get the puck in deep, Auvitu’s slapshot always impresses me, Puljujarvi had a good few touches and played hard as well. Everyone seemed to be clicking and it was a beautiful sight.
  • CONNOR! He’s without a doubt back to his normal self after suffering some strep throat. The kid is a human highlight machine and proved it again tonight every time he touched the puck.
  • You gotta love the emotion Kassian brings to the rink every game. Thank god he didn’t take a penalty during his fiasco with Weber in the second period (otherwise this note would probably be a face palmer). Now that Hendricks is gone, he’s one of our main energy guys on the ice.
  • I don’t even know if I can count the third period as a bright side or not. The Oilers came out flying, just like they did in the first period. They controlled the play, pushed the pace, and threw a ton of shots on net, but had nothing to show for it.
  • Despite the four goals against I honestly didn’t mind Brossoit’s game tonight. The first two goals were absolutely not his fault, and the whole team shut down after that for the remainder of the second period. I’ve noticed myself not getting as nervous when we don’t have possession in the defensive zone because my trust is growing slowly but surely for Brossoit.
"Peter Chiarelli has been promoted by the NHL for essentially every executive opening that arises."


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  • It’s still a little disappointing to not see Puljujarvi on the power play. I mean, do we HAVE to have Lucic out there? #GivePoolPartyAChance
  • BOO to unlucky goals! On their fifth shot of the game, Aberg somehow got his stick on a high point shot and deflected it past Brossoit who essentially had no chance at a save. The goal was reviewed for a high-stick but OF COURSE went against the Oilers favour. Twitter collectively agreed that it should have been a high-stick, which automatically made me believe that the call on the ice would stay strictly because the hockey gods hate us.
  • Kevin Fiala scored an easy open net powerplay goal in the second period after a shot from the point deflected off two players and found his stick. This is some real bad puck luck for the Oilers and there’s not a whole lot we could have done about that, especially cause Nuge was playing stickless after getting interfered with in the neutral zone. I mean, maybe Klefbom didn’t have to shoot the puck out of play and take the penalty in the first place… but still.
  • Alright so the third goal against WAS our fault. Not really sure what Benning was doing with the lousy poke check and I’m not really sure what Lucic was doing with his man coverage but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I mean… three penalties in the second period probably won’t help us win a lot of games, ESPECIALLY with our penalty kill playing the way it did tonight… which was 33%  by the way.
  • We outshot Nashville 46-23 and lost 4-0. That is all.
  • In addition to being shutout by another backup goaltender, we went 0/3 on the powerplay which also makes me want to vomit.
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No Scoring


02:56 Nashville Pontus Aberg (2) ASST: Mattias Ekholm (14), Calle Jarnkrok (8) 1-0
08:16 Nashville PPG – Kevin Fiala (7) ASST: Mattias Ekholm (15), Kyle Turris (18) 2-0
14:49 Nashville Kyle Turris (7) ASST: Craig Smith (9) 3-0
17:25 Nashville PPG – Roman Josi (7) ASST: Filip Forsberg (17), P.K. Subban (15) 4-0


No Scoring


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On this week’s podcast, the boys get into all things Oilers, look at what’s going on with the Flames moving to Calgary and try to figure out who is impersonating me at the Pint.

Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 12/14/2017, 7:30pm MST

    • PleaseWinOilers

      Also time to send Maroon packing. Without McDavid he’s such a useless player. Then again he’s far from alone in that department. Too many useless plugs on this team and Chiarelli is the man to blame. If only we had a good scoring winger that doesn’t need a generational talent to make him look good…

          • nijames

            easy answer to that one, send him packing. He only gets points because of McDavid, he is a plug and easily replaced by a $1 million player on a 1 year contract. If you can sign Maroon for 1 year at $1 mill then do it, anything other than that is another huge overpayment by Chia

      • Big Nuggets

        Agreed, I think just a shake-up would help the team focus. Although on the flip side the team has been putting in the effort lately and Maroon might be useful in all the Western Conference games coming up.
        Trade Maroon for picks, sign Iginla and if by the trade deadline the playoffs are still out of reach we might be able to trade Iggy for another draft pick. Replenish the cupboards this year if we can’t win.

        • Big Nuggets

          lol, nobody likes the Iginla idea heh? But seriously he is probably not a downgrade on Maroon and if we are smart we will gather as many draft picks as we can. Also he is a shooter which this team is lacking.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Here we go! Oilersnation is gonna start turning on maroon because he’s going through a tough stretch. So predictable lol. A tough loss and oilersnation wants to TRADETHEMALL! So tiring to read these comments after a loss. I’m surprised you guys aren’t still blaming Schultz…..

  • ThisGuySamLar

    Cammalieri hasnt been necessarily ~bad~ since acquiring him, but I think cagguila easily passes him on the depth chart; faster, more grit on the forecheck/backcheck, creates some offence on his own.

    Can only hope that getting all the key players off the IR soon gets things going #HWND

  • nijames

    Doesn’t matter how many shots you put on goal only counts how many go in. Win one lose one is not going to get us close to a playoff chase. Oh well always the next game.

    • Dean S

      I thought the Oilers had a really good effort tonight. Nashville is a Stanley Cup contender, probably the best defence in the entire NHL. Roman Josi, wow what a talent. The transition game that they have is so quick. Snap your fingers and the d-men have it out that fast. Really made some of the big slow forwards look flat footed at times tonight.

  • OilersGM

    Not to make excuses but the first goal changed the game and after review what the heck were the refs looking at mind boggling to say the least.
    Also did we just play the eventual cup winners.

  • Alberta Ice

    The Oilers just got beat by the best team in the NHL The Kyle Turris trade will push them to the top unless they have injuries. A real head scratcher that a team that annihilates two Vezina goalies gets shut out by backups. Such is the ‘go figure?’ of this NHL season.

  • Delirious

    This loyalty for Letestu on the power play is absurd. Guy gets the odd decent shot off but over 90% are just muffins. He also turns it over the most on. You know who’d look great, JP or the guy we traded for a pylon, ebs. Keep Letestu on the fourth line, he’s losing what made him effective.

  • Connor McJesus

    I thought maybe the worst part of this game was the post game interviews where Klefbom and Lucic both said they thought they had a good game. Like no, take some responsibility and accountability – delay of game penalty with little pressure (Klef) and losing the puck on the blueline during two PP’s with little pressure (Luc) doesn’t constitute playing a good game. High shots on net doesn’t mean you played a good game.

    The first period was good, high quality scoring chances; a good first period, but not a good game after that and I think the players need to know the difference. Also, our specialty teams has been abysmal and someone should also take responsibility for that, because I would hate to be the guy who buys a ticket for $500 only to not celebrate anything other than the thought of going home.

    • GK1980

      Blaming goals against in this game is ludicrous. Oil not getting bounces. Sucks but here we are. I’ll be happy if they play like that the rest of the season.

      • Connor McJesus

        I didn’t blame the goals against, I thought LB had a stellar game – what I did blame was the terrible PP (0/3) and the terrible PK (1/3). I just said that some players, called out two in particular, but there were more, who should not be happy with their performance tonight, and the fact that they thought they had a good game is an issue.

    • Dean S

      The Oiler’s did have a good game. They played really hard, the effort was there. Heck they even out shot Nashville.
      Not too many teams can compete with that great defence. They don’t give up to many quality scoring chances. Now they have balanced scoring with Forsberg, Arvidson, and Turris. Lets not forget Edm’s goaltending is not even close to league average either.

  • slats-west

    It does amaze me how when the game plan is not working that this team can’t adapt (read coach change the game plan). Saros has a .890 and a 3.42 he was totally gambling and was on the top of the crease all night. Did we have someone go and stay in front of the net? Maroon? Lucic? Kassian heh Kass had a good game but when the guy is seeing beach balls then you need to change the game plan and adapt.

    Secondly they lose the special teams. And when the goalies are playing great that can’t happen especially when you have the best goalie on the planet….CHANGE UP THE FRICKIN PP!!!!!!!

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      I’ve been trying to figure out what makes the back-ups all seem like superstars whenever the play the Oilers… Your explanation is as good as any I’ve heard or come up with…

      Seriously now… If ever a member of the coaching staff deserved to be shown the door it’s Woodcroft at this point. And if it has to be over McLellan’s dead body, well at this point I’d be willing to see them both go.

  • GK1980

    Well that’s probably the last chance for playoffs. Now how do we kill another 10 months? I suspect the summer hockey forecaster magazines won’t predict the oilers to be cup contenders.

  • Mr.Snrub

    Vezina Trophy Winner 2017-18 = Every backup goaltender the Edmonton Oilers face

    It’s beyond comical at this point, inexperienced goalies should be quaking in their pads when they face the Oilers but Coach Todd and his merry men assistants just cannot get this team rolling.

    Win one, lose one,win one, lose one lately is a whole lot better than those first 15 games of lose one,lose one,lose another one but time for for Chia and the smartest men in the room/league to accept the season’s over and start planning accordingly.

  • Heschultzhescores

    Do we have to have a 4th line guy Letestu out there? How about Nurse, and Pulj, what do they have to do to get a shot? TMAC is the MOST stubborn man on the planet. He’s gonna prove everyone wrong even if it costs us loss after loss.

  • Heschultzhescores

    We need EFFECTIVE guys in front of goaltenders. Blocking their vision, creating havoc, not just flyby’s hoping for luck. We need to be in front of that net for rebounds so the puck can hit us! Have we not seen how many ugly goals are scored these days, like most of them.

  • Well I think we can all agree that Lucic needs to play on a high offensive possession team. We are not that at this moment. Maroon is lost without Conner. What I am getting to is Chia is getting close to asset management time. I would love to see Lucic get hot and some cup contender with injuries come in for him. Kassian and Kaihra both have the size and deserve at times to move up the line up.The thought of Nuge walking away and Lucic staying does not make us a better hockey team

    • nijames

      If you think any team would pick up that albatross of a contract Lucic has you are truly dreaming. He is an Oiler for 6 more years. Can you imagine him in 5 years how slow he will be then. YIKES!!!!! This was Chia’s biggest dumbest move signing Lucic for that long. Maybe the $6 mill for 3 years would have been something the team could have worked with but when 7 years was thrown in front of him he couldn’t sign it fast enough and who can blame him. Slow heavy teams in today’s NHL will not win consistantly

  • Reality Check to the head

    Jesus, reading the comment section and all I see are a bunch of chicks littles…the sky is falling. Sure, the oilers have to figure things out, but they are on the right path. Are they going to make the playoffs with this record? Probably not. We weren’t going to win the cup with this group. Settle down people.

    • Big Nuggets

      is that what you’re seeing? ‘a bunch of chicks littles’? some reality check.
      We weren’t supposed to win the cup with this line-up, we were supposed to make the playoffs with this line-up. We were supposed to win the cup with Sekera and a nice trade deadline acquisition added.

  • crabman

    I don’t get the hate for Lucic and Maroon around here. Sure the season has been bad but to talk about some of the players like they are useless and easily replaced is crazy. forgetting about the length of Music’s contract unless you thought he was a bad player the day he was signed I don’t know how you can have a problem with him today. he doesn’t fight as often as in his early career but is scoring around career average and plays the same physical game. and Maroon with McDavid last year wass lightning in a bottle. this year he is still on pace for career high in points and is playing fine. 3 points in 6 games as a 3rd line winger who brings functional size costing $1.5M is a player worth having on the team.
    just ridiculous how quickly some players get turned on around here.

  • You know what sucks about this loss compared to some of them from November? The guys actually looked like they were trying. It’s easy to scream at my TV when guys are standing around moping, but to see JJ, Jesse, Connor, et al. move their feet, keep their heads up, and actually try…and STILL get blanked? It’s like “What else can you do?” It’s tragic.

  • camdog

    I know a lot of people bought into the hype surrounding this team, but the reality is Nashville is the real deal. They were my pick to come out of the west last season and were my pick going into the season. With the Turris acquisition if they stay healthy there is a good chance they make it to the cup final once again. They are the team to be measuring your team against. Unfortunately for the Oilers they are not there yet.

      • camdog

        Wood guy’s numbers show that a lot of the Oilers took a lot of low quality shots from the point. At even strength Auvitu, Russell, Nurse and Davidson accounted for 17 even strength shots. The Oilers played well, but were out coached. Volume shots may look good on paper but they don’t really scare the opposition that much.

  • mikel

    the 2017/18 oiler season is so much like the blue jays 2017 season, that it’s downright scary..

    oilers: make opposing backup goalies look like hof candidates
    bj’s: make 1st time pitchers look like hof candidates

    oilers: the closer they get to the .500 mark, the worse they choke
    bj’s: 9 times they failed to get to .500

    oilers: continue the fallacy that this team is better than their record
    bj’s: told fans that the team is better than their record even though they finished 10 games under .500

    oilers: bad start and played .500 hockey till the end
    bj’s: bad start (2-12) and play .500 baseball till the end