GDB 40.0 Wrap Up: 2018 sucks too, Oilers lose 5-0

The Oilers should offer refunds for these last two games. Final Score: 5-0 Kings

After the horrible effort brought forth on New Year’s Eve, all I could think about was how things couldn’t get any worse (I was wrong, more on that later). In fact, I was banking on the idea that there’s no possible way that the Oilers could be that bad for a second straight game. Sure, the Kings are firmly in second place in the Pacific Division and came into tonight’s game with a 5-3-2 record in their last 10 games, but I still felt like the Oilers were going to be good for a comeback performance. Early on, the boys got off to a much better start against the Kings, and while they weren’t able to score in the opening frame, they were much more engaged and in the fight.

As the game progressed through 40 minutes, the Oilers and Kings matched up fairly well at even strength which created a vibe that this game was going to boil down to which squad got something done with their special teams. Both sides had their share of 5-on-5 chances and both got the great goaltending needed to keep those chances off the scoreboard. Unfortunately, that’s where the wheels fell off. With the gameplay as tight as it was, getting production on the power play was imperative and, as usual, the Oilers completely shit the bed and the Kings did not. Once again, they couldn’t score with the man advantage and their penalty kill would have been about as effective if they all laid down and cried.

In the end, the Oilers started the night with all kinds of promise but still found a way to crash and burn in a remarkable fashion. Happy day.

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For the first time in 2018, we wrap.


  • The game is over.
  • Connor McDavid’s work in the second period was one of the only highlights in this hockey game. I feel bad for him. He deserves better than this.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was easily one of the best Oilers tonight. He was all over the puck, generated his fair share of chances, was 62% in the faceoff circle, and would have scored if the Oilers had any luck at all.
  • The Oilers were 53% in the faceoff circle which is a big win, I know.
  • At least Jussi Jokinen didn’t score?
  • A lot of other fans are making fun of the Oilers right now, and rightfully so, but it won’t be so funny when we win the draft lottery again.


  • Andy Andreoff opened the scoring for the Kings after Kris Russell took a risky pinch at the opposing blue line, granting the visitors a 2-on-1 that they made no mistake on. Torrey Mitchell made a perfect pass to Andreoff and he walked in alone and finished.
  • With Pat Maroon taking a five-minute penalty it seemed like only a matter of time before the Kings would score a power play marker. Did I expect them to score three? Not really. But with the way the penalty kill has gone this year, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised. Who scored? Marian Gaborik did. Who else? Dustin Brown. Lastly? Andrian Kempe.
  • Dustin Brown scored a second goal to make it 5-0 but nobody cared by that point, including the Oilers.
  • Pat Maroon got ejected from the game after connecting with Drew Doughty with a hit to the head. I doubt it was intentional, but Doughty left the game immediately and that may not be a good look with the folks at Player Safety. It was quite the sequence for the Big Rig as that fight resulted in a scrap with Derek Forbort after he jumped in to defend his teammate. As always, you can have another look at the fight over at HockeyFights.com.  
  • Cam Talbot is going to take a lot of heat for tonight’s game but I don’t think he’ll deserve all of it. Yes, he would want a goal or two back but his teammates completely failed him on the penalty kill. That said, Talbot needs to be better as finishing any night with a .848 save% isn’t where you want to be.
  • First time in his career that Connor McDavid went three straight games without scoring a point.
  • “Hey, Baggedmilk, how did the Oilers do on special teams tonight?” I thought you’d never ask:
    • PK: Allowed three goals. Perfect. (3/6)
    • PP: Score no goals. Even better. (0/3)
  • The NHL site had the giveaways tonight as 14-3 against the Oilers. Makes sense to me.
  • Shout out to Peter Chiarelli for building such a fine hockey team. Good job trading away a bunch of skill and doing absolutely nothing to replace it. Oh, and they still need help on the blue line. Great job.
  • For the fourth straight game, my stomach will get punished for the Oilers’ inability to get things done. As always, the #BeetCast will be up on my Twitter.



No Scoring


14:21 Los Angeles Andy Andreoff (2) ASST: Torrey Mitchell (3), Oscar Fantenberg (7) 1-0


01:36 Los Angeles PPG – Marian Gaborik (8) ASST: Tyler Toffoli (12), Trevor Lewis (9) 2-0
03:59 Los Angeles PPG – Dustin Brown (14) ASST: Anze Kopitar (24), Alec Martinez (8) 3-0
04:34 Los Angeles PPG – Adrian Kempe (12) ASST: Marian Gaborik (5), Jake Muzzin (19) 4-0
18:28 Los Angeles Dustin Brown (15) ASST: Anze Kopitar (25), Tanner Pearson (15) 5-0


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 01/02/2018, 9:30pm MST

    • Opi

      Dallas Eaking had a .409 win % with the hapless Oil in 2013-14 … not all that far behind McLellan with his .463 this season … remember how the Oil faithful ran Eakins out of town … can we expect the same thangie then … ??

      • MrBung

        Also, get a team into cap hell. Signature Chia in the current NHL. We get the Chia that wrecks teams and gets them into Cap hell. Unfortunately, we don’t get the Stanley Cup in Oil country. Just the Boston sewering phase.

  • Opi

    Hapless Oil give up five more tonight, that’s 18 over their last four, all losses of course. For a team that is supposed to be putting in herculean efforts to attempt to salvage this horrific season they sure like to mail in in a lot … pathetic …

  • Matt Turner

    How much do you have to pay guys to score goals?

    Ridiculous that this team can’t score one lousy goal in two games.

    I remember when watching the Oilers was fun.

  • MrBung

    This game officially puts the Oilers playoff talk to a close for this season. All further discussion should be around the upcoming draft and if this team is fixable. And how to get Chia out of here.

  • KMA

    It is difficult the find the right words, but your “the game is over” comment is close, not to mention the season. And this idea that certain players cannot be blamed for a loss is crap. Given the result tonight, each and every player should shoulder the blame for such a pathetic effort. And don’t get me started on coaches and management.

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    Season was over after Winnipeg game. Time to fire the GM. Oilers are going to have to trade one of either Drai or Nuge in off-season to fill hole on the wing, and I don’t trust Chia to do it. Dave Tippett or someone else needs to be brought in. This team can be fixed, but Chia dropped the ball. Thanks for the 2017 playoffs, Chia and McLellie, but in this business, we expect results.

    • MrBung

      Not quite. Too many believed in this garbage narrative (e.g. Stauffer) that this team would pull it out against the Pacific division. Unfortunately, there better sense didn’t clue in and they made way too much of this blip of a win streak in December. Also, gave too much weight to the fluke record against the Pacific last season.

  • morsecode89

    First, how can you have a historically bad Penalty Kill and keep the same formation? OR not change, remove, or fire the person in charge of it. They lost this close game because they gave up 3 pp goals on a 5 minute advantage and their sub 55% PK can’t stop a beach ball.

    Second, outside of game 1 against CGY it’s been apparent that this roster has some holes. And the man in charge of this roster continues to reside over a team with cap space, that has Connor McDavid on his final year of his ECL, while having actively made the team worse in the off-season.

    Third, because of those things – and back to back 5-0 drubbings at home against Western Conference rivals and now 4 losses in a row – this team is not making the playoffs. Therefore, peoples head should role.

    I like Todd. I liked Chia when he was brought in. But the results just aren’t even close to where they should be. This should be a team contending for their division, not a lottery pick.

    Shame on the Oilers. 11 of 12 years out of the playoffs. 4 first over draft picks. Selling 5 different stages of a rebuild, then landing the best drafted player since Crosby and not even having the smarts to be a playoff team in his 3rd year. This is horrawful. It’s the lowest of the low. Compare it to Eakins/MacT/Lowe era. Even the Quinn days. This team was suppose to win. And their failure is massive.

      • morsecode89

        I honestly thought the suffering was over. And that the time, money, and emotional investment was going to be worth it. Alas, this is the Edmonton Oilers. A franchise so incompetent, it’s become known for celebrating it’s history achieved nearly 3 decades ago and its history for first overall draft picks. One of which, despite his efforts, can’t single handedly undo years of nepotism, ‘hockey thought’ and terrible business decisions by an under-qualified management team.

        The Oilers and they’re owner truly are getting what they deserve. Us fans, not so much.

    • MrBung

      Bad coaching. Sorry. I get the Oilers incompetence has resulted in too many coaches. But the special teams is not just about the players but bad coaching. TMac’s days in Oil country are numbered. This is a wreck and he is lost along with the rest.

    • MrBung

      Hard to believe it has come to this. Where Oil fans would trade their team for Vegas’s……that is how bad this ownership, management, coaching and players have destroyed this once great franchise. Good job clowns.

  • Connor McJesus

    Maybe the PK sucks now cause we lost Hendricks, a real character player. I mean, it could be a number of things that are the result of both T.Mac and Chia. If putting McDavid and Draisaitl on the PK didn’t work the first 100 times, I don’t know why it would continue to work the next 100. Sure we got like 3 or 4 shorties with them on the PK, but is it worth it for the 100 PK goals against?

    McDavid seriously needs a sniper, someone whose only job is to score one-timers. Sekara had a wide open net in the first, Lucic had a semi-break cause of McDavid in the second, Pulijarvi had a wide open net in the third; that’s 3 free goals gone because our team can’t execute McDavid’s passes.

    Not to knock on Todd as a person, he seems to be a real honest worker, but I’m starting to think he’s a bad coach and I don’t know why or how he hasn’t been giving a solid wake-up call. Glad to see Nuge and McDavid together in the final frame but honestly, what’s the point now? I am so embarrassed to be an Edmonton fan living in Toronto right now, I wear the bright ass orange jersery all over U of T campus and I am so proud to be a fan but like I’m dying inside you guys.

    Davidson and Auvitu had great chemistry, Todd breaks them apart…? We had a sniff at playing coming back to .500, we had a fighting chance but Chia still hasn’t done anything to bolster the team for a run. We got all our health defencemen back and we get scored against 10-0; there’s just so much to complain about right now and I feel so sad. Plus I’m in Toronto all by myself this New Years, cheers.