GDB 38.0 Wrap Up: The backup goalie curse continues, Oilers lose 4-3

Dear NHL, please ban all future backup goalies from this league. Thank you. Oilers lose 4-3.

When I first heard about the starting goalie for Chicago tonight I giggled and got excited. Then I remembered our record against backup goalies this year and then wanted to vomit all over the place. Jeff Glass is 32 years old and started in his first ever NHL game tonight and is just the third oldest goalie in the history of the league to play his first game. His story of sticking to the game and finally getting his shot at the big show tonight is inspiring and heart-warming.. but I still hoped we could have crushed his dreams.

As expected, the rookie goaltender came out of the gates playing strong and steady. His blood was probably pumping harder than ever. The Oilers came out strong too and threw 19 shots on him in the first period, potting one on the power play. It was nice to see the Oilers bounce back nicely after Wednesday’s loss and start the game like their strong selves. McDavid’s line looked the best as per usual, with Lucic, Poolparty, and himself all getting close chances. Draisaitl even had himself a breakaway and we ended up leaving a lot of chances out on the ice.

The second period was filled with more “dynamite” chances as Drew Remenda would put it. The Oilers peppered Jeff Glass and he turned everything away. The Blackhawks are not an easy team to play against and the Oilers held their own extremely well against them. Not only did they hold their own against some of the best combination of players in the world, but you might even say we outplayed them for most of the game. Now I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it is that we have all of this offensive firepower on our team and still can’t score a dang goal. 14 more shots were fired on net in the second period and we got nothing to show from it except for me having a couple of panic attacks.

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What looked to be a complete bust of a third period turned into a pretty fantastic ending. The Oilers gameplay pretty much fell off the tracks in the final period thanks to giveaways, penalties, and bad defence. But the leaders of the team stepped up appropriately in the final two minutes and tied it up thanks to goals from Nuge and Draisaitl!

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for Patrick Kane to undress every Oiler on the ice in overtime to finish off the win for his rookie goaltender. A few days ago we were oh so close to a .500 record and now we’re slowly sliding away from it again. An overtime loss isn’t the worst case scenario, but I really hope the losing doesn’t get out of control.

We wrap.


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  • After today’s World Junior game, I was actually relieved to watch a hockey game being played indoors again. Seeing players skate on last-minute outdoor ice is too stressful.
  • The Oilers came out strong tonight throwing 19 shots on net at the old man wearing the pads. The McDavid/Lucic/Poolparty line looked solid as ever with all three of them having some solid scoring chances in the opening period.
  • As good as Glass looked for the Blackhawks in the first period, Talbot looked equally strong for the Oilers. He didn’t face too many shots but he looked strong and square on every one he faced. The first goal in this game is huge and Talbot did his part to help us out. Unfortunately getting the first goal didn’t get us the W, but Talbot definitely played a part in getting us that pity point. I’m sure he’d like that first goal back but it could have been a lot worse if he wasn’t on his game.
  • PoolParty breaks the backup goalie curse with a big first period goal! ALL of Twitter was calling for him to be added to the power play and tonight it finally paid off with his 8th goal of the season.

  • Friendly reminder that Jesse Puljuarvi is now fourth for goals scored on the Oilers roster. He’s played about 16 games less than everyone else also..
  • Connor McDavid is a magician and he was doing more amazing Connor McDavid things tonight as usual. There hasn’t been a night since we drafted him where I don’t dream about the man.

  • It was nice to see our boy Klefbom back in the lineup tonight. His slap shot on the blue line was surely missed and it was a nice feeling just knowing that those hard abs were out there on the ice ya know?
  • Darnell Nurse blocked like 25 shots on one powerplay in the second period. DIDN’T HE HEAR US BLABBERING ABOUT NOT GETTING HURT OUT THERE FROM BLOCKING SHOTS!? I’m sort of kidding, but you have to admire the sacrifice these guys have been making by just fearlessly throwing their horribly-protected bodies in front of flying rubber.
  • I have to tip my hat to Jesse Puljujarvi tonight. I think he played one of his best games both defensively and offensively. He seemed to be everywhere on the ice and was rewarded with another goal and more power play minutes.
  • Nugey!! Nuge’s wrist shot from the blue line in the last two minutes of the third period had eyes of its own and found its way to the back of the net, making it his team leading, 15th goal this season. The goal cut the Blackhawk lead in half and made for an entertaining final minute of regulation.

  • In the final minute of the period, Leon Draisaitl hops on the ice in exchange for Cam Talbot and ends up potting the game tying goal! This was Drai’s 10th goal of the season and extended his point streak to 6 games. I mean, we only played well for a handful of minutes in the third period, but we played well when it counted, right?


  • The Oilers continue their goal of hitting every square inch of post possible this season with another few posts tonight… sigh.
  • So many gosh dang scoring chances on breakaways against these dumb backup goalies and we still can’t score! I’m looking at you… Leon Draisaitl.
  • Talbot had a real solid first period except I’m pretty sure he’d love to have that first goal back. He couldn’t handle a wrist shot from the slot in his glove and Hartman ended up burying the puck behind him to tie the game 1-1. To boot, this happened with less than a minute remaining in the period…. Todd HATES late period goals.
  • The last thing I want to do is complain about the refs (again), but you HAVE to admit there were some questionable calls tonight. Connor gets blatantly tripped by two guys in the first period and gets nothing called against him, but then Nurse gets called for holding during a tight battle for the puck on the backcheck.
  • Lil Nugey tried his best to clear the zone during the penalty kill on Nurse’s second period penalty but fails to do so. Took the Blackhawks no more than three seconds to turn the puck back and burry one past Talbot. Gotta get those pucks out at the blue line! I still love you Nuge.
  • I know we took 40+ shots tonight but it felt like we missed the net SO MANY times. Easier said than done, I know… but c’mon!
  • After taking a too-many-men penalty in the third period, it didn’t take long for the Blackhawks to pot their second power play goal. To make matters worse, this was the Hawks SECOND PP goal of the game and it was former Oiler, Jordan Oesterle who scored the goal.. making it the first of his career. BOOOO!
  • Leave it to Patrick Kane to make all of our two minutes of effort in the third period to turn into waste. If there’s anyone more dangerous than Connor McDavid in 3-on-3 OT it’s probably Kane, and he showed that with his OT winner.



14:26 Edmonton PPG – Jesse Puljujarvi (8) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (13), Oscar Klefbom (7) 0-1
19:05 Chicago Ryan Hartman (7) ASST: Patrick Kane (22), Nick Schmaltz (15) 1-1


14:06 Chicago PPG – Alex DeBrincat (13) ASST: Nick Schmaltz (16), Duncan Keith (18) 2-1


08:28 Chicago PPG – Jordan Oesterle (1) ASST: Vinnie Hinostroza (1) 3-1
17:41 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (15) ASST: Jesse Puljujarvi (3), Andrej Sekera (1) 3-2
19:05 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (10) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (14), Patrick Maroon (12) 3-3


00:50 Chicago Patrick Kane (16) ASST: Duncan Keith (19), Nick Schmaltz (17) 4-3


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  • D

    Vezina caliber backup goalie. Check.
    Ex-Oiler scores first NHL goal. Check.
    Oiler penalty kill at 33%. Check.
    Oilers still get a sweet point. I’ll take it.
    Move on to the next game.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Home ice disadvantage?? Aren’t the oilers 4-0-1 in their last 5 at Rogers place? I don’t know what oilers team you watch but the oilers could easily have won that game if not for glass having the game of his life. You guys are always so quick to blame the oilers instead of giving credit where it’s due. Even tho the oilers lost, I was happy for glass. The way the hawks mobbed him at the end gave me chills. Not oilersnation tho. “Glass didn’t play good, the oilers just played bad!” Hey classic oilersnation??

  • OldOilerFan

    Reason why we make backup goalies look so good is because we either hit them right in the crest, or make too many passes and don’t take a shot when we should…..

    • jultz=2cups!??

      So you’re saying glass didn’t make any saves last night? The oilers just purposely shot right at him for some unknown reason?? Lolol! That’s some classic oilersnation logic right there!

  • Dean S

    Nuge had a very good 3 pt night. Just wondering why Jesse Puljujarvi wasn’t in the lineup at the beginning of the year?
    He sure looks good now. Not sure what Chiarelli was thinking with young Yamimoto?

  • MrBung

    Game the Oilers have to win to evwn be part of thw playoff conversation. The Hawks played last night. They are playing them at home and against a third stringer. This one hurts…even with their late game heroics. But the core thing that will sink their playoff chances this season is their PK. No improvement.

  • Oilfaninvan

    I can’t let our team off the hook for this one – and it’s lazy just to blame the refs or the posts yet again. You’ve got to bury your grade A chances, you can’t pass the puck into the net, and you can’t keep forcing high risk passes when there is no play there; it leads to too many turnovers. A strong start was wasted and poor game management at the end of the first period let the Hawks back into the game; it should have been 3-0 after one period. You know what?! If you find yourself down or tied when you think you deserve a better fate on the score sheet, bear down and fight through it! Let’s face it, we were lucky to get a point.

    And don’t get me started on the PK. You’re not making the playoffs with that atrocity of a penalty kill. ?

    • TruthHurts98

      They have no chance of winning with the coaches behind the bench. One of the worst coached games I’ve ever seen. I wish I could play my first pro game against the Oilers. I’d probably get a win in net too. All shots 2 feet wide of the net or right at the goalie. I’ve never been so frustrated watching an Oilers game as this one. Canucks pounded them last night but the Oilers think they can coast to a win. With this roster there shouldn’t be excuses.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        One of the worst coached games you’ve ever seen?? Let’s see here…. oilers win face offs 52%-47%, powerplay scores once on 2 tries for 50%, oilers outhit hawks 31-21, and outshoot them 45-36……. lol you sir clearly did not watch the game and neither did anyone who cheered your dumbass comment. What do you want the coaches to do?? Wow!! Classic oilersnation in fine form lolol. Glass was the difference. He had a fantastic night. But you would know that if you had actually watched the game

        • otter2233

          The difference was not just Glass being solid but also the pathetic home penalty kill… again… Which is on the coaches as much as the players… Also, one penalty was too many men, which can be partially blamed on poor bench management by the coaching staff. I guess that doesn’t fit into your narrative though… Classic Bradleypi

    • Traydsies

      Absolutely, but I’m still frustrated with the referees. McDavid gets tackled yet again without a call and then Nurse gets nailed. I don’t disagree with the Nurse penalty (unlike the commentator), but call it both ways. It seems to happen almost every night.

  • Opi

    Anybody else out there cringe when they see what this Oil lineup could have looked like without all of Chia’s life saving measures …?

    Maroon … McD … Draisaitl
    Hall … RNH … Pulu
    Cammy … Barzol … Ebs14
    Slepyshev … Letestu … Caggs



      • Opi

        Flames aren’t done like dinner though … like the Oil are … they still have a fighting chance …

        The Oil are 6 points out of a playoff spot with no less than 6 teams between them & the final playoff spot … the Oil were done … weeks ago … they will not be in this seasons’ playoffs …

        If it takes 95 points to make the playoffs the Oil need an additional 58 points over the next 44 games … they currently sit with all of 37 points … can the Oil go 29-15 or thereabouts over the next 44 games … that’s a .659 win % & is a pretty big reach given the Oil went .628 last season with everybody healthy & most all players having career seasons, no?

    • Natti_89

      Another person who thinks the oilers would have taken Barzal. Go back to NHL18 if you want Hall , Barzal, and while you are at it just add Tavares, Kane, Crosby, Stamkos, Anisimov and pretty much any other player In the league. Picks are picks are picks. Living in the past doesn’t move you forward

      • Slipknot 8

        Actually, word is the Oilers management and scouting staff were going to take Joel Eriksson-Ek as per Stauffer….
        Let me ask you something, How exactly do you evaluate the GM, the scouting staff, the coaching staff if you cant evaluate what they’ve done in the past? Making the same mistakes doesn’t move you forward…..

    • Dean S

      You forgot to mention, a Starting Goaltender with the 35th best SV% in the NHL (min 10 games played). And absolutely NO prospect in the farm system with potential to lead this team to the Cup.

  • TruthHurts98

    The jinx is the coaches behind the bench. San Jose is doing better with less than TM had and the Oilers don’t have a bad roster. The game management is horrible, looking like the October mess again the last two games. Trash away but at some point I have to face reality to as a depressed fan. If they can’t beat a Hawks team that starts a career minor league goalie and a porous defense that the Canucks jumped all over the night before… then this team has no shot at the playoffs. And the PK on home ice?!? WTF! All strategy of the momentum they gain on the road is out the window. Might as well just give them free goals every time. Oh wait.. they already do. At least the upcoming draft is deep. We need to draft fast wingers that can shoot harder than 50 km/h and pick a corner.

  • Oiler Al

    Talbot got beat by a no name goalie.He let in two very stopable goals.Kane says…. boys step aside,this is how its done. Lubricators lucky to get a point tonite.

  • Kevwan

    Can’t be to upset getting a point by coming from behind like that.

    Still – I had the feeling that this game was going to be the turning point of the season after Drai’s goal.

    • Opi

      Who doesn’t want a towering 6′ 6″, right shot, fast as the wind, offensive D-man that improves his numbers every year he plays on the league …?

      Love how Tre makes a point of scooping Chia & the Oil while building this competitive club … first there was Dougie who ended up in Calgary even though Chia offered more … that was priceless & hasn’t been duplicated since … Dougie ended up 9th last season in Norris voting, right behind Gio at 8th …

      Dougie was also acquired for mere picks …. 15th, 45th, and 52nd overall in the 2015 NHL entry draft to be exact …

      15th … Zachary Senyshyn, a pedestrian point per game winger in the O that is locked in around 65 points per season in the Soo …
      45th … Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson … less than a ppg center in the NCAA, 3rd on the Boston U scoring list last season, a dime a dozen player …
      52nd … Jeremy Lauzon … another dime a dozen player but this time a D-man went .72 ppg player in the Q…

      Does anybody NOT make that trade today … ? Anybody, anybody at all … ?

  • Heschultzhescores

    I could write a long list of boneheaded plays and non-plays. But here’s my short list. Nurse with 5 seconds left turns to run back on Defence. How about you commit to the net an understand the clock? Strome panics and can’t see an open net. Numerous guys passing from the slot. Slumping heads when we give up a goal it seems like we give up playing. JP already is outscoring Letestu on the PP. Tell me what coach would keep the same guy out there on the PP for an entire season when he’s not performing? A very stubborn one. Stubborn to the point of costing us wins. TMac needs to Go!

  • Connor McFly

    The Oil don’t appear to be going anywhere but down with this coaching staff. Chiarelli is no bargain either. The coaching staff only makes changes when the fans and press scream to holy hell.

  • Leichs

    Did I see Drake on the top line replacing Pool in the third period again? I guess two goals in two games isn’t enough for Todd. Drake sucks ass, what has he done to be gifted top line minutes? He’s slow, doesn’t win any board battles at all, gets knocked off the puck almost instantly and apparently lost his decent shot from last year. Don’t get me started on Woodcroft. I’m so over this coaching staff.

  • slats-west

    The Nuge lack of clearing wasna result of a hook to the hands … another blown call. McDavid no call on the partial breakaway was ridiculous especially given the call on Nurse. Cmon NHL you’re looking like a joke.

  • grumpyKoala

    Ill get trash for this but ON seem to give a free pass to Drai. He score important goal and have many upside but the sher amount of bad pass/giveaway and the very inconsistent effort drive me crasy. Also he should be ban from OT. 3v3 is a very different kind of hockey where his core abilitys have very few place to shine.

    • Dan 1919

      He’s a great player but his giveaways are horrific and at the point where he needs to correct them. Almost every power play a bad giveaway by him costs the team 30-40sec. He just doesn’t have the urgency he needs and makes a soft pass that isn’t there instead of driving the puck deep or making the non flashy play and passing it along the boards. He’s a great player and will get even better but he does need to improve his giveaways.

    • OilersGM

      “He should be ban from OT” what are you smoking? 99% of th OT wins are from him and McDavid working magic.
      What’s sad is we didn’t touch the puck in OT for the 50 seconds that it lasted.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Wow. I can’t believe this is getting more trashes than cheers. It’s the truest comment I’ve read on here all day! Drai is a beast 3 on 3. “He should be ban from OT “……. Bahahaha!!! Stupidest thing I’ve read on here all day and there are some doozies out there. ???

  • MrBung

    This is why the poor start to the season will catch up to the Oilers. Losing winnable games to teams they are competing with for those same playoff spot(s). This is when avslow start leaves you with little room for error or any losing streaks.

  • madjam

    You have a losing record at home worse than on the road shows your team cannot handle pressure situations . In order of worst bottom 5 clubs in NHL with this major problem – Arizona , Buffalo , Vancouver , Edmonton and Calgary in that order .

    • ScottV

      May have something to do with overly wanting to put on a show. Take it to them – run em out of the rink early – uptempo, uptempo, uptempo – be the ones to make things happen.
      It’s potentially a trap that younger skill players fall into more so – than veterans.
      When you force things beyond natural rhythm’s – it has a way of coming back to bite you in the @ss.
      With McL being a coach that cheats to offensive chemistry vs patience / control and with our mostly younger hot shots, it’s a bad recipe. Should have gone with a patience / control coach to hammer in systematic two way play from the get go after the Eakins nightmare. Eakins was controlled lunacy. 2 1/2 years out and we would be playing much more stable hockey by now. If too controlled – make a coaching change toward someone who would take some of the shackles off, but retain much of the built up stable foundation. McL was the wrong guy – for this and other reasons.