Doubting Drake

Every team has one. He’s the guy that the coach seems to favor and give prime opportunities to despite a total and complete lack of evidence this person deserves it. When we were kids, it was probably the coach’s son. In the NHL, it’s a lot less likely the favored player will be related to…


Playoffs… A looooonnng shot

On January 31st, 2015, the Ottawa Senators had played 48 games and had 49 points with a record of 20-19-9. The Boston Bruins held down the final playoff spot with 61 points, 12 ahead of the Senators. The Florida Panthers had 52 points and the Philadelphia Flyers had 51. The Senators were in 11th place…


Could Max Pacioretty be the winger the Oilers need?

According to TVA insider Renaud Lavoie, Max Pacioretty’s camp expects him to be moved within the next few days. The Oilers, as we know, have had a difficult time finding a high-end winger to play alongside Connor McDavid. Could Pacioretty be that player for the Oilers?


Cam Talbot Is Still Thinking Playoffs And We Love Him For It

Last night, Mark Spector wrote a piece after speaking with Oilers netminder Cam Talbot. The very first quote is one that smacks you right in the craw on a sleepy Tuesday morning during the second week off of Oilers hockey we have had in three weeks. “We’re going to make the playoffs.”