Photo Credit: Bill Debevc

The Oilers officially don’t have 2018 Stanley Cup odds

Remember the good old days? You know, back in the summer when the Oilers were coming off of their first playoff appearance in a decade, Connor McDavid had just been named the league’s Most Valuable Player, and the team was given the top odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2018?

Well, today, Bovada took the Oilers off the board. We’ve known for quite some time that the Oilers weren’t going to be winning the Stanley Cup this year, but this is a nice little official nail in the coffin. The next one will be seeing the team get mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Speaking of odds, remember what the Golden Knights started at? 200-1 to win the Stanley Cup. If you threw down a casual $100 on that one, you might be looking really good a couple months from now.

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