GDB 53.0 Wrap Up: Giveaways, injuries, and another loss on the pile

That arena is cursed. Burn it down. Final Score: 3-2 Ducks

I hate the Ducks so much. When I looked at the schedule this week and saw that the Oilers would be in Anaheim tonight, I got that familiar saltiness filling my heart with hatred. I can’t help but see the Ducks logo and the punchable faces of the players and not think about what happened last spring in the playoffs. Little did we know, that holding the pad goal call was seemingly the beginning of the end for the Oilers and their chances of ever winning a challenge. Sure, I could get over it but I’d rather hold a grudge that can only be calmed by victory. Winning makes you forget about the bad times and this was a game the Oilers needed to win. My own personal Ducks hatred aside, every game is a must win at this point and failing to do so is another kick to the dead horse that was once a playoff dream.

If the Oilers foresaw themselves winning this hockey game then getting a good start had to be a major part of the plan. Unfortunately, allowing a goal only two and half minutes into the opening frame was the exact opposite of what you wanted to have happen. It’s like the Oilers need to spot the other team a couple of goals or else their world is in turmoil. It’s like some kind of hockey OCD that they can’t shake, and giving up an early lead is just something that needs to happen now. How else could you explain it? Case and point was how the Oilers allowed an early goal in two of three periods, giving the Ducks the leash they needed to walk away with the game. I can’t tell you why the first five minutes are so difficult for the Oilers to get through but it’s a black cloud that’s been hanging over this team all season, and it cost them again tonight. Anyone know an exorcist?

The wrap.

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  • Anton Slepyshev got the Oilers on the board with a beautiful deke that had Gibson guessing, giving the Oilers some life after they found themselves down by two goals. Corey Perry had just scored and Slepyshev responded only 1:58 later. Earlier on in the season, Slepyshev was said to be on the block and I wonder how many teams were watching him tonight. What’s the return here? Mid-round pick?
  • Kris Russell had himself a rollercoaster of a game. He was temporarily taken off the ice after blocking a shot, was responsible for the blown clearout on the Corey Perry goal, redeemed himself with more timely blocks, and, after all that, he got himself a goal after jumping into the play and finishing on a perfect pass from McDavid. Gotta love pro sports.
  • Connor McDavid continued his point streak after setting up Kris Russell beautifully with a saucer pass into the slot. The Oilers may not make the playoffs but I still want Connor to win the scoring title. He can do it and I wouldn’t bet against him.
  • If the Oilers were going to win this hockey game then Cam Talbot needed to be ready to play and he needed to do it for 60 minutes. I know I’ll take heat for this but I think he had a decent night. The first goal against bounced in off Sekera and the other two were able to find their way through traffic. There’s no doubt he needs to be better but I wouldn’t say he was to blame for this one. Talbot finished the night with 31 saves and a .912 save%.
  • Oscar Klefbom lead the team in minutes played (26:46), had four shots on goal, and was the only defenceman with a positive +/- rating. He was another d-man that did some good things out there.
  • Props to Pat Maroon for getting into a solid scrap with Kevin Bieksa in the first period. The Oilers had just dropped a goal and Patty was trying to get the boys fired up and part of the plan was dolling out fist kisses on Bieksa’s face. Have another look at the scrap over on Pat Maroon’s fight page at HockeyFights.com.
  • The Oilers killed off both penalties they faced for a perfect evening with the man disadvantage.
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  • Hampus Lindholm opened the scoring after firing a shot through traffic that deflected off Sekera’s skate past Talbot and into the net. Horrible luck for the Oilers on the bounce. At least it wasn’t the first shot on net?
  • Corey Perry added the Ducks’ second goal after Kris Russell blindly threw the puck up the middle of the ice right into Ryan Getzlaf who quickly moved it to a wide open Perry. Ugly goal.
  • Ryan Kesler restored the Ducks two-goal lead early on in the third period after his shot found its way through a few bodies and past Talbot. Not only did Sportsnet force us to watch collapse highlights from the playoffs, we also had to watch Ryan Kesler contribute on the scoresheet. *spits*
  • I know the NHL site has the giveaways at 14 for the Oilers but I don’t buy that whatsoever. They were turning the puck over like it was a delicious grilled cheese.
  • Both Andrej Sekera and Kris Russell went down with puck-related problems in the first period. Sekera took a deflected puck in the face and Russell got hit in a bad spot and struggled to get himself off the ice. Horrible luck for both guys, but even worse for Sekera as he did not return from his injury. Maybe Sekera should sit out all future games in Anaheim?
  • Drake Caggiula also left the game after he left the ice with blood pouring from his face. There wasn’t much update on him aside from him being questionable for tomorrow’s game.
  • I guess getting a power play goal in three straight games was too much to ask. The Oilers finished the night at 0/3 on the man “advantage.”
  • Make it 17 scoreless games for Milan Lucic.
  • Sportsnet showing the three-goal collapse from the playoffs during the first intermission was cruel and uncalled for. I hate you, Sportsnet.
  • This was the first time I ever had to do a #BeetCast because of the Anaheim Ducks. This could be rock bottom. As always, you can follow along over on my Twitter.
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02:28 Anaheim Hampus Lindholm (8) 0-1


15:50 Anaheim Corey Perry (11) ASST: Ryan Getzlaf (28) 0-2
16:58 Edmonton Anton Slepyshev (2) 1-2


03:04 Anaheim Ryan Kesler (6) ASST: Hampus Lindholm (11), Andrew Cogliano (16) 1-3
14:55 Edmonton Kris Russell (4) ASST: Connor McDavid (42), Patrick Maroon (14) 2-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 02/09/2018 – 11:00pm MST

  • Kneedroptalbot

    Fix This already! It’s like watching Groundhogs day.
    1. Bye Bye Peter.
    2. Unload Lucic.
    3. Find another NHL goaltender, to help Cam till he finds something??

  • Gary

    Barzel ripping it up in NY, Hall absolutely flying and leading New Jersey in points, Lucic slower than a fatally injured African tree sloth. And we lose. Again. Why do we even bother caring.

    As a season ticket holder I’m beginning to think that I’m part of the problem. Not buying them next year, no way in hell.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      Gary. I feel your frustration. And the worst part of all…..They keep playing Lucic on the 2nd line (sorry.. he just can’t keep up), and Cam is struggling the absolute worst in his whole career….and play him again, over and over.
      I just don’t get it??

    • Natti_89

      You also wanna say about chias bad trades and the team that could have been? Living in the past usually depicts depression and anxiety: get help and find a new hockey team to cheer for. Seriously ON, get a clue and work and cheer and talk about the team we have. The team you bastards think we would have had is alll a fairytale and comes from fairy minds. You all make me sick . We have what we have and cheee about that. You don’t like it go to Toronto and live in your video game life. Pfffft just hand in your oilers fan card you $&@“ and cheer for someone else if you don’t like our team. I have had it up to here with millennial/loser mentality whining .

    • Andresito

      I gained apathy when my wife got me 2 tickets to Wpg vs Edm on NYE. We drove 9 hours and good gord who knows what she paid for the tickets. I didnt see one scoring chance, body check.. nothing. I lost a ton of respect after that and honestly as much as i hate to say it a bit of passion died inside me. I find myself PVRing the games now, see the other team scores 2 mins in the game and then just FFW most of it. I watched 10 years of garbage and wont waste 3 hrs every other night on that anymore. I fell in love with this team when I was just a kid and saw the Dougy Weight era where they had half the payroll but worked their asses off and always competed for a playoff spot. I would take that anyday over this garbage. Hate to say it but manager needs to be fired.

  • Butters

    The scary part of all this, is the “it’s mostly the same lineup as last year” mentality. Which means this year is viewed as an aberration rather than the 2016-2017 which was the actual one. I got a bad feeling about next year too.

  • Heschultzhescores

    It felt great turning the game off after it was 3-1. Everyone knows it’s over at that point, this team has NOTHING! The only power I have is in the remote control. It felt GREAT!

  • Johnny Zylon

    Listened to the game on CHED, and decided that the last of the year. Am just cheering for the Olympic team then done for this year unless there is a miracle. Hahahahaha!

    • greenbayman

      Quit being such a baby, we chase all players out of town, we have had some pretty bad luck this year, everything that could go on has gone wrong. This is basically the same team that gave us all that excitement last year, with a few changes next year we will be easily in the playoffs and you will love lucic, trust me. It is very frustrating when things go bad like getting scored on in the first few minutes almost every game and also never getting a call. It will happen next year and we will all be partying.

      • Odanada

        I’d like to trust you and “love Lucic”, but it isn’t very easy the way he’s playing. Most nights it looks like they should “healthy scratch” him to see if it wakes him up and makes him play angry. We’re saddled with him, but how do you get him playing better?

  • Roscoe pico #39

    You would also think (crazy I know) that going into this game, Lucic or Kassian would be in Kessler and Getzlafs face all night out of pride! I have been noticing during intermissions that Lucic the leader with swagger, hangs out in the hallway caressing his twigs. Can’t stand to be in the room with the boys or what?

      • Neumann

        Amazing Getzlaf got no penalties again. Chopping Kassian legs as he carried the puck up the boards in the first. The late hit or at least interference as he held 97 against the bench in the 3rd. Veteran status activated. Not the reason for the loss, just impressive. Like Manson chasing Maroon around after the hit on Cogliano.

  • Roscoe pico #39

    I hate to be spewing venom – but like the earlier post mentioned, I too miss the heart and soul team we had back with Weight, Guerin, Smitty, Gator, etc. They seem too spoiled and entitled nowadays.

  • Natejax97

    If Sleppy wants to play like that then give him a roster spot. Remember next game you need to be even better and then every game after that for the next 13 years. That’s how you stay in the NHL. Great game kid … Nice goal.

    Kris Russell…its too bad when a mistake ends up in your net. Nice break up on the 2 on 1 and nice goal. That’s how you make amends. In the end a positive game even though the haters are going to point out the mistake.

    Klefbom…much much much better. keep going … great contract. Great kid. Gonna be a great player need Larsson back to play with and this will be a fantastic pairing!

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Klefbom is a 2 mill dman and that’s how he’s playing. He’s got a boat anchor contract. Did I use that term right oilersnation? I don’t understand what it means but you cryers say it all the time. Klefbom was mia again tonight. Boat anchor!!

  • Danoilerfanincalgary

    Goaltending has been poor this season but I think Talbot can rebound next season, history tells us this is common with goalies. The defense as a whole is still not good enough and I really miss Taylor Hall. The team depth at wing still needs improving but where has that Schlepy been all season? The rest of this season should be dedicated to upgrading for next season I expect a rebound season next year.

  • Spydyr

    Klefbom’s play with a minute left cancelling an icing by knocking the puck down with a high stick five feet over his head was one of the most stupid hockey plays I have seen this season. It speaks volumes for his hockey IQ.

  • Drunk Farmer

    The most frustrating thing for about watching this game is watching Kessler run around and nobody doing a damn thing about it. We are supposed to be this big mean team but play like a bunch of p#%%ies. No hunger, no urgency, light on the sticks, skating away. This was a game where we needed to make a statement and we did not. That hit in the second I think it was where Kessler took Connor out in the corner and did the ol cheap shot knee can’t be tolerated. It’s hockey, I get it, and Connor will get hit and you can’t run and fight every guy that touches him. But if I was an Oiler, after what happened last year, I would have Roman Polaked him, cross checked him in the face or something. And our D needs to get a little bigger I think; Davy, Benning, Sekera, Russel get pushed around a Iittle I noticed last night. I can plan now for this May not having to worry about playoffs interfering with seeding anyways.

  • Soccer Steve

    “Must wins” are done this year. Let the season go, it’s over.

    Offload and maximize returns for Maroon and Letestu and maybe Slepyshev now. Play Draisaitl on his own line for the rest of the entire year no matter what. Don’t rush Nuge back. Offload Lucic in the summer (miracles can happen). Draft the best player available, not what we need based on 2018/19.

  • What about all those Divisional Matchup the players were hanging their playoff hopes on? L to LA, L to Anh. Always give up the 1st goal (too many times the 1st shot that goes in) The only thing the Oilers are good for is a nice evening nap. I usually doze off with 10mins or less left in the 1st.

    • Beer

      When you look at todd in San Jose, Captains didn’t last long. Jumbo Joe, Marleau, etc… GM and coach arn’t on the same page. coach needs to go, and if the GM won’t do the deed, he needs to go too.

      Anaheim, won because of coaching. Plain and simple.

  • oilerjed

    Where was that kind of play from Sleppy all season long? If he could bring that every night our Right wing would be locked down. He was dominate, albeit, against the other 4th liners out there. I was truly impressed with his play tonight.
    Sadly, that is all I’ve got. There is just not enough chaos and desperation on the Oilers part to get it down this year. Lousy start, injuries and a plethora of posts hit and bad bounces against have sucked the will from the team it looks like.
    All that being said I’m still not thinking that blowing up this team and management is the right way to go. Were not in the cap hell that many of you seem to think, and with a few tweeks, #2 RD and two solid wingers, new assistant coaches, this team will bounce back with a vengeance next season.
    They are strong up the middle, solid in the net ( yes Spyder I said SOLID) and real close on the back end.
    Haters gotta hate and trolls gotta troll but putting aside the frustration this season has created among the fan base, the Oil are not the tire fire that they seem to be and I expect a big bounce back next season.

    • camdog

      Last season it felt like Talbot/Brossoit out played the other goalie in 80% of games played, this season it feels like 20%. Suffice to say they won’t win next year with goaltending like we had this year.

      • oilerjed

        agreed, but tell me, do you think Talbot simply forgot how to play goal? Or is the another reason for his play this year? I don’t buy the talk that Talbot is a bad goalie. There is far to much data to prove otherwise.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    Several stretches of that game were painful to watch. Here’s a bit of a thought experiment: pretend that you still have all your general hockey knowledge and experiences, EXCEPT you have no previous knowledge about the Oilers’ history, current players, coaches, management, etc. It’s the first time you have seen the team and every player on the team play. Ever. Now try to find blame anywhere else beyond the individual and team performance you saw. I know it’s not that simple and many things affect player/team performance, but in the case of last night’s game, poor player performance was the most critical problem in my opinion. Although the GM decides the make-up of the team and the coach constructs the “systems” and makes decisions about player usage, neither can be held responsible for NHL players not being able to execute 5-10ft tape-to-tape passes, or be lazy on the backcheck (just two examples).

    On the other hand and more in line with the sentiments in this thread…

    If nothing is done by coaches and/or GM when a player is consistently lazy, or unable to improve his bad decisions/poor play (again, just two examples) in relatively short order, player performance quickly becomes a coaching/mgmt issue.

    I think the Oilers are a frustrating mix of both cases right now.