Saying goodbye to Anthony Maroon

We would be remiss in our duties, obligation, commitment to being the voice of the Nation if we didn’t take a quick minute to acknowledge that a little part of our hearts died when yesterday when Pat Maroon was traded to the New Jersey Devils. Sure, we’re upset about losing Patty on the ice, but we’re also going to miss him off the ice as well.

In the past, in a world before social media and never-ending access to the players and their lives, we weren’t generally as invested in what happens off the ice as we were with what goes on it. Now, we have basically unlimited access to the guys who are nice enough to share their lives and their families with us. For a guy like Pat Maroon, sharing his relationship with his son was another thing to love about the Big Rig.

When Baggedmilk asked me do this piece I got excited and choked up at the same time. Anthony Maroon, or Little Rig as we called him, quickly became known around the Nation for his enthusiasm and love of being at the rink. With Maroon moving on to New Jersey, Anthony will no longer be on the bench with his dad doing their secret handshakes and he will no longer be lighting up NHL goalies at the super skills competition.

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When I made this video yesterday as a goodbye to Patty, the last clip I included may be the most human moment we have seen from any Oiler ever (clip starts at 0:37).

But maybe, just maybe this story will have a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. After his trade yesterday, Patrick did hint at the chance that we may see him back in orange and blue next year, and that would be Anthony would come along with him. We’d be lying to say we weren’t hopeful that this happens. So long, Anthony, we’ll miss your cheers and your puck skills. Here’s hoping we’ll see you again sooner than later.

  • hammer313

    Time the Oilers started treating this team as a pro team, not a sandbox! They charge astronomical prices, yet are totally without remiss or remorse for the constant mismanagement. You do not hand out no trade, no buy out clauses with hefty monitory amounts for so, so players. Just because his kid is adorable and what a great storyline, horsebleep! The media in this town is part of the problem! On one hand, your group is running players out of town, then in your next breath, we should resign him to some stupid contract! See you later McDavid, you will need to leave here to ever win the cup! Maroon, good luck, but you DO NOT deserve another contract with this team.

  • hammer313

    Truth hurts, I guess. I can hear you losers crying in July when they sign this guy to a ridiculous no trade 3.5 million for 5 years. Then comes out and scores 8 goals, ENJOY LOSERS!

  • hammer313

    Bleeding heart losers! I swear, the oiler fan base is so accustomed to losing, they ignore how this team is mismanaged. You do not know what to do if this team were to win, for more than 1 fluke year! This fan base has welcomed mediocrity with a big warm hug and eyes closed. Well, enjoy it, me I like to fight back, not accept this crap and want better! So suck it with your rude comments!

    • Nation Dan

      The post was about saying good bye to one of the Oilers family members.

      Your ability to “read between the lines” is astounding, because there simply isn’t anything there.

      As to your rudeness claims, you given rude, you get it back.

      I hope you continue to read. Not every article is going to resonate with you. But I have no doubt you’ll find the ones you love. Have a great day!

      • hammer313

        It was him coming back to the orange and blue, did not read anything between the lines. Was just commenting on what I had heard his agent was asking, 4 mil/year for 5 years. This would be ridiculous, but I don’t trust the management here, so this could be given with a no trade. This would signal another decade of darkness and McDavid requesting a trade in a couple years. That was all I was trying to convey and was meant with hostility from what I guess were some mentally challenged individuals, that can barely spell their names!

        • Britts94

          This guy ?? “My sources (Bob from accounting and my cat Whiskers) have confirmed that Maroon will ask for a long, pricy contract in free agency!”
          A) go crawl back under your rock you miserable human.
          B) We don’t need you to tell us that Maroon will get overplayed for long term in free agency. Everyone already knows that’s what’s gonna happen because that’s what ALWAYS HAPPENS in free agency.

    • Shameless Plugger

      You just chose the wrong article to spit your venom. Nobody is happy about the state of the oilers, NOBODY. But that isn’t what this article was about. I feel bad for you that you get that angry about a game.