Photo Credit: CBC/CBC Edmonton

For Oilersnation, the #SacrificeFor500 chose us

The movement to get the Oilers to .500 started with a tweet but has since gained the attention of media outlets around the city, including a feature on CBC.

Considering how far this thing has progressed, it’s funny that it all started with a simple tweet from 98 long days ago:

What started out as a joke amongst the staff here at Nation HQ has turned into a bit of an absolute nightmare where I have risked frostbite, Baggedmilk is worried about getting gout, and Chris the Intern has become a recluse, locking himself in his house after every loss.

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The most amazing part is how many of you have joined in with us in one way or another. Whether it’s supportive tweets or joining in with the #BeetCast, Nation Citizens that get us appreciate the fun we’ve been having. Considering how disappointing the hockey team has been this season, it’s amazing to see that the spirit of the Nation lives on.

Over at CBC, Min Dhariwal caught wind of our pain and wanted to speak to us about what earthly reason would inspire us we would make ourselves suffer. (Hey, it’s the bye week, the CBC needs to talk Oilers somehow). From our side, the comments from people that have no idea what the Nation is have been the most entertaining. As you can imagine, the responses really varied depending on whether the people had heard of the movement or not.

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Here’s a taste:

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Unfortunately, kind stranger, having us give up things/make bad life choices for the Oilers isn’t helping the team at all, but that’s not the point. We’re just trying to make the best of a bad situation, and trying to have shed some light on a dark season. From all of the boys at HQ, I want to extend a huge thank you to all the citizens of the Nation that are in on the joke and have joined in on the misery.

Six more games in a row to .500.