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Report: Anton Slepyshev on trade block

According to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, earlier today Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli informed general managers around the NHL that Anton Slepyshev is available in a trade.

The 23-year old Russian winger was selected in the third round of the 2013 draft by the Oilers. In 70 NHL games, he has scored only 14 points and in 18 games this season, he only has three points.

Slepyshev recently became waiver eligible and is in the final year of his ELC.

Throughout his time with Edmonton, he has struggled to find a consistent spot in the lineup more often that not finding himself as the team’s 13th forward.

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The return is likely to be underwhelming given his inability to get a foothold on an active playing role with the Oilers. What he does have going for him is that he is a young, still developing player with years of RFA eligibility left.

While I don’t see him getting more than a mid-round pick in return, I wonder if he could be a piece added to a larger deal.

Yesterday we saw the Coyotes trade Anthony Duclair and Adam Clendening for Richard Panik and Laurent Dauphin. The return was underwhelming but given that the Coyotes were looking to move him for two years his value was pretty low.

Duclair in his own right has 190 NHL games and 81 points under his belt and is a year younger than Slepyshev.

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All in all, don’t expect Slepyshev to net you a game changing player or pick.

Anton Slepyshev’s season so far

2017-18 18 1 2 3 -4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 21 4.8
NHL Career 70 5 9 14 -4 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 81 6.2

Source: Mark Spector, Verified Twitter Account, 1/11/2018, 2:05pm MST

  • Mcjesus97

    I read here somewhere that slepyshev has a high upside? Seriously he has 14 points in 70 nhl games sure he is playing 4th line minutes and is still young but seriously I don’t think he has a higher ceiling.

    • Dan 1919

      When he puts in his full effort he is an impact bottom six energy guy, as we’ve seen for streaks and in the playoffs last year. Unfortunately, if you have to convince a guy to give his full effort who can hardly stay in the lineup as is, well that pretty much tells you what is value is

    • LAKID

      If they would play him and give him some line mates maybe we could see if he has upside. Injured a good part of the season so trade him Chia for a 4th round pick, you know the pick that you gave away for Montoya ( who would have been put on waivers). Stop Chia from making bad deals!

  • Quoteright

    Who has slept ever got to play with consistently? Same answere as everyone else. Nobody is ever left with line mates to make it through tough times. The team has had the blender on high speed for 11 years. Maybe the development issues lie not in the AHL, but they are here in the fishbowl inspired continual blender that is the Oilers roster and lineup. Last year was good and they still got rid of 3 of their longest standing players ( Ebs, pouliot, Hendricks)and our two ready prospects osterle and pitlick.
    Same story after every year of darkness… is it pete’s fault
    All the other coaches..
    Or maybe the lack of patience is a byproduct of a fan base that cares toooo much and is submerged in an abyss of failed expectations.
    Performance is directly related to confidence
    Our team does not have it
    Our fans don’t have it
    And the revolving door that is the oilers management doesn’t have it
    Hell the owner can’t even speak in public
    How many amazing players do we have to ruin before something changes?
    I believe that in other markets when teams suck, the tickets become cheap, allowing new excited cheering fans to have a cheap nice cheap night out.
    Edmonton goes through the worst decade of professional hockey and raised its prices the entire time.
    There is more atmosphere at some funerals than Rogers place. It’s hard to cheer when you might spill the ten dollar beer your holding and the night is setting back 3-4-5 bills.
    And that is why we don’t chear
    And that’s why they suck at home
    First time poster
    Trash away

    • ET

      There will be no trashing from me quoteright as I agree with most of your take. I am just needing to know where you found a $10 beer at Rogers???? Same beer I pay $7.50 for at Commonwealth goes for $10.50 at Rogers but no Katz is not greedy??!!! Is he???!!!

  • 4.8 shot% this year? Yikes. That’s horrendous. That said, the guy hasn’t even played a full season and he’s on the trading block. My guess is that his practice habits aren’t impressing McLellan.

    The funny thing is management and coaching thought Slepyshev could play on the 2nd line.

    • LAKID

      McLellan isn’t impressing anyone right now and Sleppy has not been given a legit shot. My guess is his practice habits are fine but he cannot find a spot because his ELC will be over and will have to be put on waivers.

  • ET

    Slep is just one more good prospect ruined by this lousy coaching and management team. Hopefully he will be picked up by a team that will give him an actual opportunity. Can’t honestly say he ever got that here.