Enter the mid-season Nationdraft for FREE and you could win $2500!

You’re running out of time! This is your last chance to enter our mid-season Nationdraft and have a chance at 2500 big ones. The Nation Dan already won’t stop bragging about his team in NationHQ so I really need you all to create your own and crush his soul. 

How do I play?

This is a classic box format fantasy draft. Easy peasy! Once you sign up, we’ll give you an assortment of boxes with players in each of them. Your job is to pick the player in each box who you think is going to dominate amongst the others. Easy, right? Me being the most un-opinionated person in the world had some trouble choosing between a few players. For example, one of the boxes has both Steven Stamkos and Sidney Crosby in them. My first pick would always be Sidney Crosby, however, Stamkos has the hot team right now and Sid has been struggling as of late. WHO TO CHOOSE!!?

I should warn you that we threw a few grenades in some of the boxes so make sure the player you’re choosing isn’t on the IR or scratched! If you’re not digging one of the players you chose don’t worry, we offer one trade per week so you can drop any losers you don’t care about.

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The best part about this draft is that it’s completely FREE! And we’ve got some kick ass prizes to give away for it as well.

What do I win?

No Nationdraft is complete without prizes, and thanks to our friends at Londonderry Dodge we’re hooking you up with some great ones! Considering the draft is FREE to enter, if you live in Northern Alberta you shouldn’t have any excuse not to sign up!

  • Grand Prize: $2500 VISA Gift Card
  • 2nd prize: $1000 VISA Gift Card
  • 3rd prize: $500 VISA Gift Card
  • 4th – 10th prize: $50 Nation Gear Gift Card or $50 iTunes Gift Card
  • 11th – 20th prize: $20 Nation Gear Gift Card or $20 iTunes Gift Card

The complete set of rules can be found here and the link to sign up is here. Unfortunately, this draft is limited to residents of Northern Alberta only so if you’re reading this in Medicine Hat it’s time to email your long lost cousin Gerry in Edmonton and use his credentials.

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When you’re building your team, don’t forget to use DailyFaceoff for all your hockey fantasy draft needs. They’re good people over there. Good luck to everyone!