The Oilers net is empty and….

It can be frustrating to watch the Oilers at times, to say the least. At some points, there’s a slow start, followed by desperation towards the end of the game as the clock ticks down. I’ve gotten used to it this year. You have to, or else you’ll be too frustrated to watch it happen. Last…


WWYDW: You have one question for Peter Chiarelli

Peter Chiarelli made his way through the gauntlet this week as many fans in Edmonton are calling for his head due to the Oilers’ incredibly disappointing 2017-18 season. He faced questions from multiple reporters in regards to why the Oilers season has gone the way it has and how he plans on moving forward.


Predators 2, Oilers 1 post-game Oil Spills: A game of inches

Another day, another frustrating loss. The Oilers have just one win in five games in 2018 and the faint hope that they had built up around making an unlikely playoff run prior to the Christmas break has now completely dried up. The team didn’t play poorly, but they just weren’t good enough, which has been…


Forecasting the Second Half

The Oilers entered the second half of the season with playoff hopes dashed and fans enraged. Offseason bets haven’t worked out, and the long-term effects of downgrading in skill each summer are showing.