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Report: Anton Slepyshev on trade block

According to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, earlier today Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli informed general managers around the NHL that Anton Slepyshev is available in a trade.

The 23-year old Russian winger was selected in the third round of the 2013 draft by the Oilers. In 70 NHL games, he has scored only 14 points and in 18 games this season, he only has three points.

Slepyshev recently became waiver eligible and is in the final year of his ELC.

Throughout his time with Edmonton, he has struggled to find a consistent spot in the lineup more often that not finding himself as the team’s 13th forward.

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The return is likely to be underwhelming given his inability to get a foothold on an active playing role with the Oilers. What he does have going for him is that he is a young, still developing player with years of RFA eligibility left.

While I don’t see him getting more than a mid-round pick in return, I wonder if he could be a piece added to a larger deal.

Yesterday we saw the Coyotes trade Anthony Duclair and Adam Clendening for Richard Panik and Laurent Dauphin. The return was underwhelming but given that the Coyotes were looking to move him for two years his value was pretty low.

Duclair in his own right has 190 NHL games and 81 points under his belt and is a year younger than Slepyshev.

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All in all, don’t expect Slepyshev to net you a game changing player or pick.

Anton Slepyshev’s season so far

2017-18 18 1 2 3 -4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 21 4.8
NHL Career 70 5 9 14 -4 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 81 6.2

Source: Mark Spector, Verified Twitter Account, 1/11/2018, 2:05pm MST

  • jultz=2cups!??

    I’d be excited if it was klefbom on the block. Unless he starts playing like last year but I’m thinking last year was an anomaly for him. Trade him while he still has some value.

    • crabman

      I’ll give you Klefbom is having a bad year but I wouldn’t be so quick to give up on a 24 year old Dman who hasn’t quite hit the 300 NHL game mark. Klefbom has all the tools to be a very effective top 4D for years to come and he is on a great contract if he can live up to that. To give up on a player like that in a year that most of the team is underperforming has a huge potential to blow up in our face.
      That being said with Sekera, and Russel signed long-term and Nurse due for an extention and playing like a long-term piece of the team Klefbom might be the odd man out on the left side. I would entertain moving him for a simular player age/contract but plays right side and preferably some more offense. otherwise I don’t think trading him makes us better.

        • crabman

          @julz You’re right he would have more than 300 games. but he doesn’t and that’s the line in the sand most experts use to see what kind of player you got. I don’t like the idea of walking away from our best Dman from last year when he is just about to enter his prime.
          @GK1980 I don’t love the idea of trading Slepyshev right now unless he is just a part of a bigger deal. Not because his upside is so high but because the return for will more than likely be a similar tweener type player or a later draft pick. I would rather keep the player and maybe he find some consistency and play a depth roll. 4th liner who can play up for brief stints. he can skate, for check and will fire the puck. odds are we get a pick that turns into nothing or a player that if we are lucky is just a lateral move. No point in moving him.

    • otter2233

      You piss and moan about “typical Oilersnation” running good players out of town now you suggest doing the same to Klefbom like he’s the only player struggling this season, typical bradleypi hypocrisy… Congrats on at least one post without generalizing or insulting every other Oiler fan though for a change! Good job sport!

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Lol. Who’s more important to the team than klefbom that is “struggling”? He’s supposed to be the #1 on this team and he’s playing like a number 6. No points and he’s clearly scared of contact out there. Maybe he’s injured, but lots of guys play hurt. You guys never gave jultz the benefit of the doubt. Why does Oscar get a free pass? Please elaborate.

        • crabman

          @Julz, Talbot. Sekera hasn’t played to his ability since returning.(he gets a pass because you can’t expect him to jump in mid season at mid season form). His line mate from last year Larson has struggled. The team defence as a whole has been bad.
          I gave Shultz the benefit of the doubt. I also knew he was asked to.do too much too soon and expected to be a #1 all situations Dman. That was never going to happen here and will never happen any where. Pittsburgh positioned him in the line up where he belonged and he flourished. good for him. but Shultz didn’t just have a half a bad season here. His confidence was shot when he left her and it was almost 2 full seasons in a row of poor hockey. Klefbom isn’t at that point yet. this time next year we may be in the same position and the comparison can be better made. But we could also see the same player Klefbom has last year, or better, and we will all be happy he is still an Oiler on a great contract.
          everything people are saying about Nurse this year was being said about Klefbom just 9 months ago. and this time last year there were plenty of people questioning if Nurse could ever turn into the player he is this year. Young Dman rarely progress in a straight line. I hope this year is just a hiccup in a long good career as an Oiler for Klefbom.

          • jultz=2cups!??

            Lol. You and crab man do realize that klefbom was jultz’ partner for a season? And just like classic oilersnation, you guys are twisting the story to make it sound like you guys were cheering for j Schultz when actually all you guys were blaming him for every loss and plain out disrespecting him every night. But klefbom was right beside him fishing pucks outta the net as well. You can’t fool me crabman and otter. Klefbom has had 1 decent season. Schultz has 2 Stanley cups. Lololol. Trade klefbom now! He’s injury prone and very average. Just saying

        • otter2233

          Free feel to actually read Crabman’s well thought out response to you as well so I don’t have to copy and paste it for you to ignore just like you typically do bradley…

          • jultz=2cups!??

            Klefbom is sitting at a cool -40 at even strength for his career and -12 this year. Wat a player!! Love his abs tho. Right boys? ??. Oh. Justin Schultz is +30 since the oilers traded him. Lol. And probably a tonne of powerplay goals on top of that. So yaaa. There ya go

    • crabman

      @julz, so you are talking about the time when Klefbom was a rookie playing with Shultz? are you blaming Klefbom for Shultz having a hard time because he played better when leaving the Oilers? that’s what it sounds like. Or do you blame the Oilers for his difficulties since he played better once he left here? And if you are such a Shultz fan and feel the Oilers trading him was a mistake seeing as he played well once properly used why are you in such a rush to run another young Dman out of town just half a season after a breakthrough season?
      Changing the subject from the merits of trading Klefbom to a “poor Shultz got a raw deal here” conversation shows your bias towards certain players not mine. and I did cheer for Shultz. He was a player on my favorite team and would have loved to see him flourish here and help us win.

  • OldOilFan

    Sleps > am I missing something? The guy [reportedly] has speed, great hands, great shot – yet he’s amounted to very little? What do you [local] guys see and think about him???

    • Rock11

      The coach doesn’t trust him. Not sure why. He has been generally as productive as a guy like Caggiula and has more upside imo. Pretty sure Cags has pictures of Tmac kicking puppies or something. Not sure how else to explain all the rope he gets while Sleppy can even get into the lineup.

    • Spaceman Spiff

      Very inconsistent player. Long stretches of invisibility, followed by flashes that have you wanting more. In his first season last year, he looked like a lost puppy for long stretches of the regular season.

      For some reason, McLellan dressed him for the playoffs and damned if he didn’t score three goals in 12 games. Many of us (myself included) seemed to think that was some sort of turning-point – his coming-out party. Then he broke his foot while training in the off-season and that set him back to the point he’s been the Invisible Man again. There’s probably an NHL player there, but only if he can increase his intensity and who knows if that’s possible.

      If/when he’s traded, you will read and hear lots of complaining on here that the return won’t be enough based on those flashes (and because Chiarelli Derangement Syndrome is spreading like an epidemic), but … meh. You can put him in the same group of players on this team (Cagguila is another) who could be moved out and replaced by someone else.

      However, in all likelihood, Slepyshev’s back in the KHL within the next 18-24 months.

        • jultz=2cups!??

          Lol. Mr bung is comparing slepyshev to a playoff hero like Pisani. Or are you stuffing off what Fernando did in an epic run to game 7 of the SC final? He woulda been a conn smythe candidate and you’re comparing him to slepyshev. Hahahaha. You should just go back to complaining about the oilers and leave actual hockey talk to the big boys ???

    • Oiler Al

      There are hundreds if his type in hockey,,,,, speed,shot,skill etc….. they just cant process the game.Because you are fast, dosent mean you can follow the quickness of the NHL game.Klinghammer,Parikinen,even #44 come to mind.

  • Jofa

    I shudder now when I hear the Oilers may be making another trade.

    Slepyshev seemed to be trending in the right direction last year, but hey, let’s burn it all down and start over, right? Maybe Chia can package him with Nuge for another first round draft pick who’s failing to live up to expectations elsewhere. How can that possibly go wrong?

    Can someone please take the keys from Pete before we’re past the point of no return… or are we already there?

  • Consultant

    I fail to see why we need to trade him, give him time, let him develop.
    I heard previously he had the best shot release on the team next to McDavid. Geez I wonder which team could use a shooting winger…
    Fits the Oiler model, develop them for 5 years and if it looks like they won’t score 30 goals then ship them off for peanuts.

  • Heschultzhescores

    The kid has hardly had a chance imo. I still think the kid has potential. He’s fast, works hard, and has great shot. How many guys do we have on this team that have those abilities?

  • Cowboy Bill

    I would think it’s Maroon , Letestu , Strome , Caggiula , Slepyshev and I’d also throw in Benning & Broissoit , maybe even Klefbom . Not just Slepyshev . That is if they are actuallt serious about making a trade .

  • BringitbacklikeSlats

    Another failed cosmonaut. With few exceptions (Samsonov) do Russians ever work out here?
    I mean I know that country has produced some otherworldly talent but man we have zero luck in drafting them going years back. Maybe management should devote some better resources to scouting the KHL and hire a team to make their transition to playing over here more comfortable. I don’t know what the problem is, but if you put all the Russian picks in line even in the last 10 years it represents a collosal waste of draft picks.
    I’d be tempted to advise that perhaps the resources might be better left to keeping a better eye on the Finns and Swedes. We can’t seem to land enough high calibre DMen through the draft and develop and every year it seems there’s a plethora of them from that part of the world.

    • puckle-head

      This prompted me to look up the Oilers scouting department to see if they had someone in charge of International scouting. No specific regional scouting information was provided but I saw a lot of last names that looked like nepotistic hires to me, but of course I don’t know any of these guys personally.

  • Gravis82

    Can’t we stage an intervention as stakeholders of the team to prevent the current management group from making any decisions on trades or signings until we figure out exactly what is going on right now?

    • jultz=2cups!??

      How does this comment get all cheers lol. It’s absolutely ridiculous lol. Entitled classic oilersnation wants to run the team!! You deserve it gravis!! Katz should be phoning you and asking your opinion!! Lol. I’m changing classic oilersnation to “entitled” oilersnation now! Hahaha! Because loyal fans like you guys deserve nothing but the best!! Hahahaha!! Yeesh

  • Homer

    Ugh this kinda bs makes us look like a big flipping joke! This franchise is truly gotta be the worst run team in history and after being a fan for over 32 years I’m close to done with them. The NHL has done its best to slow down the game and make it as boring as humanly possible and the Oilers have been so poorly managed over the years( remember when we didn’t have an affiliate?) that they’ve quite literally sucked all the joy out of watching them. How’d we make the second round last year and this year we can’t even get out of our own way? Katz wasn’t the saviour we hoped for because ever since he’s owned them this franchise has become an ever bigger joke

  • bcoil

    I remind every one that Peter C told us all that this was going to be a 5 year plan to build a team that would be a constant contender not a one year wonder ,We are at a year 2.5 half way there .So lets all relax a little .Last year we over preformed this year we are underperforming .The journey to success is not a straight line it never is i am sure every one on here knows or should know that .

  • GK1980

    Of course he would be. Never got a fair shot. I’m sure like Pitlick, Oesterle and Reider, he will have a successful NHL career elsewhere. What’s wrong with management? Ever since they traded Ray Whitney I have no faith.


    PC made that statement strictly to save his own ass, while giving himself 5 years of job security…tic toc Pete, times almost up for you and the regurgitated bullcrap you spew.

  • Jaxon

    I’m on the “I think it’s a mistake” side of the ledger. I think Slepyshev still deserves some more time and opportunity. /this could be one they regret. He has been mishandled his entire career going back to Russia when he started playing against 40-year-old men at 15 years old before he was drafted 1st overall in the KHL.

    That said, I could see a contender like Tampa taking a run at him. Both Kucherov and Vasilevsky have played with him in the past. If they vouch for his character and talent, you could see Yzerman seriously considering it. Yakupov and Zadorov in Colorado have also played with him but I don’t think they’re a contender nor do I think Yakupov holds much sway as a reference. Zadorov moreso, but still not much. Buchnevich on the Rangers also played with him. So, my bet is Tampa Bay acquires him for… I have no idea what they’d give up for him. Probably not much.

  • Mahaloeh

    Really hope Anton gets an opportunity somewhere else that he hasn’t gotten here! Amazing how others got regular top 6 minutes & Sleppy was slotted all over the map. I can see why the Oilers are having the issues!

  • puckle-head

    If I were Chiarelli I’d be asking Sekera to wave his NMC. He doesn’t seem to have a clear future here if the Oilers top two LD spots are given to Klefbom and Nurse. Him and Maroon are probably the only guys who have enough value that could net something interesting in return (assuming this surgery hasn’t completely derailed Sekera’s game). I’d be looking for draft picks though. Collect draft picks, you can then either trade them for help, or draft a player that might make a good value contract in the years of the McDavid contract.