GDB 49.0 Wrap Up: Oilers beat the Flames twice thanks to a horrible OT review

I guess you have to beat the other team and the refs these days. Final Score: 4-3 Oilers in the shootout

With the Oilers dropping an all-world turd against the Buffalo Sabres, maybe a date with the Flames is exactly what the doctor ordered? The Oilers are undefeated against Calgary in the past season and a half and I was hoping that the good times would keep rolling. Even with the season on life support, a win against the Flames would go a long way for getting people to put their machetes away. Unfortunately, when you allow the first goal of the game only 92 seconds into the opening period, the table was set for the anger to boil over. After Calgary scored the second goal off of a needless turnover and sloppy zone coverage, it felt like a matter of time before the wheels fell off.

As the game progressed, the Oilers were able to settle down and get themselves back into the mix. Frankly, it was refreshing to see them battle their way back after being down by two goals rather than lay down and wait for their diapers to be changed. It’s amazing what a little effort and anger can do for their game. After giving up the first two, the Oilers started playing a simpler game that was based on firing the puck at the net, getting to the net, and looking for rebounds. This change in approach changed the night for Edmonton as they were not only able to work their way back into a tie, but to take a lead and eventually win the game. It was a sense of resilience that was non-existent in the game against Buffalo and they needed it tonight as some horrible calls meant they were forced to beat the Flames twice to get the job done.

The wrap.


  • Brandon Davidson got the Oilers on the board with a spin-around wrister from the circle that beat Rittich and gave his team some life. Davy’s goal was his first in 66 games, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the Oilers looked about as flat as they could get. Davidson wasn’t done there, though. He ripped a clapper past Rittich early in the third period to give the Oilers their first lead of the night. Davy had a great night.
  • Zack Kassian was trying to mix things up in the first period and ended up landing himself a 10 minute misconduct. I’m guessing that he spent the time in the box visualizing how he would tie the game up because that’s exactly what happened. Kassian charged towards the net and had a rebound come right out to him, leaving him a wide open net to knock the puck into. A little bit later, Kass got into a scrap with Ryan Lomberg that ended up getting him tossed from the game.
  • Connor McDavid said the other day that the Oilers need to do a better job at being prepared and he did his part to lead by example tonight. He was all over the ice tonight and used his speed to kill on almost every shift and the fact that he only got the one point (should have been two) is almost shocking. Personally, my favourite Connor moment was when he taunted the refs for calling the goal back after his shootout winner. The fact that he got an ‘Abuse of Official’ call for that just shows how big of a baby these refs can be.
  • After being pulled against the Sabres, the Oilers needed to get a much better effort out of Cam Talbot. After having a tough start to the game, Talbot provided his team with enough saves to keep them in the game and give them a chance to win the hockey game. He was especially great in overtime as he made some huge saves late to get things through to a shootout. Talbot finished the game with 31 saves and a .919 save%.
  • Oscar Klefbom played a team high 26:33 and had four shots on goal, was +2, had two takeaways, and blocked three shots. Great game for Klefbom.
  • The Oilers finished the night at 56% in the faceoff circle and that advantage came in handy as the game went on and the pressure got cranked up.
  • The Oilers haven’t had a perfect game on the penalty kill since December 21st, against St. Louis which was eight games ago. They did it tonight. The Oilers were a perfect 4/4 on the PK, which is something that happens at Rogers Place about as often as a lunar eclipse.


  • How many times have the Oilers given up the first goal of the game? 30 times. As if that’s not bad enough, they’ve also allowed that first goal on the first shot of the game an amazing eight times this season.
  • Matt Tkachuk opened the scoring for Calgary on the first shot of the game after Milan Lucic completely blew it with his attempted breakout pass. Tkachuk was the beneficiary of another horrible Oilers turnover midway through the third period as Matt Benning couldn’t clear the puck from behind the net and had Backlund steal it from him. From there, Tkachuk planted himself in front of the net and tied the game at three apiece.
  • Mark Giordano got the Flames’ second goal with a seeing eye shot from the point after the Oilers turned the puck over at the opposing blue line. The Flames were able to walk the puck right back down to Edmonton’s end of the ice and get them scrambling.
  • That goal being called back in overtime for goaltender interference was absolutely awful. After Connor’s skate bumped Rittich’s he had a full two seconds or so to get himself set but that still wasn’t enough time for the NHL. I guess they just hate goals. Gregor may have said it best:

  • Milan Lucic was absolutely awful tonight. He was directly responsible for the first goal and got caught passing the puck to no one in particular on several occassions. Frankly, he was handling the puck like it was a live grenade and it was a complete no show for a guy that is supposed to provide leadership.
  • The Oilers, once again, got nothing done on their power play as they went 0/3 on the night. At some point, I wonder if they’ll start turning them down? Can you do that?
  • Adam Larsson sat out tonight for personal reasons. Those reasons were not disclosed but I still want to send him best wishes anyway.



01:32 Calgary Matthew Tkachuk (15) ASST: Troy Brouwer (11), Mikael Backlund (21) 1-0
14:21 Calgary Mark Giordano (9) ASST: Dougie Hamilton (15) 2-0


13:50 Edmonton Brandon Davidson (1) ASST: Jesse Puljujarvi (6), Ryan Strome (11) 2-1
14:54 Edmonton Zack Kassian (4) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (28), Connor McDavid (39) 2-2


05:16 Edmonton Brandon Davidson (2) ASST: Ryan Strome (12) 2-3
07:50 Calgary Matthew Tkachuk (16) ASST: Mikael Backlund (22) 3-3


No Scoring


Edmonton Goal – Michael Cammalleri
Calgary Missed – Micheal Ferland
Edmonton Missed – Leon Draisaitl
Calgary Goal – Matthew Tkachuk
Edmonton Goal – Connor McDavid
Calgary Missed – Sean Monahan


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 01/25/2018 – 10:00pm MST

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Great comeback by the boys, but that “goalie interference” call is complete and utter garbage. By the logic of THAT call, Anisimov’s goal vs Toronto last night, shouldn’t have been allowed, the tying goal in Game 5 vs Anaheim shouldn’t have happened, and that one Duck goal in Game 4 shouldn’t have been allowed. The NHL needs to seriously take a step back, heavily review the definition of goaltender interference, and then reimpliment the rule into the league with a better understanding of what it means. I’m getting sick and tired of the inconcistency.

    On a side note, 14 straight wins folks. 14 straight over the Calgary Flames. Last time you beat us was April 2016. Let that sink in

  • Anton CP

    Here comes the angry PfffftLAMES trolls.

    It is good to beat them 7 in a roll, the only enjoyment I’ve with this horrible season. Definitely makes me smile after every wins against them.:)

  • crabman

    misses the 1st period but a great game to watch 2nd on. That is the effort people expect every night. Everyone worked their butts off and seemed to be playing for each other. The effort on the pk of the Kassian penalty when he got tossed. that looked like a team trying to kill that penalty for him. lots of emotion and heart tonight. great job. Loved seeing McDavid get fired up and giving the refs the gears after a very poor game by the refs.

    • Anton CP

      You should be happy about missing the first. It was so bad that I changed the channel first shot in, it is bad for my health to watch them that’s for sure.

  • D

    This game turned because Puljujärvi worked his butt off on that first goal. Hopefully his work ethic can set the tone for the rest of year.

    Davidson better play in every remaining game of 2018.

    The Oilers have won 4 out of their last 5 games. If they continue doing so for the remainder of this season, their final total will be 100 points.

  • jultz=2cups!??

    OIlers beat the flames twice and oilersnation is probably mad because you guys were hoping for a blowout to “embarrass” the oilers brass. What a game! I’m glad I actually cheer for the oilers every night!! Let’s see who’s jumping on and off the bandwagon tonight!! Annnnnnd go!!

  • Mr. McDavid

    Mcdavid need s to bring attention
    To these cheating refs
    Every game there is b.s.
    Every game cheaters
    Watch the tapes
    Every effing game I’m not
    Crying it’s cheating
    Start taking some fines
    Question these effing refs
    Every game

  • OilersGM

    3 thoughts:

    1- McDavid telling the refs to check that on video review after he scores in the shootout – absolutely priceless

    2- call me a whiner call me whatever you want Bettman and the NHL are a joke and I’m sick and tired of it. Also took away a point from McDavid retarded.

    3- and finally the recipe for success: more games against the lames, unfortunately for us we only play them 5 times a year.

      • OilersGM

        Absolutely. I was really happy McDavid stood up to this goofs (refs) who are controlled by that loser Bettman and not play the nice guy that McLellan seem to preach all the time. That saying nice guys finish last well that did McLellan in in the playoffs last year against the stupid ducks.
        I know they are pros and have to keep everything under control but it’s on to lose it once a while it just shows emotion that’s all. Quenneville, Sullivan lose it once a while and the only thing they’ve done is win cups.

  • crabman

    I hope Davidson gets rewarded for tonight’s game and gets to stay in the lineup. I always like when he plays. He isn’t going to get you many points but he usually plays a pretty simple game and stays out of trouble. He isn’t great at anything but he can skate well enough is big and physical enough and can make a 1st pass. love him in the bottom pair #7 Dman and hope he is brought back in that roll next year.

  • Gary

    The Flames have 20 of a possible 24 points in their last 12 games, not bad, beating Edm is not as important as beating LA, San Jose, Vegas or Anaheim, that’s why we started the backup tonight.

    Edmonton. your a sad sack of a team, next year will be worse, the year after worse still.
    Charrelli has killed this franchise for the next 5 years. Get over the Flames.

    Your enemy is much closer to home.

        • GK1980

          Benning is competing with Davidson for a spot and I think he was trying to prove to the coach he can score too. His play at the end didn’t help his cause though.

          • crabman

            every oiler Dman should be competing with each other to stay in the lineup. I don’t care who they are or how many years veteran they are. Play whoever is working hard and playing well. There isn’t a single Dman on this team who hasn’t earned a game in the press box. That’s the 1st step in accountability. It was great to see Davidson step up after finally getting back in the lineup. If everyone coming out of the press box has a game like that rotating people in and out could really help this team going forward.

  • KMA

    The end result makes tonight much better than Tuesday. That being said, it is difficult to get past the fact Lucic is paid more than $72k per game. And just think we have 4 more years of this special brand of hockey.

  • BlueHairedApe

    The hit and miss inconsistencies with this team on home ice drives me nuts. Wish they were on the road for the rest of the season. I’m starting to think their domestic duties around home have been a distraction or something. Maybe when some of these guys get home from a road trip they get whipped like mules from their wives

    • As an individual with previous coaching experience at an elite level (although not hockey specifically), I respectively submit that someone of TMac’s level of expertise might consider a more psychological approach where the business of winning is concerned (as is typically the primary focus of professional sport). The statistics are quite transparent and rather obvious: this team, this season, for whatever reason, clearly performs much better on the road than it does at home. Particularly in the very critical area of special teams performance/execution. That said, if I’m TMac for a day, and while this may come off sounding a bit extreme, I think I might just be informing my players that they won’t be spending the next home-stand within the comforts and confines of their own domiciles but rather sequestered in a hotel of my choosing (as they would be on the road). I would furthermore deny my players the cushy creature comforts of their state-of-the-art dressing room at Rogers Place (perhaps even offering it up to the visiting team – whatever the chances of that actually happening might be) and direct my players to prepare themselves in the Visitors dressing room – or wherever the most reasonable facsimile exists at RP. If I thought there was even a remote possibility that I could get away with having the team wear their Road Whites (so sorry NHL – it seems our laundry attendant mysteriously and without precedent or provocation somehow added bleach to a load of our Orange Home jerseys rendering them into more of a Peach-y colour), I would do that as well. Anything at my disposal and within my power to re-create a road game I would do in the name of winning at all costs. Why? Because not only is it my job to motivate and elicit any kind of positive response out of my players – especially when they consistently under-perform given known variables – I am also handsomely compensated financially myself to ice a winning team day in and day out. As Head Coach; that is the title, that is the job. Never been any mystery there. Nothing is off the table where motivation is concerned from the subtle to the extreme and if the stats plainly inform me that my team performs better on the road than at home, then it’s my job to figure out how to mentally re-create the essence of road games in our own barn. Might be a long shot but if you tried and it still doesn’t pan out, at least you can say that you checked yet another of the many boxes in your arduous quest to crack this very concerning conundrum plaguing this assembled roster.

      • Svart kaffe

        I wouldn’t go that far but I get the gist. I think maybe staying at a hotel before a home game would suffice. Drawing from experience of playing music it’s quite a different experience being on the road compared to doing a show in your hometown. Sure it’s nice to stay at home and just show up 45 minutes before we hit the stage but it’s hard to get going and feel it under those conditions. It’s often easier to be mentally prepared on tour when you’ve spent a couple of days with your friends in a bus sharing everything and living and breathing the music all day long.

      • crabman

        Having the home team stay in a hotel together. eat together and prepare for games the same as road games has been used by other coaches before so it wouldn’t even be that out of the box, especially considering how much better they play on the road. I’ve heard of coach’s of different using this tactic in playoffs to avoid distractions.

  • Butters

    On that overtime non-goal, McDavid should have stopped in front of the goalie, put his hands on his pads and kept the goalies 5 hole open. Then the goal would have counted.

  • Heschultzhescores

    Next thing to change. Why is the shootout still part of hockey. It’s like a big downer after that crazy action. The game would end on it’s own in short order.

  • Damn internet lag is messing with my comments anyway, the NHL’s rules regarding goaltending interference CLEARY do not work. Kesler being able to pull Talbot’s pad while McDavid’s skate not being allowed to scratch the goalie’s stick is clear proof.

  • I hard it must be a Gm in this league. Going back to the Canuck game and I know it’s the Canucks with injuries but I liked the way we played that game, effort level was where it should be. Then the Sabres game which was embarrassing and reminded me of the Tank years. Then tonight where was some times I was ready to change the channel in the first but liked the fight back and enjoyed the game. Same players in all the games but you couldn’t tell, could you?

  • Guys .. stop with the $hit .. I’m a die hard oilers fan and I would have called that goal off after seeing it. Sure I thought, “if it was Anaheim or a US team it would be different ” but if you don’t think Connors skate pulled the goalie in the opposite direction you are just being spiteful. It is what it is. We are a better team than the flames but have a hard time with buffalo. It is what it is.

    That play was NO GOAL and I think the problem is inconsistency with the calls. Justice paid off but all we need to be talking about is getting the call right. Exact same rule as the offside rule we were all pissed off about. The back foot wasn’t on the ice, which in fact, is pee wee rules and we all know this.

    We won- I’m happy – let’s drink . But don’t pretend that was a bad call in OT. The NHL had to make the call.

    Night guys:)

  • Fire Woodcroft!

    Good to see some of the team kicking the tires. Glad I was wrong about the result tonight. Now we roll the dice and see if they can remember that passion after the weeks break…

  • TrueOrangeBlue

    It bothers me that we changed our rebuild plan that was supposed to be the how the leafs look right now. unstoppable offence, young fast talent. but yet we switched a couple key players for old fat slow heavy bodys that cant keep up. leafs powerplay and offence is the way we were built to be 7 years ago and we tried to switch the gameplan overnight. it worked mildly last season due to undeniable efforts from certain players that everyone fed off and tried to not look bad in comparison because its easy to spot when you watch a line like mcdavid then watch eberle. (big eberle fan)
    if we kept players like hall and ebs i could only imagine wed be side by side with leafs in comparison.

      • LAKID

        I didn’t even think Lucic dressed last night until I noticed him hustle for one play in the flems zone ONE play. Get rid of Lucic at all cost. That game does not go to overtime if Talbot stays on his feet and doesn’t let the first shot on goal in! Trade him too!

  • Not to sound negative, but I thought the Oilers are at a point where they need Nuge in the lineup to beat the teams they are chasing. I’m glad they Oilers won, coming back from a deficit where it seemed like the momentum was all in Calgary’s favour.

    Davidson’s first goal is exactly the sort the Oilers need more of. Not looking for a pretty pass to make, just send it on net.

    I can go into the All Star break with a tiny bit of hope.

    Jujhar Hockey™ > Johnny Hockey
    One player earned his monikor from adoring fans, the other tries to copyright it as a brand.

  • GK1980

    Good game, 2 more pride points. Couple things, Connor moving the refs was funny but he really should have mocked the flames coach. Refs have nothing to do with the call made in Toronto. I like Kassian but he should no respect nor class towards the ref. He needs to dial it back and tonight didn’t look good on him.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Kassian plays better when he’s walking that line. The refs thought he crossed it tonight, but that’s gonna happen when a guy needs to be in that zone to be effective.

      He looked pretty shocked when the rookie chose to drop the gloves with him, and he was clearly pissed he let the kid haul him off his feet, however briefly. He wanted a pound of flesh, refs be damned. After that listless Buffalo “effort”, I loved seeing the Kassian crazy eyes make an appearance, and I hope he does it more.

    • LAKID

      Baloney, Kassian showed up the refs if you can call them that. Terrible officiating once again and and everyone who saw the game would agree. Does anyone send in the video on these clowns, maybe they should be suspended or fined.