Photo Credit: NHL.com

Dates announced for Oilers games in Germany and Sweden

Were you planning on taking a trip to Germany or Sweden to watch the Oilers play? The NHL has finally announced the dates for the early season trip that sees the Oilers playing an exhibition game in Germany and opening their season against the Devils in Sweden.

Back in January, the NHL released some preliminary information on the Edmonton Oilers starting their 2018-19 season in Europe and those details were confirmed late last night. The Oilers and Devils will kick off their season against each other in Gothenburg, Sweden on Saturday, October 6th at the Scandinavium. Additionally, the Oilers will complete their training camp in Germany and will play an exhibition match as part of the 2018 NHL Global Series Challenge.

Prior to their season opener against the Devils, the Oilers will play an exhibition game against Kölner Haie on October 3rd at the Lanxess Arena. The game will surely be a large draw as Leon Draisaitl will play in front in front of a hometown crowd on German Unity Day.


  • Tickets to the October 3rd matchup between the Edmonton Oilers and Kölner Haie at Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany will go on sale on March 14th at eventimsports.de and Haie.de.
  • Tickets to the season opener (October 6th) between the Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils will go on sale on March 12th at https://www.livenation.se.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Just a horrible idea. The last thing the Oilers need is a road trip on the other side of the world to start next season. Can’t think of many other ways to get the season started on the wrong foot than recovering from jet-lag and/or the time change for the first 10 days of the season.

      • Spaceman Spiff

        Yeah, I know I’m being a stick-in-the-mud, but next year will be all about rebounding from this awful year. That means a better start out of the blocks. A trip across Europe pretty much puts that in jeopardy.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          I agree, after the piss poor effort this year the last thing this team needs is to start the season off on holiday.
          It seems that this whole season has been a training camp with the team management & coaching trying to figure out what tools they have to work with?
          I was hoping there to be a quick focus and start to next season, with all that worked out.
          With this “NHL Familiarization Tour” planned, it looks like it’ll be a distraction from the task at hand to begin next season. Why couldn’t they send the Leafs or Rangers or anyone else?
          Well, at least the countries we are going to care about the game somewhat. It’s not like they are sending us to China, man, that’s just wrong…

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Did you watch the Canuck/LA game from China last year?
      Most of the Asian Fans left after the first period. There were a few fans spotted around the arena after that, all North American Ex Pats. It was a joke. But the NHL says they are going to keep at it. As they have 3/4 of the worlds population as possible TV viewers. If they sign that TV deal we will all be saying wha-hoo regarding the salary cap, i guess?