Rowdy in Vegas?

Over at the Edmonton Journal, they posted a scathing letter about Oilers fans getting out of hand in Las Vegas over the weekend. Is it fair to lump all Oilers fans in together on this? Let’s take a look.

After the McBirthday game on Saturday night, Pittsburgh’s own, Amy Cercone, wrote a letter to destroy some Oilers fans, writing them off as heathens from the North. Not only did we allegedly ruin her Saturday night, we are also a bad name for hockey tourism. Is it true? Are Oilers fans really a brand of despicable vermin that are invading Sin City and having too much fun? Let’s get to the letter.

To date, we have enjoyed several games and fans from visiting teams (Here’s to you Winnipeg — we had a blast) and win or lose the atmosphere has been good hockey fun.

That changed on Saturday, Jan. 13.

Is it because the Golden Knights lost? I bet it’s because they lost, right? High five!

Imagine our surprise when we arrived to our season-ticket seats to find them occupied by Oilers fans from Edmonton who refused to leave our seats.

Uh… okay. Have you ever been to a ticketed event before? Sometimes people end up in the wrong seats by mistake. It happens. And what does ‘refused to leave’ mean exactly? After showing them your tickets with the correct seat info on them they still wouldn’t move? Seems like something an usher could sort out in a matter of seconds, no? I mean, I was at the Oilers/Predators game back in December and there was a guy that accidentally sat in my seat. I showed him my ticket, he moved. No biggie.

After we finally got into our seats…

FINALLY! Probably took hours. Anyway, I’m sorry for interrupting. Go on.

…our section was barraged with the foulest language we have heard at an NHL game and we’re from Pittsburgh so we know a few foul words.

I really like the “we’re from Pittsburgh” part of this letter. It’s a weird qualifier, but I guess geography makes you an authority on cuss words. I learned something today. Also, what’s a barrage of cuss words? How many are we talking about here? We talkin’ the occasional F-bomb or something closer to Scarface? Also, are we sure they can speak English? I know when I learn anything in another language the first thing I’m going for is the swear words. I’m just spitballin’ here.

When my husband mentioned to the Oilers fan that there were women and children around he was told, in no uncertain words, to — well, I’m sure you get the picture.

Wait, this letter kinda made it seem like all Oilers fans were a problem. To me, it sounds more like there were a couple of dudes that got out of hand and you’re lumping us all in together. That’s the same thing as me saying everyone from Vegas can get you drugs and hookers — it’s unfair and untrue.

The final insults came in the shower of drinks that rained down on us from intoxicated Oilers fans falling down the aisle and from our potty-mouthed “friend” from Edmonton behind us.

Again, this sounds like you had an issue with a small group of people, and generalizing an entire fanbase seems a bit much, no? Not to mention, are you sure that was an Edmonton fan that spilt his beer on you? We’re not really a beer wasting people, and especially not at a hockey game. That’s our environment. Our home. Our sanctuary. And also, why didn’t you help someone that was falling down the stairs? Not very friendly, if you ask me.

Instead of staying for the end of the third period and overtime, we left T-Mobile Arena and promptly gave away our tickets for the upcoming Oilers versus Golden Knights tickets on Feb. 15.

Man, you really took your ball and went home, huh? I mean, I get walking out of something that makes you unhappy. I walked out of that movie Pitch Black because I didn’t know what the hell was going on and Vin Diesel was annoying me. I also almost walked out of Cirque de Soleil because two drunk party bois* kept kicking my seat, but I asked them nicely and they stopped. Maybe you were just confused about the Golden Knights losing at home? It doesn’t happen much, so I get that.

*probably Oilers fans despite their English accents

Hockey tourism is wonderful for Las Vegas and the NHL.

Agreed. I sense there’s a ‘but’ coming here?

Being drunken, belligerent, mean people is not good for anyone.

This I agree with, and I do think that people do need to do a better job of controlling themselves. But to get out of hand in Vegas? That probably never happens. I mean, I definitely didn’t see two guys get into a screaming match and resulting fistfight right in front of the Bellagio when I was in Vegas in September. I also didn’t see about a dozen cops breaking up a fight outside of Pinks at like two in the morning, either. Then again, they were all probably Oilers fans, now that I think of it. *rimshot*

Perhaps they thought this was acceptable behaviour because this is Las Vegas. I assure you it is not. I only hope the next time our teams meet, the game is as well played in the stands as it was on the ice.

I keep repeating myself here but this really seems like you had an issue with a couple of people, and if they were being jackasses then I apologize for them, but lumping us all in together is a lazy narrative. This sounds like a small crew of dickheads, who I’m not defending, ruined your night, and not the thousands of other Oiler fans that were in attendance. I once went to a game in Phoenix where a Coyotes fan kept calling me a “cat” all night for wearing an Oilers jersey, but I don’t assume that the other eight people in that fanbase are also dicks because of him. Do you see what I’m getting at here?


For me, I find it weird to throw out a blanket statement about a fanbase, giving your tickets away to a game that is a month in the future, and acting like getting rowdy in Vegas is weird. Odd considering that it was reported that people within the Golden Knights organization were complimentary of the atmosphere created by Oilers fans. So what’s the truth here? Were Oilers fans great or were they unbearable? Either way, I’m still questioning why you bothered writing this letter in the first place. If you’re rattled that some fools were wasted on a Saturday night in Vegas then you’re going to be really bummed when it happens again on a Monday night.

I would definitely bet money on the fact that there were some Oilers fans that got a little weird and ridiculous, but I refuse to believe that everyone wearing an Oilers jersey got out of hand. So on behalf of the dickheads in the group, I will offer my apologies to you for ruining your night, but to come out swinging and suggest that Oilers fans are a nightmare is a massive oversell. Maybe next time you can go and talk to security and let them deal with it — which is kinda their thing — rather than taking the time to find a carrier pidgeon that would carry your letter to the editor. Then again, maybe you folks from Pittsburgh just don’t know how to party.

  • dsanchez1973

    I was there and was impressed generally with the overall atmosphere – we were in a mostly Knights section, and didn’t feel any hostility or feel like we gave any. That said, there were thousands of Oiler fans there, and I’m sure some were out of hand.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      I’m surprised that someone from Pittsburgh would write something like this! Ever been to a Steelers game? Just sounds like a whole lot of sour grapes from a fan that did not like the fact that there were 6000 or so opposing team’s fans in the stands that gently stuck it to the Knights fans throughout the game. That and the fact that they had to put up with a couple of a-holes behind them.


    One person complaining about a couple people, probably doesn’t even need to be addressed, but we ARE Canadian and we do take pride in being friendly. So I say the next people to head down there should bring little gift bags for the GK fans. It would include the lyrics to O Canada, a recipe for a killer poutine, and a tissue for their tears 🙂

  • Yourresignationpeter

    Why do Americans even bother watching or going to hockey games ? Like seriously they have no clue ? I understand it’s not even remotely similar to baseball so they get confused ? But seriously ? Have you ever watched an American broadcast hockey game? Even the announcers have no clue what’s going on ? They talk about hockey and it takes me back to when I played Tom Thumb cause that’s the stuff my coach back then would tell us ! How stupid can you be. And these are people who played hockey? (Supposedly) ?? In the
    NHL ?? Just saying leave hockey to Canadians. We appreciate it and love it just the way it is ! Stop screwing with hockey Bettman you idiot !!!!! Don’t even get me started on all the clutch and grab still or interference that still happens !? You want to get more scoring ? I got the answer for you !!!!

  • madjam

    Next time they may check your passports to gain access to game – if from Edmonton you may not gain access to game as a suspected undesirable . CNN will fill the building with it’s vulgar language entourage ready to pounce .

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I’m sorry, but I’m finding some of this hard to believe. Sure there are always rowdy fans at games, but to use these guys as a “Generalization” of the Oilers fanbase is disrespectful. Also with the beer thing, they make it sound like those few fans purposefully dumped beer all over them.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Yup, those people from that “sh+*t-hole” city in northern Canada, well… they aren’t welcome here any more… The Swedish fans however, they are great, we’ll let them in….

  • AndersKwan

    This is not an isolated incident. I was at the Capitals Vs Oilers game at Rogers Place. The father and son sitting beside me left after the second period because the general screaming and obscenities were getting way out of hand. Even the attendants at the arena had to try to calm our section down and got really abused by the fans. We were sitting right by the glass too so it’s not like the tickets were cheap. I had to leave with about 5 minutes left because I couldn’t even concentrate on the game. I’m not saying it’s only Oilers fans, but you can’t ignore the fact that there are jackasses at games that don’t have any consideration for any other people. They think they can treat the arena like it’s their living room. It’s wrong across the board, have some consideration for other fans and especially kids.

  • Glenn

    I’m Flames ticket holder in Calgary and can honestly say I’ve never seen any problems with Oiler fans at our building. Now Rider fans at football games is another story. Hooligans!

  • El Connor mcdaddy

    I feel like the “barrage of foul language,” sounded a lot like “Calgary sucks” and “Happy birthday Connor.” This lady has obviously been to a few games in Vegas before, and she in turn has seen drunken fans before, the difference between other games and this one, she lost. we beat Vegas on home ice, for the only third time in their teams history. she only noticed the swearing, and the rowdy fans this time because we played good, and beat them. if the knights had won, she wouldn’t of wrote the letter. want proof? the knights beat the jets 5-2 on home ice and she said, “Here’s to you Winnipeg, we had a blast.” But i can guarantee that the jets fans were just as drunk, belligerent, and mean. shes a sore loser, and this story will hurt our fans reputation. it’s a shame, and it’s unfair. i can’t wait to hear her letters when the knights get eliminated from the playoffs in 4 straight. I’m sure those fans will “All have knives,” and “said swears that i have never heard, EVEN IN PITTSBURGH.”

  • jultz=2cups!??

    Lololol! I’ve been saying this about oiler fans and especially YOU GUYS for years. I mean just look at the way you guys and bagged milk treated me because I was a fan of Justin Schultz. Personal insults, relentless name calling, monthly bannings. Do you guys even read these comments? You guys are acting like you’re angels when in reality you are obnoxious, arrogant and entitled. Lol I absolutely applaud this woman for speaking the truth. I’m sure if bagged milk could ban her from giving her opinion he would. Why do you guys think I call you guys “classic oilersnation”.