Top 3 Oilers hits and saves of 2017

The calendar is winding down and 2017 was a year in which the Oilers finally shed some light upon the decade of darkness.

In this three part series, I will take a look back at top Oilers hits/saves/fights/goals from 2017 as we look back on the year that was and get ready for whatever comes next.


Number Three:

Kassian on Dillon of the Sharks

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Game two in the first round from last season. The Oilers had just been beaten on home ice the game before and they needed a spark. As it turns out, Kassian was the man for the job. A good hard hit on Dillon got the crowd going and spark the boys onto a 2-0 win in Game 2.

Number Two:

Hendricks on Sproul

Ahh Matt Hendricks. The man with the nuts o’ steel and the heart of gold. In this one, he puts on the coaching suit and tells Ryan Sproul his shift is over.

Honorable Mention:

McDavid on Sorenson

Falling just outside the Top 3, oh captain my captain saw Game 5 slipping away and found his man skating with his head down through centre ice and laid him out.

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Number One:

Lucic on Watson

Just when citizens of the Nation were feeling like Lucic might be the most overpriced FA signing of the past 10 years (and that was saying something), the one we call Looch went out and killed a man. That hit kickstarted his effectiveness heading into the rest of the season. He threw this massive hit (arguably one of the best of the year) and then drew a penalty, and then scored on the subsequent PP. More of that Lucic, please.



Number Three:

Talbot on Kase

In what might have been Talbot’s best game of the 2016-17 season, he was able to make this unreal toe save on a pinching Kase.

Number Two:

Talbot on Marleau

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The series clincher against the Sharks may not have been had it not been for this amazing save on a streaking Patrick Marleau.

Number One:

Talbot on himself

It took almost the calendar year to have this gem come up, but oh was it sweet. Could I have called this one “Talbot on Stastny” sure, but had it not been for a miscommunication between Cam his d-man, this amazing save would not have been needed.

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So there they are folks. the top 3 hits and saves as selected by me. Did I miss something?.. have one you wish would have made the list?

Leave it in the comments below.