What to do as the Oilers approach the deadline?

What a season it’s been for the Oilers. The ups and the downs have been all over. Emotionally, I’m sure lots of fans agree. It’s hard to understand a team that destroys the Tampa Bay Lightning but then gets blown out by bottom feeders like the Sabres. While many have mailed the season in and kissed the postseason goodbye, mathematics still say there’s a shot at the playoffs. I mean realistically, we still technically have a chance until eight other teams have an X beside their name. While we can all debate what we think, what I want to know is what is the Oilers management thinking?

Selling or buying?

We’re three weeks away from the NHL’s trade deadline, and that’s a pretty key day for the Oilers. There’s still plenty of time for Oilers brass to make up their mind if they think they have a thin chance at the postseason or if they’re selling off the season.

The Oilers did drop another game last night to the Kings, so I’m leaning towards the idea that Chia and co are getting ready to bid adieu to a few faces on March 28th.

Who should get ready to pack their bags?

Oct 19, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Edmonton Oilers left wing Patrick Maroon (19) celebrates with teammates on the bench after scoring a goal against the Chicago Blackhawks during the first period at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most talked about rental guys is Patrick Maroon, and while he’s a fan favourite, he should be prepared to move. A lot of chatter has been about having to decide between the Nuge and Patty. If it comes down to picking between the two, I’m going with baby Nuge all day long.

Maroon’s size is always there, but he isn’t — he can be inconsistent. Put him on McDavid’s wing, and he seems to do well. Take him away, and Maroon can be a ghost at times. If the Big Rig is willing to take a discount to stay in Edmonton, I have no issues keeping him around, but the money he could demand for emerging over the last couple seasons just won’t work for the Oilers cap crunch.

I think the Yohann Auvitu experiment is going to come to a close soon, and the Brad Hunt-turned-forward experiment is a UFA at seasons end. Let’s flip that nose for offence and score a late draft pick. There’s no harm in that, assuming that someone wants him.

A couple players who spent a good chunk of the first half of the season in the doghouse were Drake Caggiula and Ryan Strome. Both guys are RFA’s this summer, but both are starting to wake up and show their worth.

Remember when Nick Kypreos stirred the pot by reporting the Oilers weren’t happy with the Strome deal? How do they feel a little over three months later? Caggiula is a Chia college free agent signing, and there’s no way I can see Chia moving him. It’s also no secret I’m a Caggiula fan. I think he’s a hard worker can play a bunch of different roles for the team. Being that they’re both RFAs, the Oilers control their future, and don’t have to worry about them walking for nothing, unlike Maroon.


The other day someone on Twitter asked who they would want the Oilers to target in a trade, and that got the wheels turning in my brain. If I had to pick one guy, it would be the Coyotes Max Domi. Before you scroll on down to the comments and ask me what drugs I’m on, this is simply me just spitballing.

The Yotes have loaded up on youth over the last few seasons. They’ve drafted Nick Merkley, Dylan Strome, Clayton Keller, Christian Fischer, and more. It sounds like a familiar situation — Arizona hasn’t been successful and seems to be building a new core. It seems like Anthony Duclair didn’t feel like he was going to be a part of that core, so he requested a trade and now has a fresh start in Chicago.  Does John Chayka see Domi as a part of their future? It’s been rumoured they’re exploring their options about moving him.

Domi is a couple seasons removed from his outstanding 52 point rookie campaign, and is struggling big time this season — he has only three goals in 53 games. Could you imagine if the Oilers could swoop in and pick up McDavid’s teammate from the 2015 World Juniors? What would you want to see the Oilers give up for him?

What are your thoughts on the Oilers playoff chances? Who do you think will be moved at the deadline? Share your thoughts with me below!

  • Hemmercules

    Just stay calm Chia. This is the time to exploit a team in need of something and fill the cupboards with some picks. Don’t get pushed around and keep Nuge unless the trade is major win.

  • YoungerThanSpidey

    I don’t think Chia can afford to lose another trade. I still wonder what this team would have done this year with Hall and Eberle instead of Strome and Larsson. I like both those guys but…still lost both those trades, big time. I’d say that’s two strikes.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Oilers don’t make the playoffs without Larsson last year. Or have you forgotten that the oilers went 2 rounds last year? You’re crazy if you think an oilers defence without larsson is a playoff defence. That trade isn’t a strike. The powerplay and penalty kill. Those are the real 2 strikes for the oilers this year.

        • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

          Technically he did get more. Remeber after the Oilers traded Hall, they drafted Puljujarvi and signed Lucic. In a manner of thinking, Edmonton acquired Larsson, Puljujarvi and Lucic for Hall

          • nijames

            That is the most ridiculous statement I have read on this site. The trade was Larson for Hall. Who they draft and sign has nothing to do with that one for one trade. Larson is decent 2nd pairing defense guy but Chia lost that trade big time.

        • toprightcorner

          Chia did the right thing by not using Eberles cap space. If he did the Oilers still are not likely making the playoffs because of a $3.5 mill player being added. They would have no room to make any additions this summer to fill holes.

          Remember, Eberle was traded to relieve cap space, not to use it differently.

      • Slipknot 8

        This is utter nonsense….The Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins proved to idiots like you that skill speed and offensive players with a rag tag bunch of quick mobile D-man will beat any team…
        Quick name me two D-man on that championship team.!!

      • btrain

        Question: With the help of hindsight, would you trade last years playoff run, if it meant that the Oilers would have better sustained success for this current season and beyond? I completely agree with you that Larsson was a huge difference maker last year, and maybe to the point that the team doesn’t make the playoffs without him. However, that move has resulted in a loss of an elite winger with speed, who can drive his own line, in a league that is only getting faster. At the same time, that move was also done to allow for the acquisition of an aging power forward, who lacks speed, produces less than the person he replaced, and is only going to decline each of the next 5 years of his untradeable contract. Moreover, he will be doing this while costing the team slightly more than the much more skilled and youthful winger he replaced.

        The Hall for Larsson trade was perhaps a great short term move, based on the needs of the team at the time. However, just 1 season later, the short term gains have already started to wear off. This team has come to learn that the proven top 6 wingers they sold at discount prices, have not only left holes on the current roster, but also left them with precious few positions of strength to trade from moving forward, setting the organization backwards.

    • Natti_89

      Sigh people living in the past….also people forget HOW BAD we needed a defenseman like Larsson. Yes maybe Edmonton should feel entitled to more for that trade but we got what we so badly needed. Also, people seem to forget yet again (are most Oilersnation bloggers 90 year old senile men?) that we basically were calling for Eberles head all season and people were happy he was gone (remember the lazy ebs comments?). And now you guys are putting him back on the team. Classic ON. The only reason Yak is not on your list is because he’s still not great. If you want to put up a roster of what could have been and should have been, throw Omark in there – look at what he’s doing in the khl.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        You are bang on Natti,… Coaching, development staff, mentors (keeping players feet on the ground), that’s what this team needs badly…
        Explains up & down results this year. Special team strategy is a joke…
        Players are fine,… just need developing.
        To your point above, check out Osterle with Chicago…
        We had him in our camp for years,… stagnating…
        I beleive Pakarinen is in the same predicament.

      • nijames

        The Oilers didn’t need a defenseman like Larson, they needed a top pairing defenseman that produced points and could move the puck. Larson is a good defensive guy but lacks what the Oilers needed and should have gotten for Hall.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          Yeah they sure did need a defensive defenseman like Larsson…
          That’s just what they needed… They had Shultz who was a defenseman that had point potential. Coaching staff couldn’t really get that to work on a consistent basis. He’s doing great instantly in Pittsburgh though… Good for him.

  • belair

    Maroon to LA for Mike Amadio, Letestu to WPG for Nic Petan and Slepyshev to BUF for Zemgus Girgensons…Three shots at finding another Maroon.

    Petan – McDavid – Draisaitl
    Lucic – RNH – Puljujarvi
    Khaira – Strome – Caggiula
    Girgensons – Amadio – Kassian

    Take on a couple expiring deals elsewhere from playoff teams to help them out with the cap and score some extra picks.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Those are great easports nhl18 trades!! Lol. I would fire the jets gm if I was his boss and he made that trade. Lol. Letestu wont be the guy that puts the jets over the top. Back to reality, the only thing I would trade for to help the oilers is right handed offensive minded dman to run the pp. Not sure who that guy is. Someone mentioned Faulk earlier tonight. He’d be ok for sure

      • belair

        Criticizes me for EA Sports trades–suggests Faulk. Riiiiiight. We need cheap options to fill out the roster in the off-season. Fill some of those holes at the deadline and you save yourself several mil in cap avoiding the FA market. You also get a chance to see them in action prior to the off-season avoiding another Slepyshev-Caggiula disaster.

        As for the Petan for Letestu deal, Petan is waiver eligible next season. The clock is striking midnight in Winnipeg considering he is absolutely buried in depth. Advantage us.

        • jultz=2cups!??

          Ya. A 22 year old potential future star for a 33 year old 4th liner that could walk away for nothing at seasons end. Let me know when that trade goes down. Oilersnation would lynch chia if he ever made a trade like that. And Faulk only makes 5 mill. Not sure why you think it would be a stretch to acquire him? You need good players to win a cup, and this defence isn’t good enough.

          • toprightcorner

            How does a player who has struggled to get out of the AHL become a future NHL star? Just cause he was a star in Junior doesn’t mean he will be a star in the NHL. Petan reminds me of Arcabello in that he can score in AHL but his came just cannot translate to NHL success.

            WPG have at least 4 prospects that have passed Petan and he is ranked 9th on their prospect list. I am not saying I like Petan but he would be a small price to pay for a depth right shot center that wins faceoffs, kills penalties, can play powerplay and can play 3rd or 4th line for a playoff push.

            WPG is actually looking for a top 6 winger so I see Maroon being a better fit and the prospect I would be looking at in return is Mason Appleton, Jack Roslovic or Brendan Lemieux (Claude Lemieux son who plays the same with much more offense)

        • Glencontrolurstik

          How can you call Slepy & Caggiula a disaster.
          One is 23 years old & one just out of collage…
          They are great value players $$$-wise that have showed a skill level that can definitely be improved with some direction.
          It sounds like you’d like to get players at that value, with the excellent skill level built-in? Why break up team chemistry when what you need is sitting right in your lap? Scout, Coach & Develop,… that should be what’s written on the walls of the office now… We can’t afford the alternative with the contracts we don’t want to let go… Capiscé?

          • belair

            Slepy and Caggiula as expected middle six wings this season was an unmitigated disaster. My point was acquiring cheap wing options at the deadline to test out with 97 between now and the end of the regular season. Not rolling the dice on overpriced UFAs and going into next season not knowing if your guys have any chemistry out of the gate.

            How we got Maroon, essentially.

            And again–Petan has never had the opportunity to grab that top six roster spot in Winnipeg. He’s had success with McDavid at the world junior tournament and he has the speed and skill that our current roster could use. As a player in replacement of a later 3rd round pick, he’d be a reasonable player to take a shot on.

      • Slipknot 8

        @ Jultz the idiot..
        Why does the team need a RHD to run the PP? What wrong with a LHD?
        The Oilers and the rest of the NHL run a 1 – 3 – 1 system….
        Next time look at who’s on point at least half the time on the PP .

        • jultz=2cups!??

          Lol. Because the oilers already have 4 left shot dmen on the roster. ??. You think it would be a good idea to get another one?? ?. Lol slipknot the idiot. Try to keep up boys!

        • btrain

          It really comes down to quick releases, one-timers, and the handedness of your best players on the ice during the PP. A RHD when your best forward players are all left handed, would be glorious. For example, for most of this season, Letestu has been the Right Shot on his opposite side (the trigger man if you will). So of this entire team, your 4th line center is the only guy with the correct handedness who is able to do this job (not a great sign). He is also the guy who is often in the best position to set up the Left handed, right side of the ice, threat from the point (mostly Klefbom). Conversely, Letestu is the best option for Klefbom to set up for a shot. Alternatively, with a RHD with PP skill and a big shot, he is going to be set up by your most elite skilled players, be it Drai, McD, or RNH, for shots/one-timers. That RHD, also has the ability to return the favor to the best players on the ice. Essentially, a RHD helps to give and receive, while in the best possible shooting position, from the most lethal offensive players on the team.

  • Gary

    It enrages me watching Taylor Hall in a New Jersey sweater. How/why did we ever let him go for such a poor return. Don’t give me the locker room BS, these are professional athletes.

    • TrueOrangeBlue

      i agree. look at him dominate right now. get someone so mad to knee you in the head and then snipe on the pp he created.+ bonus get buddy suspended for 10 games. as much as i thought larsson was a great addition last season. Hall is one of the top 5 LW in the league. A serious mistake on chia’s part.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    So reading some of the comments below, many of you forgot a few things. Allow me to issue up a friendly reminder.

    1. Hall for Larsson deal. To most of you, this is still a bad trade and I don’t know why. Is it because he hasn’t played much this season so you all forgot what he brought last season? Or is it because you all forgot what Edmonton did following the trade? Here’s a hint. It involved drafting some guy named Jesse Puljujarvi and signing a man by the name of Milan Lucic. So technically, Edmonton traded Hall and acquired Larsson, Puljujarvi, and Lucic.

    2. I know many of you want to hang Chiarelli and its easy to see why. Some of it is due to his “poor” trades as well as his lack of action in the off-season last season. But I think it’s because we’re tired of the losing year in and year out.

    3. 5on5, this team is still solid (at least when they decide to play a game). Special teams have been terrible all season. Reminder, we were the 5th best PP team and a league average PK team. If the special teams were performing like last season, we’d have another few wins under our belts.

    4. Coach’s challenge. Just wave a white flag. The last coach’s challenge I remeber ruling in Edmonton’s favor was early 2016 when Edmonton shut out Vancouver 2-0. The Nucks had a goal taken away because a Canuck pushed Talbot into the net. And when your team hasn’t had a favourable ruling in 16 straight attempts, you’re gonna be mad.

    So what’s my take? Well, at the risk of being crucified on here, I give Chiarelli a chance to fix this. It’s his mess, he needs to clean it up. If he sits on his hands and does, THEN fire him. But I’m willing to give him a chance, and who knows. He might pull off a trade that will be well received.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      So what’s my take? Well, at the risk of being crucified on here, I give Chiarelli a chance to fix this. It’s his mess, he needs to clean it up. If he sits on his hands and does nothing, THEN fire him. But I’m willing to give him a chance.

    • Slipknot 8

      You clearly need to start looking into analytics a bit more it will solve a lot of those questions.
      1. Terrible deal, it was then, and will be going forward one of the worst deals in the history of the NHL.
      The Pittsburgh Penguins won with sheer skill and a defense of 2nd and 3rd paring D-men.
      Lucic contract is a boat anchor of a contract, a buyout prof NMC it is the single worst deal going in the NHL right now and will be the reason the Oilers won’t/can’t sign players they desperately will need and the Oilers will LOSE a player they can’t in the next expansion draft because of it!!!!
      The Oilers got lucky with JP, personally I would have preferred the Oilers draft the player that was supposed to be drafted until JP fell to the Oilers Sergachev a future stud D-man with 30 points. Also, JP is a RW and doesn’t apply to the side that Hall played which is LW……
      2. Chiarelli is an awful GM – Full stop, it isn’t because fans are sick of losing year in and year out, the moves he’s made and the roster that is the Oilers are indefensible..
      3. 5×5 the Oilers are good ONLY when McDavid is on the ice, other than that they are a tire fire and almost in the bottom of the league in every category that matters.
      Chiarelli created this mess and now your asking him to fix this? Tell us how and with what? I don’t see a lot of value with our roster to use.

    • Big Nuggets

      Its true the team is good 5 on 5 and the PP and PK has ruined our season. But Chia’s moves have still been bad. Aside from the big trades and Reinhardt debacle I haven’t liked his smaller moves. Pouliot was a good PKer, he can be pretty frustrating but the buyout was unnecessary. With a slight return to form he would have been tradeable this offseason instead of paying him for 3 more years. He let our cheap player walk as UFAs last season. Pitlick and Oesterle are both in the NHL this year and have a combined cap hit of 1.65 mil. Chia just doesnt know how to scout NHL player, he sucks at negotiating trades, he sucks at negotiating contracts, and he apparently doesnt understand how a salarycap works, as evidenced by the Russell contract. My take is that Chia is a terrible GM.

    • MrBung

      Hall was worth Larsson plus. It is still a marginal trade that bled value. Lucic signing is poor because of term and amount and he is falling off already. Pool party hasn’t proved anything yet. Couple games ago he had a bit of a streak. quiet now.

  • Steve26

    What are people basing the Larsson-Hall trade on when they say it should be thought of for Larsson, Puljujarvi, and Lucic?… 100% chance we take Puljujarvi regardless of the trade so can’t add him… and if we didn’t make the trade we would have taken $4+ mil (Larsson’s contract) and added a RH defense in free agency most likely… so it is actually Larsson, Lucic for Hall, $4+ mil FA defense… if you want to play hypotheticals.

  • Connor McFly

    I don’t think the Oil have applied the faint hope clause at this point. Chia-pet has done almost nothing this season up to this point. Unless his bringing in a tempermental back-up counts. I don’t think he is making any moves by himself. This might mean Gretsky Bros. have more influence on what happens over the next couple months than most of us think. I think Chia is a dead man walking. I don’t want Chia changing this roster on his own. He created this mess with his numerous failed trades and bonehead signings.

    • Connor McFly

      I agree. I will wager he was promised no time in the minors to lure him into signing. He hasn’t earned the right for the prime minutes he has received.

  • vetinari

    We should be in trade mode at the deadline. Maroon, Letestu and Cammalleri should all be gone by the deadline and if you want some of them back, before they are traded (so it’s not tampering with another team’s property), encourage them to not sign anywhere else until they talk to you first in July. The best we’ll get for them is a bundle of picks but everything helps down the road. As for Domi, I’d take a flyer on him. Strome has had a similar career progression and they are both pending RFAs. I’d pitch Strome and a sweetner (Slepyshev?) for Domi to make up for the age and salary difference.

  • Johnny Utah

    Wow, had to google Domi to check that out. 3 goals?!? That’s Ryan Strome type regression. Hmm, is that the answer to your question right there? Reunite Ryan with his brother. Oil throw in the pick they get for Letestu or Caleb Jones. Doubt they take it but I wouldn’t give up much more than that at this stage.

  • The Future Never Comes

    If the Oiler’s management are still twittling their thumbs asking themselves if were going to make playoffs, their even more incompetent than we thought. I guess they think McD could literally just win every game for them here on out.

    • IRONman

      The fact is the Oilers are bad. Yes 97 is awesome and exciting to watch. But the defence is horrible. 33 is bottom of league in save percentage. Sekera is hurting, klefbom is not the same guy and Larson is minus 10

  • rivid

    The problem with the oilers line up is they have players like drake. I have no idea what you see in him but he brings very little to the table. Sure he is a hard worker but provides nothing offensively. There are too many individuals like drake. This team needs to rid themselves of players like him and find quality wingers that can produce. Believing drake should be on a NHL roster is a mistake that needs to be rectified.

  • Glencontrolurstik

    Let’s go back & reset…
    Ok, Oilers have been terrible for 10 years of mediocrity. Never making the playoffs, too small, lack confidence which gets worse year over year…
    Some of the stars become an issue in the dressing room & rightly so, when trying to turn things around single-handedly…
    Coaches are replaced,… fans are throwing $200.00 jerseys onto the ice…
    In the latter years of that 10 year span, the fans began every season not saying “this is the year”, but rather, “when will we be out of a play-off spot”?
    Teams pushed us around. When they came to town it was like a break… Two points & some bonding time… And we were used to it… Well you get my point…
    Times change unexpectedly,… Oilers management were sitting in a hotel room in Europe when McTavish runs out of his room & pounds on adjacent rooms wildly announcing “We got first pick,……” You all know, from that point things were looking up… We added Mr. Chiarelli (sp), who after all brought the Bruins to a Stanley Cup. He determined (& we all arguably agreed) that we needed some size & better defense. Also, we had all heard rumblings of bad blood in the dressing room… Bring in Lucic, a basically free Maroon (we were paid to take him) Get a starting goalie from NY (I still think that was a “gift” from Sather). Sign some no-name youth in Cagiulla, Khaira, Slepy, etc. And controversially trade Hall for Larson… Most initial thoughts were “what?”… But, hey we need “D” and maybe Hall was an issue in the dressing room? But with all this, Pete looks like he finally has things on the right path? “In Peter we trust…”
    OK,… he knows what he’s doing. The big picture is great…
    The season starts & we see McDavid, Draisaitl & Maroon… Talbot is a wall, And the rest of the team is showing some depth potential… This is great…
    “POSSIBLY, WE CAN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR?????” Outside chance, but it’s looking good… If not this year, maybe next, with some more tweaks it was thought. (that would be now). Well it’s been reversed. With the excitement of a new beginning, the team did well last year. I think overachieved. I can see how management didn’t do too much in the off-season, thinking that these new players would go on an “upward” trend. But that didn’t happen. I personally feel it comes down to the coaching, development staff”. As the majority of these players are young and inexperienced & need direction. They have to be shown how to accept success & deal with it…
    And we ran with that thought, based on last year. I think that team management is thinking more realistically. This is the reason for the teams up & down. The players are stuck between the media’s comments (+ or -) & the coaching staff’s. The Coaches know they can win, we know they can win. But the players inexperience and confidence level comes into play when they listen to what the so, called expert media are telling them…
    Heck, last season they were touted as a really fast team. How many times this year have the eastern scribes told us… “The Oilers are the slowest team in the league”…
    We didn’t expect playoffs last year, we did this year though. It’s just been reversed. The team needs to re-find that swagger & confidence.
    Sorry for going on, just had to get it out…
    I personally wouldn’t do many trades. We know what we have. Most of what we have needs development… I know he has been here forever but… How old is Nuge? Look at what Osterle is doing now with the right development? We know what we have right now, make it better… Don’t take a chance on “same, same”.

    • McDavid's Comet

      Ok, what you’ve said here pretty much sums it up, however IMO you left out Charelli’s ability to loose major trades. The Reinhard and Eberle trades were complete busts and not only do they negatively impact in the present, also the future. It is my hope there is an silent agreement (these do happen) with N.Y. Islanders that when we come calling for a juicy bone… they give us one.

  • puckle-head

    Why do Oilersnation writers keep talking about slim playoff hopes? They are DONE. They are 14 pts out and have 3 teams to leapfrog before they can get in (5 if the top 3 pacific contenders start pulling away). It’s a waster of time to speculate about a playoff push, and I can’t explain why it bothers me quite this much, but I guess I have this silly fear that Chiarelli is going to read one of these articles, be like “so there IS a chance!” And then trade our 1st rounder for a terrible deadline rental.

  • Vanoil

    I’d take Tobias Reider over Domi any day. Shoots left but plays the right side. Works his ass off and can finish. Like Cagguila but with some PDQ in the league. Not sure if he wants to return to E-town though, and not sure if he would fit into McL’s mould of players given that he plays on his off wing. But well worth a look at now.

  • toprightcorner

    The Oilers need to trade the UFA’s but I would prefer progressing AHL players instead of picks. 2nd and 3rd round picks are too far away even if they do pan out. There are also opportunities to add some players with term.

    Players rumored to be available include Justin Faulk and Boone Jenner who are both having down years and can be picked up at likely 60-70 cents on the dollar.

    Jenner is an exciting option having a very poor year after losing favour with Torts. Scored 30 goals 2 years ago is big, fast and has a great shot. CBJ need to add scoring and with Jenner an RFA, they have some cap struggles with Ryan Murray an RFA and Atkinsons new contract kicking in next season. Maroon and Strome would get that done if CBJ felt Strome could be a better fit as he has been more productive. Maroon, Caggulia and Jones could also get that done.

    Faulk is another interesting one. Last year, most fans were willing to give up Nuge for Faulk but the Oilers would have had to thrown in a sweetener. Ths year it has flipped and CAR would have to trow in a sweetener. CAR desperately needs a C and scoring and are flush on the backend and have lots of cap space and a new owner itching to make a spash. If Chia could send Nuge and Cagguila for Faulk and Julien Gauthier that would be a big win with a RD with PP success and a big, fast, goal scoring RW prospect having a solid rookie year in the AHL.

    Some of these teams don’t want picks in return so with very few teams that will give up players for players, there is less competition than in the summer.

    • The Whispererer

      Did you just finish Chiarelli’s course on “Trading for NHL GMs ” ?
      Jenner has completely fallen off a cliff in the past 2 years since his big season and you want to give up 2 or 3 assets for him ? Even Caggiula has better numbers than Jenner this year. As for Columbus being tight with the Cap…using $75 million for the limit they have 15 players under contract for next year with $18.6 million space remaining. The Oilers have 13 players under contract with $14 million space. Which team would you guess is worse off ?
      Gauthier is having a solid rookie year in the AHL ? 9 goals, 4 assists in 41 games is solid ? One could probably choose 10 other players off their AHL roster that would be a better trade option for the Oilers. You state that the Canes would have to throw in a sweetener with Faulk to get RNH, then offer to throw in Caggiula for Gauthier ?

  • toprightcorner

    Here is an outside the box option.

    STL wants to add scoring but have some cap issues. Stastny is on the last year with a 7 mill cap hit but they don’t want picks back, they want NHL players to help them on cup run.

    Maroon would be a good fit as they would also like some size but as a rental, he won’t get much in return and STL would prefer to keep their picks as they have given up a lot over the past few years. In fact, they would like to add to their prospect pool.

    Someone that could be a perfect fit for the Oilers is Robbie Fabbri, a close friend of McDavid. Fabbri has been out all year and doubtful for the playoffs. Fabbri has already had NHL success and they obviously didn’t miss him this year as much as they thought they would with the emergence of Schenn.

    Maroon and Yamamoto for Fabbri and Stasny.

    Blues add the size and scoring they want and make cap space to help them add even more for their push. Yamamoto is a couple years behind Fabbri but of the same ilk as a small, highly skilled winger. Oilers need the help next year while the Blues could use a high end prospect 2 years down the road as Steen, Berglund and Sobotka get older.

    This trade could really help both teams and the Oilers could test drive Stastny as a possibe addition for 3C next year for the $3 mill range.