GDB 57.0 Wrap Up: First shot goal ends up being the winner, Oilers lose 1-0

Make it six losses in a row. Final Score: 1-0 Coyotes

Seeing an Arizona Coyotes matinee doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of excitement these days, does it? I mean, who doesn’t love watching two lottery teams go at it while the rest of the league continues on with their playoff race? For the Oilers and Coyotes, this game was virtually meaningless apart from jockeying for draft lottery position and Connor McDavid’s pursuit of a second straight Art Ross Trophy. For Oilers fans, games like this give you an acceptable excuse to start day drinking. As much as it hurts to say it, the season is over despite the remaining games on the calendar and all we have left is to look forward to the draft and trying for silver linings in a season full of black clouds and disappointment.

Despite our thoughts and prayers, the Oilers found themselves down by a goal almost immediately after the opening faceoff after they allowed yet another goal on the first shot of the game. For some reason, the Oilers love nothing more than spotting their opponent an early lead and they also love to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. Being extremely generous is the only explanation that makes sense as to why this keeps happening. With that first goal out of the way, Cam Talbot actually went on to be the best Oiler of the afternoon and the fact that they lost again shouldn’t fall on goaltending. Had it not been for him, this game would have been done, wrapped in a bow, and under the tree long before the first period was over. The fact that they were in it until the end is Talbot’s doing, but that doesn’t matter in the end. The first-shot gift win happened anyway because the Oilers hung another goose egg on the scoreboard, and it’s really tough to win when you don’t score any goals. Gotta love those coach’s challenges.

See you tomorrow.

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The wrap.

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  • Season high, six game loss! Wait, that’s bad.
  • It goes without saying at this point, but Cam Talbot needed to be better if the Oilers had any chance of winning the hockey game. When these teams last met, Talbot allowed two early goals which ended his night before the game was even five minutes old. This time around, Talbot allowed a goal on the first shot of the game, though he didn’t really have much chance on the play. From there, Dadbot was rock solid and he single-handedly kept the Oilers in the game for longer than they probably deserved. He finished the day with
  • It was really good to see Adam Larsson back on the ice for the Edmonton Oilers in today’s game. He’s dealing with some personal hell right now, and it was good to have him back playing hockey and keeping his mind busy. Welcome back, Adam.
  • As they have all season, the Oilers did another fine job in the faceoff circle tonight, winning 52% of the draws. Good thing it mattered.
  • The Oilers killed off all four penalties they faced tonight, making the home vs away PK stats even more strange.
  • The Oilers got 40 shots on net. Normally, that’s a good thing.
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  • For the 11th time this season, the Oilers allowed a goal on the first shot of the game. ELEVEN. TIMES. Christian Dvorak opened the scoring for the Coyotes after deflecting an Oliver Ekman-Larsson point shot past Talbot. Happy day.
  • This was a sloppy game for the Oilers. They had a hard time breaking out of their zone, their passes rarely connected, and everyone was either a step too fast or a step too slow in getting pretty much anywhere. The boys weren’t on the same page today and it show in all three zones on the ice.
  • Make it 21 games without a goal for Milan Lucic. He needs some kind of emergency exorcism or something. Is that a thing? It should be.
  • No shots on goal for Leon Draisaitl today and actually that first line was quiet for most of the game.
  • How’d the special teams do? Fine, power play excluded.
    • PP: 0/2 with not a whole lot going on.
  • Add another challenge that went against the Oilers to make them 0-18 in the last year+ as Pat Maroon’s tying goal was called back for goaltender interference.
  • What is a penalty anymore? Both sides had some really weird calls go their way and the refereeing is a strange trainwreck to watch.
  • Jujhar Khaira is having a great season but I really wish the Oilers wouldn’t try to put too much on his shoulders so fast. He was playing at 2C today and that’s too many minutes for a guy that isn’t ready for it yet. Why must they insist on making guys fight above their weight class so soon into their career?
  • I wish people would stop talking about how the Oilers lead the league in hits as though it’s a good thing. Remember, you can only hit someone when you don’t have the puck. It’s all good to play physical, but if you’re leading the league in hits then it may suggest that you have other problems… which we do.
  • The beet goes on with my horrible #BeetCast. Thanks to a poor effort and the Arizona Coyotes, I will be powering through my 26th can of beets of the season. As always, you can follow along and join in over on my Twitter.
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03:26 Arizona Christian Dvorak (10) ASST: Oliver Ekman-Larsson (21), Christian Fischer (15) 0-1


No Scoring


No Scoring


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 02/17/2018 – 4:30pm MST

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    • Clayton

      That call was consistent with all the other goaltender interference reviews. Cheap call…but consistent. The Oilers are not getting screwed by the refs or the league. The reffing is consistent…consistently bad for all teams!

      • CMG30

        Except the record of now 18 goal reviews take place on both sides of the rink. That means for 18 reviews in a row, all goals scored by the Oil are overturned and all goals scored by opponents are upheld. If it’s goaltender interference then fine but when the same thing is happening in our end, those goals need to be disallowed too.

  • Opi

    Seriously, think about the lineup Chia could have iced if he had only managed to stay out of his own way …

    Maroon … McD … German Dude
    Hall … Hyphen … Tkachuk
    Cammy … Barzol … Ebs14
    Sleepyshev … Letestu … Caggs


    Talbot/Insert Name


    Just another morale victory. Patience. For the love of gord. Patience. On another note. I have never seen so much interference in the game of hockey. In what world.. should a player that is driving for a loose puck be allowed to be hit when the puck is not even near this player. I counted 31 times where a player was hit while driving toward a loose puck allowing the opposing player to pick up the loose puck. I am at a loss as to what interference is, and I am also at a loss as to how the refs continually get in the way of clearing attempts and behind the net passes. So tired of the NHL in general. The Oilers are a hot mess for sure but I think the nhl as a league is in worse shape than the Oilers

    • RIP

      You have no clue what you are talking about. If you think the refs are calling against the Oilers you should go smoke another joint. Clearly you have never played any sort of competitive hockey. Counting made up interference calls, thats hilarious!


        RIP. Clearly it is you who is a big ass fat dork. Where here did I say anything about the refs calling against the OIL? Your nothing but a fat pos with a big fuggin keyboard. You have no idea of what level hockey I played. It is clearly you who have never played the game and have no idea what real interference is so let me help you with this. Cause Gord knows you need all the help you can get. Speaking of smoking joints and being an alcoholic you should get help for that. Anyway, when a puck is flipped into an opposing end on a dump and chase play, no player is allowed to slow an opposing player from retrieving said puck. Period. This is in the rule book you fuggin clown. Any player who is slowed in any form from retrieving loose pucks is a two minute penalty by every book every handed to every ref in every level of hockey. It is called interference. Are you even Canadian? Real Canadians know this.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006


    “There’s no consistency and I’m f*****g sick of it. It’s f*****g ridiculous. You can quote me, they can fine me, I don’t give a f*** anymore.”

  • Ted

    Best part was seeing the first shot goal …. (Actual Best Part) Napping for through the game only to wake to see Deadbot getting second star! Good Gord how does this make any sense?! Keep up the great first shot blunders as the stars seem to be aligning for your failures Deadbot! At a boy!!

  • Soontobejetsfan

    Long suffering fan, first time poster.
    The name says it all, how much more can a guy take. The dysfunction and nepotism from top to bottom is astounding. Pete and Todd should be shown the door immediately…..but they won’t, because Oilers.

  • Heschultzhescores

    I feel for the number 1, 2 and 3 young draft prospects. They have to he thinking…Please, not the Oilers! Knowing our scouts they probably will pick a second rounder.

  • Jan 20 we played the nucks and won 5-2. The reason I remember this game is the way we played this night. Heavy on the boards, the whole team was engaged and we dominated. The next game we lose 5-0 to the sabres. Maybe the worst effort of the year

    What I am getting at is this team is better than the team we see night in and night out . This losing streak couldn’t come at a worse time. The trade deadline is coming and the value of our players is low as ever.

    I would like to see a coaching change in the offseason as good efforts have been followed by horrible games and I believe that is coaching. I would like to see some Condors up for an opportunity to see them in regular season game. Sit Lucic, we have him for another 5 years, and unfortunately he is not going anywhere. Let’s try something new and make players accountable.

  • camdog

    I think leading league in hits does need to be discussed more, it’s not only a flaw with the team but also on the coaches. There are a number of forwards on this team that get minutes based on how much they hit. – Cagguila. Pouliot and Eberle were beaten up last year by the coaches because they didn’t hit enough. The coaching of this team is terrible and it’s not just special teams.

  • Connor McFly

    When asked about the 18-0 calls from Toronto our captain stood there with a blank look on his face and refused to comment. Not only is he playing a heartless game these days he is not made of captain material. Making an [email protected] old kid captain is a typical Oiler move. Sam Gagner was on the After Hours Show from Van tonight and the Oil ruined Gagner by throwing him into the fire at 18 and his career has never really taken off. Nothing changes in E-town. Go to the top and start firing the old has-beens like Lowe/Mact and all the other hangers-on. This organization sux!

    • Big Nuggets

      I persoanally would have kept Hendricks around one more season and made him captain. regardless if his skill he is a leader and as management I would have stressed that the team will be about hard work and accountability. McDavid is still a good captain I think and will have success, but it is about the culture of the team as to why I would have chosen Hendy. Talbot will already get fined for his comments, no real need for McDavid to get fined as well. After his new conrmtract kicks in he can be more vocal with criticisms.

    • Fire Woodcroft!

      No way is it McDavids job to take the fine and criticize the refs. Its already open season for any teams trying to defend against him – and everyone knows it. If some of these hacks form a grudge against him on top of that then how bad will it get?

      It’s our gutless management that should be ponying up and calling attention to the tilted ice surface. McLellan, Chiarelli, Nicholson and Katz should all be screaming about this crap at the top of their lungs.

      No wonder the boys are skating around like they’ve got no heart … none of their supposed ‘management’ team has their backs.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    23-30. i swear this team isn’t happy unless they are losing! and Chia took a 103 point team from last year and made it worse! can’t do too much winning can we? think i’ll watch a team that at least surrounded their star player with some actual talent….the Leafs.

      • Explicit

        The oilers have sucked for 12 years. It’s not all on chia, although he has screwed up. But the entire organization sucks from the owner to the OBC. It’s really sad actually

        • crabman

          @Explicit, I agree that the team has sucked long before Chiarelli got here but at this point this is the roster he has put together. Only 6 players were here before him and he resigned 4 of them. The Only players on the Oilers roster not either resigned or brought in by Chiarelli are Nuge and Nurse. The Only thing left to blame on the past management is the lack of prospects on the farm but we are almost to the point where that’s on him too. this year or next year we should start seeing results from the 2015 draft after McDavid but he traded away too many picks.

  • Heschultzhescores

    We need to dump ALL the quitters now. Who cares if they go perform better somewhere else, they aren’t performing here and are clearly heartless and only play when things are going well. Who needs that?