The Lake Louise Pond Hockey Tournament wrap-up

Last week we had the pleasure of joining six other teams in the Lake Louise Pond Hockey charity tournament presented by the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I’ve officially notched it as my favourite moment in 2018 so far and I want to tell you guys all about it so you can get REALLY jealous and feel obligated to sign up next year.

The Charity tournament took place on Jan 22 & 23 and the REAL tournament followed up on the weekend. I bet you guys think team Oilersnation crushed all opponents and that’s why it’s my favourite moment of 2018? Well you’re wrong! Team Oilersnation finished the round robin with a disappointing 0-2-2 record and failed to make the playoff rounds.

Despite our losing record it was the most unreal outdoor hockey experience I’ve ever had. The weather was cold but beautiful, the hosting skills of the Fairmont were out of this world, and the view was spectacular. I’m serious about these views. Take a look at the album we uploaded on our Facebook page to know what I’m talking about. We played our final round robin game against MNR and had a pretty good feeling we were going to be smoked. NOT because they were wearing Detroit Red Wings jerseys but because they were crushing every other team they played.

Anyways, knowing we were about to be knocked out of the tournament gave us a good opportunity to soak up the experience that was skating on a giant lake in the middle of the beautiful rocky mountains. I’m having some serious mountain ODR withdrawals right now. By the way, team MNR went on to win the tournament and I give them kudos with all of the fierce competition they had.

Team Oilersnation’s strategy coming into the tournament relied heavily on a puck-possession and positive Corsi attitude. Although we strayed from our puck-possession game plan our Corsi remained thru the roof during all the games. We couldn’t have survived our four games on Thursday without the help of the Fairmont hot tub and steam room as well.

Along with entering the tournament, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hooked us up with complimentary breakfasts and drink tickets throughout the week. They even had all the teams out to the fanciest barn I’ve ever see where we had ourselves a ho-down and delicious roast beef dinner.

The hospitality throughout the week from Davina and the rest of the staff was remarkable and we will for sure be back next year. It sounds like the actual pond hockey tournament during the weekend was a blast as well! We’re happy to see some Nation Citizens made it out to compete with their families.

See you next year, Lake Louise!