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Oilers activate Al Montoya, place Laurent Brossoit on waivers

According to the Edmonton Oilers’ Twitter account, the team has activated the newly acquired Al Montoya from the injured reserved and have also placed Laurent Brossoit on waivers.

In a move that should surprise no one (trade aside), the Oilers have activated their shiny new (slightly used) backup goalie off the injured reserve and have placed Laurent Brossoit on waivers to clear the required space. For Brossoit, the news that he’s going back to Bakersfield (if unclaimed) has to feel like a kick to the pills. The guy was living his dream for 41 games and earning an NHL paycheque, only to have it disappear in a flash. That said, results matter.

While Brossoit certainly hasn’t been a show stopper between the pipes, and I think he’d probably admit that too, the move is still confusing considering that Al Montoya’s stats are actually worse than LB’s this season. Clearly, Chiarelli is betting on a rebound. Historically, Montoya has a track record of providing some adequate backup goaltending but was that worth giving up assets to acquire? And with an extra year remaining on his contract, Montoya looks like he will be slotted in as the backup for next season as well. So what does that mean for Brossoit? Are we giving up on him? Was the Ladi Smid trade all for not?

The organization will say that they need Brossoit to get some playing time (which is true) but to pick up a 32-year-old backup with another year left on his deal makes this a head scratcher. Goalies with comparable numbers tend to hit the waiver wire quite frequently so you have to wonder why make this trade now? At face value, this seems like a lateral move with an added risk of losing Brossoit to a waiver claim, albeit unlikely. In the end, Chiarelli must value Montoya’s track record as a proven, veteran backup goaltender more than allowing Brossoit to work through the issues of a young goaltender.

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Will the bet pay off? The Montoya era could start as early as tomorrow so I guess we’ll see.


Stats (2017/18) Laurent Brossoit Al Montoya
Record 3-7-0-1 2-1-0-0
GAA 3.22 3.77
Save% .866 .863
Minutes  708 223

Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 01/06/2018, 10:27am MST

  • Spydyr

    Not sure how this deal makes sense. If Brossoit gets claimed he has effective traded a young goalie with potential and a fourth round draft pick for an over the hill career back up.

    • Dan 1919

      Hopefully that’s not the case. On one hand you can’t let in that many horrendous weak goals in a few games and say, “Oh well, hopefully you do better next time bud.” A professional sports team needs constant accountability. That being said I thought Eberle and the team needed a fresh start but that doesn’t mean literally give the guy away. All Chiarelli moves make me nervous at this point.

  • Gary

    A flying drop kick right to the balls of Brossoit. Under handed and totally unnecessary at this point, terrible timing, If Brossoit failed badly in his next start it would have been a totally justifiable move. But you can not justify this, its simply under handed.

  • he shoots he scars

    With Montoya and Brossoit, there will be competition at training camp for #2 spot. Montoya may be a temp, he could be traded to a playoff team that loses a goalie to injury or a team wanting depth in the next 7 weeks. Brossoit needs games at this point; at 27 games and .899sv% he won’t be claimed.

  • Oilerfromthestart

    Why not get a goalie capable of pushing Talbot not letting him know he has the number one spot regardless of how he plays. Talbs is hut and Broissoit strughle but play back t back knstead of Ellis getting a shot. Then LB plays pretty decent for a few games but Talbs comes back so Chia gives up a pick for a goalie at would have been waived. At a loss how anyone can see Chia as anything other than a trainwreck in a suit.

    • Dean S

      Pushing Talbot? He falls to his knees by himself. Geez I cant believe how many Oiler fans think Talbot is an playoff caliber goalie. 41st best SV% in the NHL. Come on man.

      • NoBuBlackOPS

        Ya Talbot has not been good this year thats probably putting it mildly. If he’s as you put “not a playoff goalie” how did the oil come one win away from the conference finals last year. Seeing as the team is largely the same team as last year?

        • Dean S

          He lost a game 7-0 against the banged up Sharks, and also blew a 3 goal lead with under 5 mins against the Ducks. With a consistent goaltender they would have won the Ducks series in 6 games.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I think L.B. will be claimed. We will have lost a good, young goalie and gotten nothing back in return. A dumb, dumb move by the Oilers. This is plain stupidity!

    • Dean S

      R U dreaming, why would Brossoit be claimed? Ask your self this question, of the other 30 teams in the NHL, where would Brossoit be better than the current backup? Go to NHL.com and look at the stats. #56 in SV% of 58 (min 105 games played).

  • braddos

    After this move I really can’t validate Chiarelli keeping his job much longer here. How can we keep getting person after person who can’t properly evaluate talent. Montoya is about as bad of a back-up as the league can offer, not even back on the ice from injury. I’m almost ready to ask for 6 rings back. And I was “ok” with the Larsson Hall move so this is new ground for me…

    • Svart kaffe

      So… THIS is the breaking point for you? Waiving a guy who isn’t even the best goalie in Bakersfield and getting a well-known backup who is likely to start less than 7 games?

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    P.S. I hope I’m wrong and he doesn’t get claimed, but fear I am right. You watch, L.B. will be a good goalie at the NHL level – it just takes time.

  • Finnaggled

    all the hate for this move makes no sense, although I will admit it’s a month late.
    broissoit has no future in the nhl. none. his positioning and rebound control are atrocious, and simply having great reflexes unfortunafely isn’t enough at the nhl level.
    also the writer says we gave up “assets” to get this guy, no, we gave up a 5th rd pick as there is no way he plays more than 7 games.
    he has bad numbers in only 4 games this year, goaltenders usually drop off around 35 and he has a good track record. it’s as safe a bet as youll get with backup tenders.
    although, once again, a month late.

    • NoBuBlackOPS

      So a 5th RD pick is not an asset? Strange Ethan bear seems like a pretty good asset to have with a 5th RD pick. Also Krill Maksimov seems like a solid asset to have with a 5th RD pick. So by your logic the oilers would have been better off not drafting those two players?

    • Oilerz4life

      A little harsh, he’s still developing, I’ll admit his glove hand is pretty bad but ouch, knee jerk reaction, Dubnyk used to have “no future” either for an Oiler goalie. Edmonton is a goalie graveyard that’s all, shatters a goalies confidence and leaves them in shambles ever more, this place ruins goalies.

      • Oilerz4life

        It’s called development, look at this Montoya guy, career back up, still an NHL career. I played goal until my back gave out. It takes years and years to develop a goalie. I wouldn’t say he’s finished but after playing nets I have a lot more respect for goalies even guys like Khabibulin, the wear and tear playing goal has on a goalie is unbelievable, especially the mental aspect and pressure on a goalie the whole teams record weighs on your shoulders. Probably the best thing for LB is to get some actual games in, but I don’t agree with your assessment at all, especially since the team went on a hot streak with him before Talbs came back. I think he has future just maybe not today.

  • YoungerThanSpidey

    Oilers have been stymied several times this year by a backup goalie coming in and standing on his head, making the most of his opportunity. Broissoit never had that game or two. He never scared the competition. Maybe Montoya can do that.

  • Scott44

    the jets have a better goalie just sitting on the bench going to waist now there is a deal there being the jets have no spots open witch means you could steal him out of there.

  • grumpyKoala

    Anyone here so had watched Alvaro played before know that he a superbe 2nd. When used from time to time he had better stats than price in Montreal. Every time time Price was out from an extended period he collapsed. Generally speaking, the more a goalie play and the better he gets. I am happy if he turn out to be just the opposite and give us a couple of good ones. Also goalie are voodoo, I am playing the position myself, someday I feel fantastic and the goal poor in, the others I feel horrible and nothing pass. May we win tonight! GLHF!