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Cam Talbot to be fined for goaltender interference comments?

According to Sportsnet’s John Shannon, Cam Talbot could be looking at a fine for his f-bomb-laced rant in regards to the NHL’s goaltender interference.

For me, this is one of those annoying things about the NHL that misses the mark and promotes the culture of robotic athletes. Why can’t these guys speak their minds? Sure, I get why the NHL wouldn’t want their guys tearing them down with a profanity-filled rant but I hate the idea of guys not being able to speak their minds. Sure, Talbot can easily afford whatever the fine will be, but he should still be allowed to speak his mind freely.

From where I blog, I would rather see the players showcasing their personalities and not repeatedly spitting out the old hockey cliches that we’ve always known. To me, handing out fines to guys for being critical of a failing NHL process is a detriment to the product, and they are missing out a major opportunity to market themselves through the power of personality. Just think of how much fun the NHL could be if guys were encouraged to speak their mind and not just repeat the same responses over and over again.

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Source: John Shannon, Verified Twitter Account, 2/20/2018 – 8:11pm MST

  • Oilfan11

    Would love to see the players take the league to court over this kind of stuff, league rules can’t over rule people’s rights, one of those rights being free speech.

  • Tanker

    I applaud Cam for saying what needed to be said. If the mandate is to only regurgitate the same 20 cliche phrases then I don’t want to see any more player interviews. Softball questions with emotionless cliche answers. Yawn. I remember way back when Cub Carson was at the bear and he did a rant about the NHL needing a lesson from the WWE to add some heart and fire to the player interviews. Still true to this day.

  • elliotsmom

    I think that McLellan should go on record to support Talbots feelings of how the refs have been with their calls against the Oilers. When people speak of leadership, it should start with the coach, especially with this issue being as blatant as this is.

    • TruthHurts98

      He’s not their leader anymore I’m afraid. However good on Cam. Just watch, he may get fined but a call or two will finally go the Oilers way. Always does when it gets publicity like this. And he’s right, way too many BS calls allowed or overturned. Not a lick of consistency with the war room in Toronto or the refs making these calls.

  • Jbirdius

    I’m ok with it being fine. Make it a free for all and press conferences just become a whine fest about the league and calls. Keep the fine in, players and coaches can criticize when they feel it’s necessary, and they make enough to cover the fine. Not a big deal.