GDB 41.0 Wrap Up: Undefeated in the Montoya era, Oilers win 2-1 in the shootout

It took them a while to get there, but the losing streak is over. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers in the shootout

Coming into tonight’s game, all I could hope for was that the Oilers would use the hatred built up in the playoffs to motivate them. Needless to say, these last four games have been anything but fun to watch and another one of those kinds of efforts could be enough to send Oilers fans off the deep end. On the bright side, the Oilers came to the rink ready to play tonight as they completely dominated the play throughout the first period. The downside, of course, is that they couldn’t score… again. After having such a good start to the game but being unable to capitalize, I was curious to see how the Oilers would respond as the game progressed into the second and third periods.

Unlike the gongshow we saw in the game against the Kings, the Oilers stuck with their game plan and weathered any storms thrown their way until finally being able to get their first goal in over seven periods of play. That was encouraging. What didn’t change, however, was the Oilers ability to finish a game with a clean sheet on the penalty kill. Quite frankly, when the Ducks scored that power play goal early in the third period I was worried that the wheels were going to fall off. Fortunately, on this night, the Oilers didn’t get burned by their special teams despite their mediocre 50% penalty kill and their inability to score on five power play attempts. In the end, this was a hard fought win considering the uselessness of the man advantage, and I credit the Oilers for their ability to shut down a solid hockey club and grind out a win.

The wrap.

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  • The Oilers had a really solid first period after finishing off their last game like a fart in the wind. They definitely needed a goal but they deserve some props for outshooting the Ducks 13-2 AND killed a penalty all in the same period.
  • Who had Kris Russell as the guy that would end the goalless drought of 2018? Matt Henderson! But seriously, though, the Oilers broke into the Ducks’ zone with numbers and Russell made no mistake of absolutely smashing home the puck after Connor set him up on a tee. McDavid had passing options and he found Russell coming in late and Russell ripped it. Great pass, solid finish. Russell also hit the post later and was all over the puck tonight. Great game by #4.
  • Connor McDavid was great from start to finish and it’s somewhat surprising that he only finished with one point in this game. He was dancing all over the ice with McDangles aplenty, and he was certainly worth the price of admission.
  • Cam Talbot was rock solid tonight and he was there to cover up any mistakes that were made in front of him, something that hasn’t always been happening. When he is on his game, he gives the Oilers a chance to bend without breaking rather than being deflated like a cheap party balloon. Quite frankly, this is the Dadbot the Oilers need on a nightly basis. If they get this kind of goaltending then they could start getting back into the mix. Big ‘if’ there, though. Talbot finished the night with 33 saves and a .971 save%.
  • Oscar Klefbom had a big game tonight. He quietly lead the team in ice time with 24:27, had four shots on goal, was a +1, and had three blocked shots.
  • Solid night for the Oilers in the faceoff circle as they were able to win 54% of the draws they took. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins led the way with a 70% success rate.
  • Quick shout out to Mike Cammalleri for that shootout move. Camo Larry had the dirty dangles going on that one.
  • Todd McLellan played his three big centres a lot tonight as McDavid, Nuge, and Draisaitl each had 24:04, 22:01, 21:45 minutes respectively.
  • The Oilers have traded a conditional 4th round pick to Montreal in exchange for goaltender Al Montoya.
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  • Did the penalty kill allow a goal tonight? Yes. But the PK wasn’t nearly as bad as the power play that, somehow, went 0/5 on the night. The Oilers had their share of chances but couldn’t cash anything in. I don’t know what has to change but it has to be something. BTW why was Puljujarvi not on the power play in overtime? He’s a rookie, I get it, but c’mon.
  • Remember how cool it was when the Oilers killed that penalty in the first period? Yeah, that was cool. Unfortunately, that was the only time they were able to kill a penalty as the Ducks tied the game up at one apiece on a Ryan Kesler power play goal, only 18 seconds into the third period. Now would be as good of a time as any to say that Ryan Kesler still has a punchable face.
  • How many lucky, turd saves did John Gibson get tonight? The guy could have been laying flat on his back and the Oilers would have found a way to hit him. The boys need to recalibrate their sights a little bit.
  • I would have liked to see the Oilers keep their foot on the gas a little bit more as the game progressed. After outshooting the Ducks 13-2 in the first period, they were outshot 15-8 and 13-11 in the second and third periods respectively.



No Scoring


11:58 Edmonton Kris Russell (3) ASST: Connor McDavid (32), Milan Lucic (18) 0-1
Report: 'The plan' is for 50/50 draws to return in Alberta for Stanley Cup Finals


00:18 Anaheim PPG – Ryan Kesler (1) ASST: Jakob Silfverberg (11), Cam Fowler (9) 1-1


No Scoring


Edmonton Missed – Connor McDavid
Anaheim Missed – Ryan Getzlaf
Edmonton Goal – Michael Cammalleri
Anaheim Goal – Rickard Rakell
Edmonton Goal – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Anaheim Missed – Jakob Silfverberg


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On this week’s Real Life Podcast, the boys talk about what the hell happened in the two weeks since our last episode, what would it take to get Erik Karlsson out of Ottawa, and wonder where the team will go from here.

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Source: NHL.com, Official Game Page, 01/04/2018, 10:15pm MST

    • Anton CP

      I still don’t know why that so many kept on calling Chiarelli is a bad GM. I mean, he has made mistakes and he may not be the best around the league (well,of course that seemingly most of the haters forgot that he was nominated for GM of the year) but he did inherit a DoD team so when you looked at the prospect pools that he does not have someone in minors that can be Guentzel or Sheary. Also, everyone that criticized the job he did back in Boston…well…if you are saying a team made to the cup finals twice, won once, and made to the playoffs seven straight years while the Oilers were rotting…is a terrible job then you do deserve a terrible team.

      • Big Nuggets

        but if we objectively analyze his moves they are not great. Hi sone redeeming quality for me is that he seems to appreciate Nuge’s game. It sounds like he could be getting better return for the big name players that were moved out. Pouliot buy-out was useless. Pitlick is better and cheaper than both Cagiula and Shlepy. Bottom line is I dont trust his jufldgement.

        • oilerjed

          I would beg to differ that Cags is worse then Pitlick, Sleppy maybe. If Pitlick could have had at least one solid season in ETown without and injury he would have been an ok 4th liner. Cagguila has shown himself more then capable to fill Pitlicks boots though, and at 100K more (if he makes his bonuses) Drake is a much better bet then a guy who couldn’t manage to find his way into the lineup after 6 years.

      • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

        Thank you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This fan base was LOVING Chiarelli because of how last season was going. Now that we’re struggling, all of a sudden EVERYTHING this guy does is bad and he should be canned.

        Look I get it, Chiarelli made a gamble and it didn’t pan out. But ya’ll are just looking for someone to blame at this point and you’re all pointing fingers at the wrong guy. Need I remind you that if our P.K. and PP were LEAGUE AVERAGE, we’d probably be in a playoff spot. As it has been pointed out, we’re one of the best teams when it comes to 5v5 play. Lay off the guy will yah?

      • Glencontrolurstik

        I agree Anton… In Boston he was basically under the thumb of Cam Neely…
        Chia was Neely’s puppet. What ever Neely wanted, Chia had to follow through.
        Everything, including the Seguin trade… Google it…
        Interesting press in Boston during that time & even some bonus you-tube stuff showing Neely making all the calls… It’s entertaining, but I felt for Chia in those vids, as he was trying to defend Seguin & make a case for keeping him. Neely didn’t want anything to do with it.
        In Boston, the fans wanted Neely’s head, not Chia’s…

  • NickL89

    Pretty alarming to see the shots taper down drastically after the 1st period. That said, when I would usually scream at Connor to shoot he managed to snap off some last minute beauties. Would love to see more of this.

  • All Ice

    Hate to be negative but the story here shouldn’t be “Oil win” but “Special teams cost oil regulation win.” 0 for 5 and 50% on the kill. This has to fixed.

    • Heschultzhescores

      I agree. Great that we got the win in a shootout, but it should have been in regular time…easily! Change up the PP already. What is this love affair with 4th line dude! TMAC is MR Stubborn! He has a bull sized head to go along with it, so it makes sense. Only thing is smoke missing from his nostrils. Seriously! quit being stubborn and get JP on the PP in place of Letestu and lets set that one-timer up like we know it can be done. Like every other team does with an actual sniper!

      • wiseguy

        Be patient, when Letestu will be traded by the deadline to a playoff team and TMac won’t have a choice but to put Jesse on the pp. Kinda like a Moneyball moment when Billy Beane trades Carlos Pena so the manager can’t play him at first base.

    • Heschultzhescores

      We need to be a bit pissed that the call on Lucic was BS in the first place. But we still need to kill a dang penalty once in a while when it matters. Someone needs to be fired! We are probably in a playoff position if we just have an average PP and PK

      • jultz=2cups!??

        How many points did Nuge and klefbom have on the pp last night? Should they be taken off the pp as well. Oh wait! I forgot. Oilersnation only picks one guy to blame When things are going bad. Classic oilersnation.

        • The only oiler coach

          Not blaming Letestu pal. Blaming the coaches for putting him in the wrong place. Lets be clear! If he is our best pp shooter we are in way more trouble than body thinks. We pay Nuge and Klefbom because they are way more talented. Do you think you can figure that out Mrs Letestu???

          • jultz=2cups!??

            I thought so oilerjed. He’s not getting the looks he got last year because the whole pp system looks different to me. They’ve gone away from onetimers and are looking for the high tip in close. If any of these geniuses would actually watch the game and not just one player they would see that. In all the pps the oilers had, excluding ot, I saw letestu set up for maybe 1 one timer. That’s on the set up guys, not letestu

  • Buckychoy

    Once again with some really lazy play by Leon in parts of the game. Really not driving play and earning that paycheque. that little lazy drop pass in OT made my heart skip thinking it was going the other way

  • Connor McJesus

    I’m glad the losing streak is over but a part of me feels like we have to lose 10 in a row before our coach staff changes, it seems as though the special teams is on point even in our win – keeping on making history, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had the worst PK and PP in NHL history, period, and still have our original coaching staff by the end of it.

    See, I’m not getting paid a 6-digit salary, but I know enough about angles to know that Leon Draisaitl isn’t going to score as he keeps one-timing from the redline, I can imagine Woodcroft saying, “Leon, keep doing what you’re doing cause it isn’t working”.

    I fee like the logic of this coaching staff is “if it’s broke, let’s not fix it”. Sometimes T.Mac should think outside the box, maybe he only thinks Letestu can be our triggerman, but God knows he hasn’t trade anyone else. Hell, let JJ have a try, let Strome have a shot, if it doesn’t work then go back to Letestu. Seeing us go 5-0 on the PP, with 1 being in OT made me cringe beyond belief.

    • Heschultzhescores

      Well said. It’s really just a battle of TMac being a stubborn fool. He was just stubborn before, but now he’s proving he’s a fool by continuing to do what isn’t working. It’s not like it’s only been a short sample period…it’s been not working ALL year! Wake up, buddy! Take your stubborn angry face off!

    • The only oiler coach

      I couln’t agree more. move out to better scoring positions. It would mean moving the puck faster and shoot quicker! oh yah, maybe that’s what good pp’s do!

  • OilersGM

    BM don’t be surprised McDavid only had one point lol. All jokes aside it happens when he has no one to finish empty netters most of the times, seriously he should be leading the league in scoring by a mile he desperately needs a sniper. More goals more points more wins.

  • jfk11

    McDavid and the Pylons hang on for a win.

    97 should have 10 points over the past 3 games alone.

    Oilers have been among the worst managed teams in pro sports over the past 10 years. Not much has changed other than landing 97.

  • Heschultzhescores

    If the coaching staff would just follow the advice of the intelligent posters on this site (the ones not here for Flame and fortune) we’d be in a playoff position right now!

  • Ted

    Totally agree with you on the no Puljujarvi in overtime! Instead playing Strome what a waste of time that move was! Lastly how come nobody’s mentioned the zebras fail to improve into 2018 horrible reffing and I only caught the third period. Yup just in time to see the PK work it’s magic! Bright side Canada looked good!

  • hagar

    Not really anything to talk about anymore. The rest of the season comes down to completely random performances from this team, there is zero point in even speculating.

    I am not sure if there is a term for completely zero trending odds, but the oilers aren’t even a coin flip team. There is absolutely nothing that indicates their performance from one game to the next.

    • Dan 1919

      Exactly, I find it funny too when people give their winning percentage numbers of .6 or whatever and are so focused on they have to play at that pace period. The reality is if a team in the Oilers position makes the playoffs it will take a huge winning streak of like 8 straight or 17 of 20, then they dog fight at 500 for a week or two then win a few more. Obviously will average out to that but it definitely won’t just be a steady pace.

  • DXB

    Strome had a tough night, puck was dyeing on his stick all night and McL had him out there at the most critical times at the end of the game. Coaching is hurting this team and has all year. Not sure there is a better option at the moment but if there is we better jump on it before Calgary does.

  • GK1980

    Fans are already off the deep end. If anyone really thinks playoffs are a reality they need to give their heads a shake.

    But McDavid looks like a man who wants to single handily get this team into the playoffs. A miracle?

  • Keg on Legs

    Letestu looked lost and slow tonight, has no hands; so shouldn’t be on the PP. He also seems to get the puck a lot when he has to dangle around someone, PP will have no success with this formula.
    They also need movement on the PP, that OT PP was atricious, Drai ahd his feet in cement, you’re pretty easy to check when you stand almost motionless for 2 min!!!!
    If Lucic is on the PP, his only job is net front presence, no need for him to be handling the puck near the blue line, PP fail!!!

    • The only oiler coach

      I’m not looking to trash the oiler coach,,,but “come on Man” Letestu should be done on the power play. The coaches get blinders with some players. Fourth line centre the shooter on the PP. Yah you see that everywhere in the league. Let him play 7 fourth line minutes and work hard on the PK. STOP MISS CASTING PLAYERS

  • 40 Year Re-build

    How many points do you think they need to make playoffs? 95 is the statistical average to get in. So that is 28-13. Your magic number has been 1 off for a while now.

  • albertamann

    I noticed that Mcdavid had a black eye last night. Shocked i havent heard a rumour that Poolparty slept with mcdavids girlfriend and then punched out mcdavid. We do tend to believe every rumour around here no matter how stupid!

  • Dan 1919

    They need a new power play coach. Everyone knows there’s no chance McDavid shoots so all the opposing PK does is monitor him while the other guys stay very tight to guys who are about to give the puck, McDavid passes it to a half covered guy where the play goes to die. The coach should pick this obvious stuff up. McDavid should get a quick shot off a minimum of once a PP to back the team up and open up better opportunities for himself. It’s not like they score anyway so put in a policy, McDavid gets at least one 1-timer off in the first 30 seconds, make the other team guess again. Right now they’re just positive of how to defend the Oilers PP, it’s pathetic.

  • Oiler Al

    You have to love the energy and desire to score and win that McDavid brings to the game, unlike Slugo Draisaitl . Ive seen more from a frozen horse turd. Is hurt,ill.lazy, or what?No smile ever on his face. Appears not to talk to other players etc.At 8.5 million bucks he should be having fun out there.Tons of skill but no personality….PS: I am not remotely suggesting or think there was that rumored issue, but this guy needs a wake up call.Maybe hes just a weird cat with tons of money.

  • The only oiler coach

    Not blaming Letestu pal. Blaming the coaches for putting him in the wrong place. Lets be clear! If he is our best pp shooter we are in way more trouble than body thinks. We pay Nuge and Klefbom because they are way more talented. Do you think you can figure that out Mrs Letestu???

  • Vanoil

    How about a little class — did you need to make the comment and photo. The kid may have not been ready but he gave it what he had — don’t hang it on him. At least he has class (and a hell of a bigger pay-cheque to go with it).