GDB 52.0 Wrap Up: We’ll always have the second period, Oilers lose 5-2

Can we go back to Monday’s game against Tampa? Final Score: 5-2 Kings

The last time these two teams met, the Oilers dropped a turd on the ice and allowed the Kings to walk all over them. There was very little fight coming out of our boys in orange, they looked disinterested, and the result was one of the worst games of the season. At the time, the Oilers had just come off a 5-0 loss to the Winnipeg Jets on New Year’s Eve and, though they were given an opportunity to redeem themselves, they somehow played even worse against the Kings. That game was every shade of ugly. Needless to say, if revenge was on the agenda for tonight’s game then the Oilers were going to need another effort like we saw against the Lightning. Unfortunately, the rollercoaster of inconsistency continues for the Edmonton Oilers.

After the Kings opened the scoring just over a minute into the game, I was waiting to see how the Oilers would respond. Would they lay down and die or would they scratch and claw their way back into the game? I know I don’t have to tell you, but things didn’t look good after they finished the first period with only three shots on goal (to be fair the Kings had six). Expectations were low. It was almost confusing when the Oilers cranked up the intensity after allowing a second earlier period goal and came out flying for the rest of the second period. It was another round of the fanbase being confused about what to expect from this hockey team. Unfortunately, that second period was where the fun stopped. Battling back from a two-goal deficit is always impressive, but it’s not a great strategy if you plan on winning hockey games.

The Oilers did get better as the game went on, but not being ready to start periods has repeatedly shot them in the foot. I also know that the empty net goals make this score look worse than it was, but a loss is a loss regardless of how you got there.

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The wrap.

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  • Leon Draisaitl got the Oilers on the board with a much needed power play goal only minutes after the Kings had extended their lead to two. Draisaitl ripped a wrister past Kuemper from the high slot which ended his shutout streak and gave the Oilers power play goals in back-to-back games. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to say that.
  • Connor McDavid tied the game up at two goals apiece after driving wide on Drew Doughty and snapping a quick wrister past Kuemper for his 22nd goal of the season. McDaddy extended his point streak to four games (10 points over that span) as he added another goal and an assist to his total as he continues his ascent up the NHL leaderboard.
  • Darnell Nurse was all over the ice tonight, and I mean that in the best way. He did a really nice job of picking his spots to jump into the play, was sound defensively, and he likely deserved some points on the board to go along with how well he played. Darryl finished the night with 22.57 TOI, three shots on goal, three blocks, and an unlucky crossbar.
  • Jujhar Khaira absolutey beat the hell out of Christian Folin late in the first period. Folin got a shot in on Puljujarvi that JJ didn’t like and he pumped the King’s face full of fist kisses, rearranging his face in the process. Check the scrap out again on Khaira’s fight page over at HockeyFights.com.
  • The Oilers ended up scoring another power play goal (they were 1/3 on the night) and it gave them back-to-back games where their man advantage was a positive contributor.
  • At least the Oilers went 63% in the faceoff circle? Right? RIGHT?!
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  • Kyle Clifford opened the scoring only 1:10 into the first period after Trevor Lewis cleanly won a draw in the Oilers zone. Needless to say, that kind of start is less than ideal. It was the ninth time this season that Edmonton has given up a goal on the first shot of the game.
  • Adrian Kempe put the Kings up by a pair of goals only 58 seconds into the second period. I’m not sure why the Oilers are seemingly unaware of when the periods start but they aree super into letting goals in early.
  • Paul LaDue gave the Kings a late lead in third period after a seeing eye shot found its way past Talbot, killing the Oilers hope of a winning streak.
  • Alex Iafallo added an empty net goal after the Oilers could gain possession in the offensive zone and the final nail in the coffin was hammered in.
  • Anze Kopitar added a second empty-net goal because why not.
  • Milan Lucic doesn’t have a goal in a month and a half. He hasn’t scored since December 23rd, when the Oilers beat Montreal at home. That’s 16 games ago. Not good. He needs to get a greasy one or something… or get traded. Either way.
  • After having a really nice start against the Lightning, Cam Talbot had an up and down night that saw him allowing early goals in the first two periods that ended up being the killers. It’s not that all three goals were necessarily bad, it was just that the timing of all of them was completely deflating. Talbot finished the night with 23 saves and a .885 save%.
  • I’m not a +/- guy but I think it’s worth noting when Oscar Klefbom is a dash four. At least he’ll make the green jacket look good.
  • I hate 8:30pm starts. I don’t have kids so I don’t need to put any humans to sleep so all an 8:30 start gives me is more time to get bored and inevitably start drinking.
  • The Oilers haven’t won a single challenge in their last 16 which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m pretty sure my math is right on this.
  • There is nothing positive about doing a #BeetCast but it’s even worse when I have to do one just before midnight. I know that when I go to bed tonight that my stomach will be rolling and it’s going to be horrible. As always, join in on the conversation and shame over on my Twitter.
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01:10 Los Angeles Kyle Clifford (2) ASST: Trevor Lewis (10) 0-1


00:58 Los Angeles Adrian Kempe (16) ASST: Drew Doughty (30) 0-2
03:28 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (14) ASST: Connor McDavid (41), Oscar Klefbom (10) 1-2
10:20 Edmonton Connor McDavid (22) ASST: Michael Cammalleri (13) 2-2


14:33 Los Angeles PPG – Paul LaDue (2) ASST: Trevor Lewis (11), Kevin Gravel (3) 2-3
18:17 Los Angeles EN – Alex Iafallo (6) ASST: Anze Kopitar (36), Drew Doughty (31) 2-4
19:00 Los Angeles EN – Anze Kopitar (21) 2-5


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 02/07/2018 – 11:30pm MST


    I say with absolute, complete certainty that if that challenge had of been the other way around it would have been called off. It’s getting to conspiracy levels.

  • KMA

    I am not going to whine about the officiating. What really does concern me is that lineup the Oil went with tonight. If this season has proven anything this team is simply not good enough to compete with the big boys on a consistent basis. Somebody needs to pay a price for this embarrassment.

  • Fire Woodcroft!

    Oilers have a goal waived off because McDavid made contact with the tenders stick well in advance of the shot.

    Here the Kings player makes contact with Talbots arm and blocker during the shot – preventing the goalie from getting his arm out to make the save – and it’s ruled a good goal.

    I’m starting to think an opposing team would have to drug Talbot and leave him for dead in Mexico somewhere before the refs will call goaltender interference in the Oilers favour. And even with that – if the Situation Room gets involved it would only be even money…

    • Flint

      It’s not difficult to understand, at least it shouldn’t be. In the crease (like McDavid was on the shot event) no contact is allowed even incidental contact. Outside of the crease (as was Pearson) incidental contact is allowed.

      • Was not incidental contact. Even outside the crease interference is still interference. This obvious bias towards US franchises is what caused me to tune out weeks ago. Only saw it because my girlfriend wanted to check the score. She does not watch much hockey, but did inquire why they are allowed to interfere with impunity. To be fair she also inquired why our players keep passing the puck to the wrong team? As soon as I saw the play, I knew the goal would stand , even though our tender was interfered with not once, but twice. Absolute bush league garbage. Management should be calling out the league, but they probably would not take the phone call, as the officiating worked exactly as designed. US franchise wins again with the help of head office and bogus officiating.

        • Dr

          Exactly. The crease is not a factor. It’s all about contact with the goalie. Pearson impeded Talbot’s ability to make a save. It wasn’t much, but he did brush him, and he was not pushed in either. I know old school hockey fans and MSM don’t see anything wrong with it, but contact is contact.
          It’s the inconsistency in this league that is really frustrating. What’s allowed to stand as a goal changes with each review.
          After the game, Elliote Friedman said the GMs discussed it at the meetings in Tampa recently, and they decided to change the standard. What other league changes a standard mid season? The inconsistent reffing is hard enough for players to predict what a penalty is, let alone an entire league that can’t, firstly, call the rules in their own rule book, and, secondly, changes standards mid season.
          Bush league is right.

          • Flint

            I feel for people, like the Americans when they said they can’t see the puck, I feel for people when they don’t know the rules of the game they are watching.

            The interference rules SPECIFICALLY states that inside/outside the crease changes the interpretation on contact:

            Rule 69 states: Goals should be disallowed only if: ; or (2) an
            attacking player initiates INTENTIONAL or deliberate contact with a
            goalkeeper, INSIDE OR OUTSIDE of his goal crease. INCIDENTAL contact with a goalkeeper WILL BE permitted, and resulting goals ALLOWED, when such contact is initiated OUTSIDE of the goal crease, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

            And, as such incedental contact in the crease is not allowed on the first shot event, only on the second shot event (the rebound.)

    • nijames

      I agree that some of the last 17 reviews the Oilers have lost have been iffy at best, last nights 3rd L.A. goal was NOT interference at all. They lose some challenges because they are not good challenges and last nights fits that category. Unfortunately the LA player has the right to be in that space as he is not in the paint and he didn’t back into Talbot. It was an unfortunate goal but an excellent job of screening by the LA player. Losing that game put another nail in the playoff coffin unfortunately.

  • slats-west

    I know Larsson is in a tough spot …. but holy crap we need him as Benning is a disaster right now. That 2nd goal. Can we get Gryba back? I fault him more than Klefbom as he has him completely out of sync. Just a give away machine. Not sure why Doughty gets away with so many holds and hooks – all he does is whine at zebras so not sure why they like him. Seems like a D/bag really.

    • crabman

      Wow! I’m a big Klefbom fan and think he will bounce back next year but to try and lay the blame of that second goal on Benning is ridiculous. Klefbom made a week pass that was deflected and then stolen. Part is on him for putting himself in a poor position to make the pass and the rest is on the forwards for cheating too much for offence and being too far ahead of the play. Benning makes enough bad plays on his own he doesn’t need people blaming him for plays he isn’t even involved in.

      • Heschultzhescores

        I remember him saying that in an interview before where he’s not like other goaltenders who embellish the contact. He may have to re-think that. As soon as he was contacted he should have lost his balance and gone down. Maybe a penalty then, and certainly not a goal. Cheap, yup, but we’re on the wrong end of cheap too much.

  • Heschultzhescores

    So that’s 16 reviews in a row we’ve lost now. At what point does it become obvious there is an agenda in the NHL. Favour the American teams, it’s a simple as that. They know Canadians will fill the rinks win or lose, but in the US, you have to win or it’s half empty.

  • Connor McFly

    There seems to be two standards of goaltender interference. One standard for the Oil and one for everybody else. I am sick to death of Toronto high foreheads intentionally influencing the outcomes of games. Looks to me that the Oil are going to have to win all games by two plus goals to keep the “War Room” out of it.

  • Heschultzhescores

    We were on both ends of the “NEW” standard now. What league changes rules in midstream? I actually like that the contact level is higher now, but it’s still vague. It allows bias, and we are clearly seeing that.

  • slats-west

    Last year Drai has a hat trick with those golden opps and we win 4-2 in regulation …this year he refuses to bear down on his chances. Must be the money!

    • OilersGM

      Man you guys are blind. Draisaitl is by far the second best player on the team and no one is even close.
      I’m sick of people like you and McRaj hating on the star player. Get your head out of your ars.

      • Prairiechicken

        Agreed. I can’t believe he didn’t one time that sucker (although it was on his off wing) straight in too … But he’s been playing pretty well. His 5X5 numbers are as good as last year (with less McDavid time). The PP as his numbers down slightly but the entire pP has sucked.

      • Kneedroptalbot

        Oilers are really missing the Nuge, he plays big minutes against the other teams best centers. After Mick David, and Leon, …not much there at all.
        It’s a sad situation.

      • slats-west

        Sorry but his contract and the ice time he gets tells you he should bury those. He also had 3 give aways on the same PP on the same forced cross ice pass – it’s ok to say he could have played better. He would agree himself with that assessment.

        • OilersGM

          You can say that and yeh he should’ve finished it but every once in a while even the best scorers miss but he has 46 points in 48 games what else you guys want.

      • ET

        I like Leon and he should grow into a superstar but saying that he is better than Nuge or more valuable to the team right now that Nuge just shows that you need to get your head out of your ass and learn more about the game.

        • btrain

          That’s a problem with being such a passionate fan base. We have an over-exposure bias causing us to get too high on the good and too low on the bad. A couple more weeks back with McDavid, and Drai will be up to a point a game pace or beyond. The reality is, as good as a 30-40 goal scorer is, they don’t score in 40-50 games. If we choose to focus on the games they couldn’t make a difference on the score sheet, we easily come to a biased conclusion.
          Your opinion of Nuge being head and shoulders more valuable than Drai is also subject to bias, as last year, your opinion would not hold water given the season Drai had. However, this year as the Nuge has actually added respectable offense to his solid 2 way play, its a no brainer to you. Big picture, they are both fantastic players and we are lucky to have them. Also big picture, Nuge is now in his 7th season and he has never got to 60 pts (he wasn’t on pace to get there this season either)…Drai is on his way to another 70+ campaign in just his 3rd complete season and has shown an ability (maybe not as often as we would like this season) to dominate games both physically and on the score sheet in ways Nuge has never been able to do.

        • OilersGM

          You are a retard and know nothing about the game. Go get some knowledge then come talk to me you f’ng idiot.
          I love Nuge but he will never be Drai not today not tomorrow not ever.
          Here is some advice for you because your hockey IQ is pea size,
          Ask any hockey fan if Nuge was on a different team would they trade Drai for him?

  • Natejax97

    Can we please just put Lucic in the press box and leave him there? It’s getting painful watching him try to get a puck out of our zone.

    Also, while I am at it can we change our breakout system to be a 5 man breakout like real NHL teams do…this high guy tip in and forwards blowing the zone that never works because we can’t get the puck up ice is also getting painful to watch.

    That’s all…just those 2 things!! Thanks!

    Oh…one more tiny thing…being we have nothing left to play for can we quit with the nerves at the start of every period…you know, play like we have nothing to lose…cuz we don’t.

    I would ask that we give some of our prospects a rip at the bigs but we don’t have any. Other good teams (ie NHL teams) have full cupboards as well…we have nothing.

    I could just sit on a street corner and cry right now.

      • nijames

        A step behind, he’s about a block behind. Lucic used to be an effective player when the league was about big slow players, that fad has faded, it’s about speed and skill of which Lucic has not a lot of. Just to slow to play in the league. Chia signed him to a ridiculous amount and term based on what he use to do. It will cost the Oil down the road when they are in cap hell.

        • Big Nuggets

          People always want to write off a player due to speed but I think hockey smarts are just as important. Not saying Lucic has a lot of smarts but he understands his role. It would be nice if he didn’t have hands of stone but regardless he is still an NHL calliber player. He is overpaid but I think Chia was too quick to move on from the MacT era draftees and now we dont have any cheap contracts except for Kaira. Its tough to find those contracts in free agency, we have to draft them ourselves.

          • The Future Never Comes

            People keep saying he has great hockey smarts as a rebuttal to the remark he is slow. Is great hockey smarts turning the puck over at our blueline by making a no look pass every single time, or his blind no look passes in the offensive zone that go to the other team to break out? Please, I am wanting to know where this supreme hockey IQ is being seen? He has 9 goals, and that’s by virtue of being on McD’s line for half of the year and top PP unit, when he should not be even close to either privileges.

          • Big Nuggets

            why is there no reply button to the guy that replied to my comment?

            Anyway I never heard anybody say great hockey IQ about Lucic, I never thought it either. I think he understands his role and when he has a good game it is still effective. He hasnt had many good games this season but players like him are best judged in the playoffs. Judging by this season he is overpaid but still above the AHL level.

          • The Future Never Comes

            Judged in the playoffs? Last playoffs I don’t think he even registered a goal. There will be no playoffs this year to prove the point. As I said before, if he swapped names with some unknown player, he would probably not be in the league anymore. Sadly, we still have 5 more years and year 2 he is already looking brutal.

    • Roscoe pico #39

      Gotta say Natejax97. I’m with you 100% on your comments. Been an ON follower for 5 yrs during this roller coaster ride and just recently decided to jump into the blogging fray – your input tonight totally resonated.

    • Roscoe pico #39

      I think the majority of us understand the “arm chair” GM/coach syndrome but somethings are just so glaringly obvious to even those of us as outside observers (fans, media, critics, etc). The line up decisions need to be questioned to the coach directly. Some examples:

      1) Maroon situation – He has proven consistently to be most effective personally and to the team by playing shotgun with McD. Why is he not used here? If he is not getting a new contract and thus on the trade block, he is not gaining the same interest playing away from Connor.

      2) #13 playing on the #1 line. Not effective but continue to pencil him in there.
      3) F-bomb and Benning pairing. The argument isn’t on who is dragging who down but rather their strengths/weaknesses together are creating a disaster in our own end. Split them up.

      I know it’s easy to be critical from where we sit but if it isn’t working – change it, be creative…..

  • Kneedroptalbot

    Kings 5 – Mick David 1 1/2.
    Darcy Kuemper was solid tonight and outplayed Cam Talbot. No surprise.
    I think its about time we got a GM who can find him some support and fix the rest of the team.

  • Prairiechicken

    What a bummer.
    Many no shows this season but this at least was not one of them. They really should have been able to put one of those chances in to take the lead.

    I loved it when Lucic came here, but man is it getting painful watching him fail to move pucks off the wall, and fire pucks to invisible point men in the offensive zone. If he was a free agent I’m not sure I’d give him $2M let alone 6.

    In isolation, I don’t have a problem with that goal counting, but given the history of calls against the oilers, it’s more than a little baffling and frustrating.

  • Roscoe pico #39

    And another obvious observation – why keep pairing F bomb with Benning when they continue to struggle – wanted to support TM so bad but these are house league line up decisions!

    • ET

      He looked and sounded drunk to me. I feel for him as alcoholism is a deadly sickening disease and he obviously has some struggles with it. Love ya Gretz but you gotta get a grip and get some help. That was embarrassing.

    • Roscoe pico #39

      Totally agree that Gretz has earned the right to enjoy a few pops whenever he chooses but somebody should have recognized he was a few in last night before letting him speak on camera. Even Principe should have caught that and saved him the embarrassment.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Classic oilersnation!! Greta went out of his way, twice in that interview to say that the fans of the oilers deserve a nice run to the playoffs and all you guys can do is carve and criticize the man. Unbelievable. Classic oilersnation.

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    Oiler fans, we are not making the playoffs, so I suggest we all focus on McDavey winning the Art Ross trophy to give us something to root for. He’s only a few points behind the leader. Totally doable.

  • This.Is.NHL

    The goaltender interference thing is like two people fighting over if a stop sign is a red sign or a octagon sign, and as it is right now if your the Oilers your wrong.

  • Slipknot 8

    Klefbom had a terrible game but I’m starting to wonder if Benning is dragging him down….Benning stepped in front of Talbot on that first goal.
    Ol’e Chiarelli really F-bombed this team up……I mean Lucic over Hall……Good grief he is arguably worse than Milbury as a GM..
    Any 3 of the first round picks in 2015
    Is there honestly any GM in the history of the game that gave up that kind of talent and still works in the NHL?

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Here we go!!! Klefbom is garbage this year and as usual, classic oilersnation is trying to pin the blame on his partner. Jultz anyone??? You guys are so blind it’s ridiculous. “Benning is dragging him down”….. wow just wow!

      • camdog

        Oiler fans and bloggers are really bad at assessing d-man. You are absolutely right. Klefbom has his ups and downs all year, Benning struggled to start year has been better. Davidson/Marancin aren’t anything special but always got their tires pumped. And to top it off there a majority of Oiler fans still think the Sekera contract is better than the Petry contract, never mind the fact Petry plays on the right side.

        • Big Nuggets

          Petry took a bit too much criticism. I’d say when Sekera is on his game he is better than Petry but I would have signed Petry at 5.5 mil. I thought it was weird that management seemed to not value him at all.

      • ET

        You sir are plainly an idiot. Benning is brutal and will drag any d partner down with him. I too was choked when we traded Schultz but it did not turn me into an Oiler hating moron like you, get a life buddy and keep your asinine comments to yourself.

        • jultz=2cups!??

          Classic oilersnation accusing me of hating the oilers. ???. I’m probably a bigger fan than any of you guys. Always twisting the story to suit your needs hey ET??

  • Oil9744

    Chiarelli apparently was going after Mzarek from Detroit before he got Montoya, we still should pick him up in the offseason if they don’t trade for him before cause Talbot just hasn’t cut it this whole season as a legit starter at all, he needs to battle for the start not just given to him every game cause he hasn’t been any where near good enough this season, not to mention Mzarek is only 25 and a respectable .914 SV%

    • Big Nuggets

      but apparently everyone on the Wings can’t stand him and he is already making over 4 mil. I guess Detroit won’t qualify him so he could be a UFA. Could be an interesting gamble if we could trade Talbot for something worthwhile. But goalies are fickle and Talbot is a good bet to bounce back.
      Just an observation but it seems like when goalies have a baby the have a bad year here. Same thing happened with Dubnyk. He had a baby and played poorly then went to Minny and crushed it. I guess the first year they dont sleep and have to change their habits, in year two the provider instinct kicks in and they come to play. If this theory is correct Talbot will be lights out next season.

      • Oil9744

        Who knows how Mzarek is in the dressing room, apparently Hall and Subban are “bad” in the dressing room but they are still great players so who knows, what we do know is Talbot really only has 1 good season in his NHL career, that’s it. The rest of the time he has been a back up or under performing as a starter, he could still be the man for the oilers but having no one to compete with him for the job is not good, he’s just not consistent to be a solid #1 goalie plain and simple.

        • Big Nuggets

          Im not saying its a bad idea, but all goalies seem to battle consistency, Mrazek included. Its a crapshoot which goalie will bounce back and which one will falter. A quality back-up is on the want list this offseason but I’m not willing to write off Talbots career just yet.

  • Spydyr

    If Talbot this stands and does not move the first goal hits him. Letting in weak short sided (AHL side goals) early in the game hurts the team badly. Your team does not win many games when your goalie has a .885 save%. Goaltending needs to be addressed this summer.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        So if talbot “just stands” there, and the league starts scoring goals around his feet on the ice, you would be happier?? Lol. My guess is no. You would be complaining about that. He was clearly screened on the shot and strome lost the face off clean. He needs to be better than that if he wants to be a 3rd line center in this league

    • Hemmercules

      I didn’t watch the game but this seems to be a common theme this year. Let in an early stinker and play catch up or fold up and call it a night. It goes for the whole team but you are right, your goalie has to keep you in it, especially in the early goings. Not sure there is a huge amount of solid goalies going to be available this summer though?

      • Spydyr

        The trick is to find the next solid goalie. That is what good management does. Any idiot can overpay for free agents. The Oilers pro scouting is a freaking joke. Has been for decades.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    This is getting ridiculous now. Forget how Edmonton played, or how they let allowed two goals in the first shots of the 1st and 2nd period, but this 0-16 coach’s challenge stat is starting to seriously piss me off now. If it was 1 or 2 against us here or there, I wouldn’t mind as much, but we’re talking about 16 straight coach’s challenges that have not ruled in Edmonton’s favour, dating all the way back to late 2015-2016. I remember a NHL coach (might’ve been coach of the Canucks), waving a white towel in “surrender” after the refs missed a series of obvious penalties. As much as I understand players and coaches wanting to save face and all that stuff, it’s time for them to actually show some emotion. Simply saying “I don’t know what offside or goaltender interference anymore” isn’t cutting it. McLellan needs to do something similar. I know we were all laughing at Karlsson’s glove toss at the All-Star Game, but I think it’s time the players and coaches start doing something similar. Talbot needs to smash his stick, McDavid needs to do more “go upstairs” gestures after he scores, and the training staff need to have white towels and/or shirts on standby.

    This is getting ridiculous and it’s really starting to irritate me.

  • champski

    Klefbom..what about Benning!? Brutal giveaways!!

    Who did we trade away to make room for Lucic forever deal?

    Welp…. least we have a bunch of high profile wingers coming up on the farm and Jr………….

  • crobar

    How come the Jets call up players from the Moose and these guys all score ģoals and contribute?? The lack of depth in this system is disturbing. Who knew that folding the Roadrunners would reverberate for over 10 years??