Saying goodbye to Mark Letestu

Ahh, I didn’t miss these days.

After last year, I think we all thought the days of having to say goodbye to the “good guys” at the Trade Deadline were over. Yesterday, the Edmonton Oilers traded Mark Letestu to the Nashville Predators (he was subsequently moved to Columbus for a 4th round pick) for the incoming is Pontus Aberg.

Before we move onto the speedster/hopeful sniper that is Pontus Aberg, allow us to look back at the man, the legend, the myth that was Mark Letestu. Mark-Le tes-tu ?-?-???

Going back to the Heritage Classic in Winnipeg, Letestube broke free of his bounds and buried the short-handed chance that set the Nation ablaze. The Nation crew was at the Pint Winnipeg after the game and got the bar chanting his name. As an aside, that sideways video always stresses Chris the Intern out. That chant would resonate throughout the Nation any time Letestu scored and often came out during the playoffs.

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I know that for Mark Letestu the move ends up being a good one and that he’ll be “going home.” He was already building his summer home in Columbus which makes the trade a wonderful fit. Now he can live in that brand new crib full time!

In his time as an Oiler, Letestu was a good soldier for this team and we will miss him now that he’s gone. He was a glue guy, a swiss army knife, and a good guy that was always willing to talk to the media:

He will be missed.

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