GDB 62.0 Wrap Up: It took longer than expected but the Oilers win a wild one in Anaheim

If we don’t talk about the third period we can pretend it didn’t happen. Final Score: 6-5 Oilers in the shootout

With the trade deadline coming up tomorrow and a couple of moves already being made, it was hard to stay focused on the fact that there was a game to play and I’m just an idiot blogger. I can’t imagine what the last few days must have been like for the players and their families. For the guys like Mark Letestu and Pat Maroon, I assume the last couple weeks of uncertainty have been draining emotionally and I assume that getting moved (or not) will bring a sense of welcomed closure. It’s a tough part of the business but pro-sports can be a cruel mistress. But even with all of that going on, there was a game to play against the most hated of teams and that had to take precedence over what may or may not happen tomorrow. The first step was being ready to play.

As far as starts go, the Oilers got exactly what they were looking for, as Leon Draisaitl opened the scoring by beating Ryan Miller with a quick wrister on the first shot of the game. But the lead didn’t last long, as the Ducks took advantage of the Oilers on some sloppy defending to tie the game up shortly after. But that’s how the game went for all 60 minutes. The Oilers would score, the Ducks would rebound as a result of some lacklustre defending, and the game ended up turning into the hockey equivalent of being stuck on a DVD title menu — annoying, repetitive, and offensive to the senses. The weirdest part was that the end of the game was basically a carbon copy to last night’s matchup against the Kings, save for the challenge on the tying goal. Only this time, the Oilers didn’t get saved by a review and almost got caught with their pants down.

At the end of the day, the Oilers were lucky that they didn’t get burned after letting the wheels fall off and giving the Ducks two goals in the final minute of play. Winning the game in the shootout was nice, but it should never have gotten that far and that’s a demon they’ll have to slay going forward.

Like chicken, we wrap.


  • Leon Draisaitl loves playing against the Ducks and that trend continued again, as he gave the Oilers a one-goal lead on the first shot of the game. The big man took a pass in flight from Mike Cammalleri and he made no mistake of going five-hole and beating Ryan Miller to open the scoring.
  • Anton Slepyshev finds himself with goals in back-to-back games and three points in his last four appearances. Slepyshev had a slow start to the season after coming back from an ankle injury and he’s making the most of finally being healthy and getting some consistent playing time. He was apparently on the trade block earlier in the season, but I don’t know why. The guy was barely playing and he’s got plenty to offer to this hockey team.
  • Ryan Strome is red hot right now and he finds himself on a stretch where he has five goals in his last five games. Strome scored two big goals tonight and has been playing his best hockey of the season over the past couple weeks. This is easily his best run he’s had as an Oiler and it’s nice to see. I mean, it’s garbage time production, but he’s still putting the puck in the net and hopefully, it can continue for the rest of the season and into the next.
  • Iiro Pakarinen scored the Oilers’ fifth goal of the night and was an immediate response to the lucky goal that Getzlaf got after his shot bounced in off of Auvitu’s back. Pakarinen got himself to the front of the net and made no mistake of draining the perfect pass by Connor McDavid. At the time, I thought this goal would be the winner but the Oilers had other plans for that.
  • As we’ve come to expect, Connor McDavid was a one-man highlight reel again and he seemed to make something happen every single time he was on the ice. When he’s on, there is no player in the league that can match his speed and ability to leave good NHL skaters in the dust. Tonight was another one of those nights where the captain was dishing brilliance all over the ice and the fact that he only (ONLY!) got three points is almost surprising. Another great game for McDavid.
  • Mike Cammalleri is on fire lately and I hope that hot streak can translate into some kind of return before tomorrow’s deadline buzzer sounds. Including tonight’s assist on Draisaitl’s opener, and Slepyshev’s fourth of the year, Camo Larry has collected 10 points in his last 10 games. No goals, mind you, but the apples have been plentiful.
  • Al Montoya allowed a goal on the third shot he faced and looked like he had settled things down until late in the third period. Considering he hadn’t played since February 10th, I was curious to see if he’d be battling any rust after being on the shelf for a couple of weeks. The answer? He was rusty, but not rusty enough to lose the hockey game. I mean, the guy faced a ton of shots but also looked like a guy that hadn’t played in a while. That’s a weird way to describe his night but it’s true. Montoya finished the night with 41 saves and a .891 save%.
  • The Oilers had a solid night in the faceoff circle, winning 52% of the draws they took.


  • Rickard Rakell tied the game up at one apiece only a minute and a half after Leon Draisaitl had opened the scoring. The Oilers dished out some sloppy defending and the Ducks took advantage of it with a nice passing play that gave Rakell a wide open net. As it turns out, Rakell was the beneficiary of that same sloppy defending two more times in the game as he was able to pump home two quick goals in the final minute of the hockey game to complete the hat trick and get the Ducks into overtime.
  • Adam Henrique tied the game up at two with a power play goal that came off of a bad penalty by Adam Larsson. Larsson hit his man in the numbers and got called for it, and the Ducks made short work of their opportunity with the extra man.
  • Ryan Getzlaf’s goal was a fart goal as his shot took a lucky bounce in off of Yohann Auvitu’s back. It was one of those bad luck goals that seem to go in quite regularly against the Oilers.
  • It has now been 26 straight games for Milan Lucic without a goal. I’m not going to rip on him. I’m not going to make fun of him for forgetting how to score. I’m just going to send him my thoughts and prayers. That said, he was a turnover machine again tonight and was more of a hindrance to the team than he was any help. You go, Milan.
  • Let’s check in with the Oilers’ special teams, shall we? Yes, I have to:
    • The PP went 0/2 on the night. Disappointing as always.
    • The PK went 1/3 on the night. Meh.
  • Zack Kassian left the game after getting dumped hard behind the net on a play that should have been called for a penalty but wasn’t. Surprised? No, I didn’t think so. Here’s hoping Kass is okay.
  • I’m not a big +/- guy but Andrej Sekera wore the green jacket tonight with a dash three next to his name.
  • It was a bummer that we won’t ever get to see Pat Maroon play another game in an Oilers uniform and it was a bittersweet moment for me. I know why they sat him out but I’ll miss the guy, ya know? Since coming here, Patty has done everything you’d want from a guy and it’s sad that it’s time to see him go. Who knew he’d find the kind of chemistry that he had with Connor McDavid? But that’s what happened and I love the Big Rig because of it. Personally, I’d rather he stay and Lucic goes but that’s not in the cards, is it? Ah well, such is life as an Oilers fan. All the best, Patty. Apparently, there are plenty of teams calling about you so the return should be decent. Either way, I’ll miss you.
  • I’ll miss you, Mark. I’ll never forget the goal you scored at the Heritage Classic or when we got an entire Winnipeg bar chanting your name. All the best in Columbus.



00:13 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (20) ASST: Michael Cammalleri (21) 1-0
01:46 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (23) ASST: Cam Fowler (19), Ryan Getzlaf (31) 1-1
12:55 Edmonton Anton Slepyshev (5) ASST: Connor McDavid (45), Michael Cammalleri (22) 2-1


01:22 Anaheim PPG – Adam Henrique (19) ASST: Brandon Montour (18), Ryan Getzlaf (32) 2-2
08:02 Edmonton Ryan Strome (11) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (37), Al Montoya (2) 3-2


02:31 Edmonton Ryan Strome (12) ASST: Jesse Puljujarvi (7), Connor McDavid (46) 4-2
14:00 Anaheim Ryan Getzlaf (9) ASST: Corey Perry (22), Hampus Lindholm (14) 4-3
15:40 Edmonton Iiro Pakarinen (2) ASST: Connor McDavid (47), Milan Lucic (22) 5-3
19:39 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (24) ASST: Ryan Getzlaf (33), Corey Perry (23) 5-4
19:54 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (25) ASST: Corey Perry (24), Derek Grant (10) 5-5


No Scoring


Anaheim Goal – Rickard Rakell
Edmonton Missed – Michael Cammalleri
Anaheim Missed – Ryan Getzlaf
Edmonton Goal – Leon Draisaitl
Anaheim Missed – Ondrej Kase
Edmonton Goal – Connor McDavid


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 02/25/2018 – 9:00pm MST

  • he shoots he scars

    Why was Lucic on the ice for the last Ducks goal ? D zone faceoff, he has trouble either skating or passing the puck out of his zone, he did nothing on the play except watch it go in.

  • GK1980

    Hate is a strong word but I really dislike the ducks. They are dirty and cheap. Refs were brutal tonight. But so was Edmonton’s D on occasion. The team cannot handle a big push back from the opposition. They crack and break. This was so what true for last year as well really. Team still needs work overall.

    Ps I guess it’s ok to punch McDavid in the face with no call. Brutal.

    • Alsker

      Yes hate is a strong word, but if not hate than loathe perhaps!!!! OK, “hate” or maybe “SUCK” would be better. As for push back the Oil seem shocked that they’re in a win position and fail because of it…not arguing or picking a fight with you…but the ducks are the most hated team next to the Lames over the last few years.

    • West

      It seems like it is also okay to tackle, slash, hook and interfere with McDavid. Oh and did you see Getzlaf really laying into the ref after Sekera (and everyone on the Ducks) didn’t get a penalty. Where was the abuse of official call there?

    • OilersGM

      You’re right hate is a strong word but I really hate the ducks. They remind me of the late 90’s early 2000’s stars.
      We have one game left against the sucks I mean the ducks I hope we send a strong message against them in this lost season and at the same time put a dagger in their playoff hopes.

  • Leo Tard

    It would be cool if the Oil actually covered the guys who are sent to the net in the last 20 seconds of the game. What the hell was lucic doing on the ice for the game tying goal? He was literally, just standing there, watching. Why is this coach so stubborn with this guy? Great win, fun overtime to watch. Is it possible that TMac is getting dementia?

  • Gary

    This is a great blog. Baggedmilk calls every game for better or worse as it is. Not scared to criticize any player, no exceptions. I think he’s the only writer on Oilersnation that can write a true hockey article on the Oilers whilst separating himself as being a hometown fan. Unbiased and honest writing, not blogging. Calls it as it is. For better or worse. No exceptions.

    • Gary

      And I might add, the posters here are true fans. Real fans. Pissed off lots and speaking there minds as they damn well should. Don’t see to many saying “to my eye” or “in my eye” idiotic posts.

  • Heschultzhescores

    I’m not sure why we panic in our own end even when the games don’t matter. All it takes is for one guy to make a play, and it seems everyone is waiting for the other guy to do that instead of being the guy!

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I’m with you when it comes to Pat Maroon. It seems like yesterday he was suiting up for Edmonton against Philly and getting on the board. His play and physicality was a welcome addition to the team and he made me an instant fan. I hope he gets sent to St. Louis.

    As for the game, my heart is still pounding in my chest. I got PTSD from Game 5 and it returned when they tied it up at 5. Edmonton dominated that OT period and McDraisitl delivered in the shootout. I think Montoya was also solid despite the score.

    And I know you will all complain about Lucic, but heres a thought. Youre stuck with him. Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with him (I’m not because I love me some Milan). So instead of trashing him every chance you get, try SUPPORTING him. But yes, I agree that he shouldn’t have been out there.

    • Leo Tard

      I like Lucic quite a bit too Alex. But the thing is, he was literally…just standing there. Like could he not at least tried a little bit? Surely he knows he should have made an attempt to pick up someone since they were outnumbered.

      • Mike Modano's Dog

        It was Sekera’s man who scored on the play. It was Sekera’s winger on the draw and Sekera was just standing there in front of the net when he scored, doing nothing.

  • Snoop Scottie Dogg

    You know what I don’t understand? When Mikey lifts One Eye Willies eye patch why is there bone where his eye socket is? Even if he lost his eye his skull should have two holes where the eyes go. I can’t believe it took me this long to catch onto that.

    Oh yeah, I was at the game tonight. When the duck fans started to leave with a minute and a half left down by two goals I was like, “didn’t you guys
    see the kings game last night?”

    I highly recommended the double spiced rums. It’s was like I was watching the game in standard definition instead of high def.

  • Oiler Al

    Lucic standing around,again,same as last night in the dying seconds of the game on the tying goal.
    McLellan is a id–t and should be canned. He puts Lucic out there hoping he can pop an empty netter, because he has scored in 27 games.This guy cant make or take a pass even when he is standing still. The speed of the game is beyond this guy. Blind passes to open space is his specialty.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    wow, this year the Oilers are taking last minute, multiple gas jobs to the next level !! heads need to roll for this BS but i’m not sure that the players or coaches responsible for this atrocity will actually pay the price?

  • percy

    WOW how many goals does this team need to be ahead in the last minute to win. Luch, JP what the F…… JP reminds me of a clumsy German Shepard pup. I think we brought him up to soon. He should have finished the year in the AHL. And maybe even part of next year. Do we need defensive help before next season….. Get on it PC.

  • I would call these games freebies so what’s the harm of playing Jones or Bear. Auvitu is a mess out there and if he is part of our future god help us. Benning needs to be sat once and while. If prospect are way above there heads then let them watch from the press box

  • Prairiechicken

    Man I can’t stand the Ducks. A wins a win but I felt sick after that collapse. Although I guess, the bright side of winning in OT after collapsing the lead, is they pick up a point in their race against the Flames …

    • RJ

      Let me point out that when Sekera started out slowly every blogger and fan readily made excuses for him. New City, new system, new conference, new line mates, etc. That goes the same for Strome.

      When Larsson hasn’t been a Norris candidate, bloggers and fans properly point out it’s not his fault Chia traded for him (and nothing else) in exchange for Hall. Same goes for Strome. He didn’t ask to be traded straight-up for Eberle.

      And lastly, if you read any Islander blogs or articles when the trade was made, you would have seen the following description of him “a third-liner with upside”. That’s who he was in NY, and that’s who he is in Edmonton. He didn’t ask for Chia to make him out to be a possible winger for McDavid. The unrealistic expectations of the player came from Chia. It should not have been a surprise when he showed himself to be a “third-liner with upside”.

      He had 28 points in 71 games two years ago. 30 points in 69 games last year and he has 28 points in 62 games so far. He’s in on pace to have his best season in three years. If he finishes with 31+ points (which is very realistic given the number of games left), it will be his second-best season total of his career.

      After some adjustments, he’s had decent production one should expect from a third-liner.

  • percy

    Nothing has changed from last year. Except Talbot saved their bacon in the post season. Time for management to get off their hands and do something about the def.

    • Old school

      Coaching … interesting to see how Randy Carlyle handles a bench compared to TM .. Perry a former scoring champion has been getting regular 4 th Line duty .. when asked about it the coach said this is a results business.. TM on the other hand continues to endure Lucic on the top line as he continues to implode every time he touches the puck .. there is no accountability for the players or coaches and it has to change

  • Wolverine_Oiler

    Thought Montoya was bad. Theat PP goal he was a foot to the left where he should have been. Didn’t move and the puck goes right by him on the right. And the last 2 goals he just sits there with pads together, not even attempting to get the rebound. Didn’t get that at all.