The Roundup

How much would you trade for Erik Karlsson ; Oilers hit rock bottom; what do the Canucks do with the Sedins; Flames still have special teams challenges; heavy hockey is dead; fight night in Dallas and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by the DailyFaceOff.


Let’s Talk About Todd

Let me start by saying that I’m a fan of Todd McLellan. When the Oilers hired him I thought it was great to finally have an experienced coach here in Edmonton. When the Oilers marched into the playoffs last year, I praised him and gave him a good chunk of the credit. However, now that…


GDB 49.0: Just Show Up (7pm MST, SNW)

The Edmonton Oilers have been shutout in four of their last ten home games. They lost those four by a combined score of 19-0. They weren’t remotely engaged in those games. It is an unacceptable trend and if this group has any pride at all, they will at least they will put forth an NHL-worthy effort…



I don’t know if you heard what Allan Mitchell had to say about the Edmonton Oilers during his radio show on TSN 1260 yesterday, but if you haven’t, you should have a listen. It’s right here. What makes Mitchell’s seven-minute, straight-from-the-heart rant money is that it rings true.


Game Day Quick Hits: Oilers vs. Flames

The Oilers will try and bounce back from a pathetic performance against Buffalo on Tuesday night. Odds are they will, because they are playing a Pacific Division opponent. The one thing that has carried over from last season is the Oilers’ ability to beat division rivals. The Oilers are 9-2 against the Pacific this season…


WWYDW: Jumping on another bandwagon

The Oilers, in case you hadn’t heard, got absolutely stomped last night in their home arena by the Buffalo Sabres. It was 5-0. It was gross. According to Jim Matheson, the Oilers’ playoff hopes took a “huge hit” with that loss last night. I mean, he isn’t wrong. Edmonton, according to Sports Club Stats, saw…


Rock bottom?

“Some times for some reason we don’t get up for games,” said Connor McDavid last night. He’s bang on. Last night was another game they weren’t ready for. Last night’s 5-0 loss was the worst display of execution I have seen from an Oilers team in 20 years. During the Decade of Darkness, the Oilers…


Sabres 5, Oilers 0 post-game Oil Spills: Dumpster fire

That was painful. Absolutely painful. The Oilers were riding a three-game losing winning streak and had a game against the hapless Buffalo Sabres at home. The table was set for the Oilers to continue their streak and possibly make some noise in the standings prior to the trade deadline. But if you believe in this team,…