WWYDW: You have one question for Peter Chiarelli

Peter Chiarelli made his way through the gauntlet this week as many fans in Edmonton are calling for his head due to the Oilers’ incredibly disappointing 2017-18 season. He faced questions from multiple reporters in regards to why the Oilers season has gone the way it has and how he plans on moving forward.

On Monday, he spoke with Bob Stauffer on Oilers Now and Ryan Rishaug on TSN, on Tuesday during the first intermission of the Oilers’ game against Nashville he spoke with Gene Principe, and prior to all of that, he sat down with Mark Spector of Sportsnet. Good content boy Baggedmilk dissected both Stauffer and Rishaug’s radio interviews earlier this week and other good content boy Nation Dan clipped down Principe’s video segment for us.

But after all of that, we didn’t get a hell of a lot out of the Oilers General Manager and President of Hockey Operations. Such as you’d expect from a lawyer with a degree from Harvard, Chiarelli managed to sidestep most questions without revealing too much detail, both about the decisions from the past and the choices to be made in the impending future.

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What we did get, though…

  • He feels the heat and believes that Oilers fans deserve better.
  • He has full confidence in head coach Todd McLellan. That extends to the assistant coaches too, as the staff, to him, should be viewed as a unit.
  •  He didn’t admit to having regrets about how he handled the off-season.

That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday question.

The waiting is the hardest part...

Let’s say you have an off the record one-on-one interview with Peter Chiarelli in which you can ask him any hockey-related question. You can’t publish the information and it won’t be televised or put on the radio. You can’t even tweet it out. But you get one question and it’ll be answered.

What do you ask? What questions did the reporters who grilled (and, in some cases, lobbed like it was a friendly game of slow pitch) miss? What do you want to know about what the guy running this team has going through his head?

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