Patrick Maroon’s brother is gearing up for a trade

It’s trade deadline day eve and the Oilers’ biggest rental asset still hasn’t been moved. The team dealt Mark Letestu and Brandon Davidson, but their most coveted asset, Patrick Maroon, is still around. That said, his brother is expecting a deal to made tomorrow.


His brother tweeted out that he’s going to roll into work tomorrow and wait until the Big Rig is dealt.

Now I’m not going to look too far into this and suggest that Maroon’s brother has any insider information about what’s going down tomorrow.

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Maroon is arguably the best winger on the trade market right now after Rick Nash was dealt to the Boston Bruins. It seems inevitable that the Oilers are going to deal Maroon given that his contract is about to expire and they likely can’t afford to keep both him and Milan Lucic around.