GDB 40.0 Wrap Up: 2018 sucks too, Oilers lose 5-0

The Oilers should offer refunds for these last two games. Final Score: 5-0 Kings

After the horrible effort brought forth on New Year’s Eve, all I could think about was how things couldn’t get any worse (I was wrong, more on that later). In fact, I was banking on the idea that there’s no possible way that the Oilers could be that bad for a second straight game. Sure, the Kings are firmly in second place in the Pacific Division and came into tonight’s game with a 5-3-2 record in their last 10 games, but I still felt like the Oilers were going to be good for a comeback performance. Early on, the boys got off to a much better start against the Kings, and while they weren’t able to score in the opening frame, they were much more engaged and in the fight.

As the game progressed through 40 minutes, the Oilers and Kings matched up fairly well at even strength which created a vibe that this game was going to boil down to which squad got something done with their special teams. Both sides had their share of 5-on-5 chances and both got the great goaltending needed to keep those chances off the scoreboard. Unfortunately, that’s where the wheels fell off. With the gameplay as tight as it was, getting production on the power play was imperative and, as usual, the Oilers completely shit the bed and the Kings did not. Once again, they couldn’t score with the man advantage and their penalty kill would have been about as effective if they all laid down and cried.

In the end, the Oilers started the night with all kinds of promise but still found a way to crash and burn in a remarkable fashion. Happy day.

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For the first time in 2018, we wrap.


  • The game is over.
  • Connor McDavid’s work in the second period was one of the only highlights in this hockey game. I feel bad for him. He deserves better than this.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was easily one of the best Oilers tonight. He was all over the puck, generated his fair share of chances, was 62% in the faceoff circle, and would have scored if the Oilers had any luck at all.
  • The Oilers were 53% in the faceoff circle which is a big win, I know.
  • At least Jussi Jokinen didn’t score?
  • A lot of other fans are making fun of the Oilers right now, and rightfully so, but it won’t be so funny when we win the draft lottery again.


  • Andy Andreoff opened the scoring for the Kings after Kris Russell took a risky pinch at the opposing blue line, granting the visitors a 2-on-1 that they made no mistake on. Torrey Mitchell made a perfect pass to Andreoff and he walked in alone and finished.
  • With Pat Maroon taking a five-minute penalty it seemed like only a matter of time before the Kings would score a power play marker. Did I expect them to score three? Not really. But with the way the penalty kill has gone this year, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised. Who scored? Marian Gaborik did. Who else? Dustin Brown. Lastly? Andrian Kempe.
  • Dustin Brown scored a second goal to make it 5-0 but nobody cared by that point, including the Oilers.
  • Pat Maroon got ejected from the game after connecting with Drew Doughty with a hit to the head. I doubt it was intentional, but Doughty left the game immediately and that may not be a good look with the folks at Player Safety. It was quite the sequence for the Big Rig as that fight resulted in a scrap with Derek Forbort after he jumped in to defend his teammate. As always, you can have another look at the fight over at HockeyFights.com.  
  • Cam Talbot is going to take a lot of heat for tonight’s game but I don’t think he’ll deserve all of it. Yes, he would want a goal or two back but his teammates completely failed him on the penalty kill. That said, Talbot needs to be better as finishing any night with a .848 save% isn’t where you want to be.
  • First time in his career that Connor McDavid went three straight games without scoring a point.
  • “Hey, Baggedmilk, how did the Oilers do on special teams tonight?” I thought you’d never ask:
    • PK: Allowed three goals. Perfect. (3/6)
    • PP: Score no goals. Even better. (0/3)
  • The NHL site had the giveaways tonight as 14-3 against the Oilers. Makes sense to me.
  • Shout out to Peter Chiarelli for building such a fine hockey team. Good job trading away a bunch of skill and doing absolutely nothing to replace it. Oh, and they still need help on the blue line. Great job.
  • For the fourth straight game, my stomach will get punished for the Oilers’ inability to get things done. As always, the #BeetCast will be up on my Twitter.



No Scoring


14:21 Los Angeles Andy Andreoff (2) ASST: Torrey Mitchell (3), Oscar Fantenberg (7) 1-0


01:36 Los Angeles PPG – Marian Gaborik (8) ASST: Tyler Toffoli (12), Trevor Lewis (9) 2-0
03:59 Los Angeles PPG – Dustin Brown (14) ASST: Anze Kopitar (24), Alec Martinez (8) 3-0
04:34 Los Angeles PPG – Adrian Kempe (12) ASST: Marian Gaborik (5), Jake Muzzin (19) 4-0
18:28 Los Angeles Dustin Brown (15) ASST: Anze Kopitar (25), Tanner Pearson (15) 5-0


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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 01/02/2018, 9:30pm MST

    • MrBung

      Hard to believe it has come to this. Where Oil fans would trade their team for Vegas’s……that is how bad this ownership, management, coaching and players have destroyed this once great franchise. Good job clowns.

  • slats-west

    There are several things wrong with Oilers. Our ON has written on several. Biggest issue in my mind is Leadership. Connor will be great one day but he’s 20. A character leader who has won or nearly won the Stanley Cup is required. The thing that seems to have carried the Pens this long has been their leadership and Crosby has provided a lot of this. Who could they acquire? They need it fast.

  • nijames

    This is just not a good hockey team. No top pairing defensemen and not a lot of help for the best player on the planet. The Oil have decent 3/4 and 5/6 defense but absolutely no top pairing guys. When you ask a 3/4 guy to play 1/2 spots this is what you get. Poorly constructed team, last year many guys had career years and it was a mistake to think that would happen again. They had 0 man games lost to injury of their top players last year. Basically the stars aligned last year and we Oiler fans were hoping it was the real deal.

  • Neddd

    Goaltending, simple as that. Talbot is not playing at anywhere near the level he did last year and that’s the single biggest difference this year. It shows the most on the penalty kill which relies on goaltending the most. Also shows on the first goal of the game, teams who score first win almost 70% of the time, this largely comes down to goaltending.

    There’s no point dissecting and scrutinizing all areas of the team when the team’s goaltending is not up to par.

    • Conner's Better

      How is Letestu still on #1 PP. He is also our PP specialist. Doughty sold the hit and didn’t miss a shift. How was there not an instigator to LA on the fight. Mcdavid gets tripped and grabbed by LA and any retaliation we get a major. Maroon did exactly what 27 did for 99 but the new NHL won’t allow protection of the best player in the league. Glad Doughty is OK but how can he be back so soon after such a bad hit. Either NHL needs to change concussion protocol or Doughty was trying to draw a major. What did he think would happen for low hit on Mcdavid.

  • jultz=2cups!??

    Wow! I can’t believe all the “fire the gm and coach” comments on here. If my memory is correct, after the playoffs ended last spring, 95% of oilersnation wanted eberle traded for a bigger, bruising winger. 90% wanted Davidson back because “he’s better than gryba”. You guys have the team you all wanted for the past 5 years and now you’re all crying and complaining about the eberle trade. Why fire chia for building the team you’ve all been asking for? I’d especially like to hear spydyrs comments on this big bruising team he especially wanted. You guys are absolutely hilarious.

    • CMG30

      Sorry dude. It was only about 50% of people who wanted Eberle gone. It’s the GM’s job to ignore the stupid.

      The GM traded a top line winger for what’s amounting to cap space. He never even used that space. Now we’re missing the playoffs.

      Fire the GM.

    • @S_2_H

      Nice percentages you’re tossing out there – seems legit lol. I personally don’t know one person who wanted Eberle traded. We just wanted him to show up when it mattered, like we were told for all those years.

      • Leichs

        Lol don’t even try that BS. This whole site wanted Ebs gone by the end of the playoffs. But we expected more of a return or replacement than Strome. I’m still ok with Ebs gone. If anyone thinks having him here on the first line would put us any higher in the standings you are delusional. Because his pure grit and determination would prevent all these goals from getting scored on us right? Of course Ill take Ebs over Strome any day of the week. But I don’t miss his effort or lack of determination at all. He would just be the usual scapegoat if he was still here this year.

  • jultz=2cups!??

    And why does no one talk about how invisible oilersnations favorite #1 dman Oscar klefbom has been this year?? Ohhhh wait.. it must be Justin Schultz’ fault. ??

  • Chainsawz

    Listen BM and Nation Dan, we appreciate the effort with the beets and shorts but we all would understand if you want to drop it. Think of your health. We will not shame as we are laser-focused on shaming the Oilers.

  • I’m still holding out some hope but the math isn’t looking good and it’s a collective D+ for Management, Coaches and Players on the year. Why not an F-? B/C I watched a lot of Oilers hockey from 2010 – present. At least when this team IS playing well it’s not just exciting but magical and jaw dropping. Another summer of Puljujarvi development, a cap increase, a top prospect who can maybe play next year and cheap seats at the end of the season. These are the current positives. That is all.


      A city culture that makes players want to stick around. Their fans don’t boo the team every time something goes wrong, because their fans didn’t have to suffer through a decade of darkness. We’ve seen this before too many times. The atmosphere of the fans travels directly into the players heads. No way what so ever am I blaming the fans, but that’s what has happened. This has got to be one of the worst managed teams in North American professional sports. We’re still dealing with what Lowe and Tambellini started.

      • TDSM31

        I think the media also plays a big part. Players that have left here have said as much. It boils down to playing in a hockey mad market vs a non-traditional hockey market. You have to have the right type of individuals that can handle and even strive in it…clearly the Oilers don’t have a lot of these types of players.

  • ET

    Been an oil fan since their first year and watched the boys on the bus grow up and become winners, putting our fine city on the world map! Pretty sad that we still want to blame KLowe and MacT for the current mess. It’s real easy to place blame and I find myself doing it too. However it seems to me that just maybe this year is payback/karma on Katz for the way he lied and cajoled to council until he got the deal he wanted for our new arena. I was at the game last night with my son and he pointed to the lack of kids that come to games and wondered where all this family priced seating was that Katz and his cronnies promised us? I told him that was just a ploy that capitalists use to get their way. It’s called lying and screwing the people you are supposed to be partnered with. If anyone has seen Katz’s palacial suite at the very top of Rogers you will see where he spent his $100 million he was kicking in. It even has its own private elevator from the parkade! How on earth he got away with that is a tough question that we should be asking out current mayor about. Funny how none of our “local” media ever bring up these arena points???? I know Jason Gregor did at one time but never followed it through to get real answers, at least as far as I know. In any case let’s hope the rumors are true and Katz does sell all his assets up here and moves to LA to get into the movie business, we were better off when we had the Coliseum and owners who cared about more than the bottom dollar. At least back then we could rightfully convince ourselves that it was the payroll discrepancy in the league that started our DOD. Now with one of the richest owners in the league and the ability to spend to the cap we still suck. While I do have opinions as to what could help the Oil I am not a coach or a part of the team so mine just don’t matter. I do hope we will get an opportunity to watch this team grow under a new owner before Connor is gone. For now I will just enjoy watching Connor play as it is worth the price of admission all on its own. Go Oil!

    • dabears318

      wah wah this guys life is better than mine wah wah.

      katz has done extraordinary things for the city of edmonton in a ridiculously short time frame.

      what would you like? an arena atmosphere like they have here in Vancouver? Bandwagon fans and family friendly? It reminds me of a WHL game, not an NHL one.