GDB 66.0: Date with the desert dogs (7pm MST, SNW)

The Arizona Coyotes are within eight points of the Edmonton Oilers after going 8-5-1 in their last fourteen games. With 16 games remaining in the season, the Oilers have just as good a chance to drop in the standings as they do to climb up. They are eight points ahead of 31st-place Arizona and they…


Quick Hits Coyotes @ Oilers: Back to the win column

The Edmonton Oilers are 5-10-1 since February 1st. They are showing no signs of improvement. I’ve never bought into the “it is easier to play once you’re out of the playoff race” theory, and the Oilers are proving it. The lack of advancement in any aspect of their team play is the most concerning factor…


Morons being morons

If there’s one thing I didn’t expect to have to write on a Monday morning it’s an article instructing people how to behave in public. Considering the video that came out of a small crew of morons heckling Connor and his family as they were leaving a restaurant I felt like it was necessary.


Monday Mailbag – Winners and losers from Deadline Day

The Trade Deadline is in the books, the Oilers are playing out the stretch, and it’s another Monday back at work. As far as tough times go for Oilers fans, I think we’ve had our share now and it’s time for a rebound. Fortunately, the Mailbag is here to help turn the ship around and…